Panthea Act 1 [v0.38 Public][Final] [Leave2gether]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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v25 Short Walkthrough

Kelly Titjob (happens once) :

First day at the office.
Have the welcoming conversation with Kelly and go to the Bosses office.
Boss conversation now has Kelly under his desk for a titjob scene.

Sam Bathroom Handjob/Blowjob:
When first meeting Sam smoke a joint with him.
Casey can now choose to give him a handjob.
Then Casey is able to choose to give him a blowjob.

Sam Bathroom Anal:
Be either funny or drunk, then speak to Sam.
Tell him he looks sexy and to come here.
Begins anal scene.

Sam Licking Casey Scene:
Have 5 or more relationship with Sam.
Random event during work calls.
Choose to ignore him when the scene starts.

Jack Fapping:
Get Jack to take a break with Casey in the leisure room.
Tell him Scorpios are indeed hot.
Offer to show him more (requires 5 sluttiness)
Begin fapping scene, click until completion.

Pizza blowjob:
Walk into the leisure room when Casey See’s a pizza near the front door.

Help with tech skill:
Sam needs to be Casey’s “sex friend” in order to help Casey, so he will want some anal sex before he helps Casey.
Helping event might trigger into a blowjob.
Casey needs 5 relationship with Jack in order for him to help her.
Helping event might trigger into a handjob.

Dreaming at work:
At Casey’s PC choose “do some quick calls”
Casey can randomly get this event of dreaming of an Officer romance.

Nails Hologramming (Kelly & Jack) :
At Casey’s PC choose “do some quick calls” Casey can randomly get this event, when she is hologramming her nails and gets a call from the Boss.
There are 2 variants:
Lie and say that Casey wasn’t hologramming her nails. Go to the archive to find Jack & Kelly having sex.
Say that Casey is hologramming her nails. Casey will hear Kelly’s voice in the background.
Casey can go and peek on the Boss & Kelly at the door to the Bosses office.
This event unlocks “Kelly Bored” storylines.

Kelly Bored #1 (Kelly & Boss Scene) :
This is unlocked after “Nails Hologramming”
When Casey finds Kelly in between elevator and leisure room, ask what’s going on.
Choose the “Casey need a drink” (Choosing girl’s night option leads to a night out with Kelly at the Vault)
Look into Boss’s office to get full scene. This event unlock chain of event for getting camera.
(This will soon lead to another event)

Kelly Camming:
Encounter Jack around the office holding a drink.
Tell him Casey will let Kelly know she has a package.
Find Kelly in the leisure room doing webcam stuff for her online boyfriend Billy.

Kelly Twerking (opposite event) :
After Kelly Camming find her and tell her about the package.
Decline invite for twerking on days she offers.
Go to leisure room late evening on that day.

Ram and Tuna Scene:
Meet Ram in the leisure room with Sam (This happens once very early in the game)
Find Ram and Sam talking in the bathroom and go through the dialogue.
Talk to Ram and either tell him Casey hope’s he isn’t doing the bet (Gives +1 relationship with Ram, or go through the longer dialogue, Do not push him to fuck Tuna)

Tell Ram he should unwind with drinks from Boss’s office.
Go to the office and find him drunk.
Tell him to fuck Tuna (Telling him to go rest at home gives +2 relationship with Ram)
Go to Vault.
Enter the private area at the far right of the Vault to see the scene.

Dialogue at Bosses office has a hidden “in development” event, when Casey has +10 sluttiness, ask if Ram has problems getting it up and then offer assistance for a fapping scene (This scene goes to the Jack fapping scene automatically and will be reskinned eventually with different dialogue for Ram)

Boss Lunatic Scene #1 (happens once) :
Check the message on Casey’s computer from the Boss.
Go to the Bosses office and talk to Kelly outside the door.
Listen to the story about Bosses dickfrog experience.
Boss Lunatic Scene #2

On another day Casey might find Nikki in front of the Bosses office. Casey can speak to her, but if Casey has better relations with Ram than she does with Nikki – she will lie to Casey, getting Casey into the Bosses office.

Go into the Boss’s room.

Photocopier Blowjob:
Casey gets a message from the Boss on the phone, asking Casey to digitize some documents.
Go to the Bosses office, he will mention Jessica, ask about her.
Take the documents.
Check Casey’s computer for a story about Jessica.
Use the photocopier to take topless photos.
Use the photocopier to digitize documents.
Bring the original documents back to the Boss.
Putting topless photos in the document folder, will unlock “Boss Titjob” event.

Boss Titjob with Casey:
This is unlocked at “Photocopier Blowjob”
Next day after previous events the Boss will ask Casey to come to his office, when this scene occurs.
Later on Casey will get this is as an encounter in 2 variants (based on relations with the Boss) – when Casey hates it or enjoys it.

Kelly conversation about titjob and code of conduct funnies:
After Boss titjob get Kelly to go to the bar with Casey.
Get drunk.

v15: When Casey start talking, Casey will get an option “Damn, I can’t get that terrible story that happened to me the other day out of my head” leading to the dialogue about almost being fired because of the topless photos”

v14: Ask Kelly why she looks sad today. Casey will get an option “That sucks! I know it, trust me”
“leading to dialogue about almost being fired because of the topless photos”
Next day Casey can check code of conduct closer.
New dialogue options open for Kelly in office about it.
Casey can confront the Boss about it now (happens once)

Get a Camera:
Once Casey has seen Kelly & Boss, Casey gets an idea to get a hidden camera. Casey gets an option to ask Jack about it and he will refer her to Sam, because his brother is “selling this kind of stuff” Head to Sam and ask him more about Ram and his job. After that Casey will be able to send a message to Ram, asking about acquiring a camera. If Casey has enough money meet Ram at the Vault the Vault Cafe and get the cam.

Casey will get a topic about a promotion when Casey’s career reaches 17-19 points. There are 2 ways to get a promotion:
Have good relations with the Boss and agree to become his “sex trainee” or Record Kelly & Boss during their relevant encounter(Casey needs to have a camera first) and blackmail the Boss with the recording. In the first case Casey will get a “trainee” daily topic with the Boss to fuck with him and increase relations. In second – Casey loses all relations with the Boss. A quest to restore relations with the boss has been added since v16.

Kelly & Casey girl on girl #1:
This scene is available only after Casey finishes “Kelly conversation about titjob and code of conduct funnies”
Get Kelly to go to the bar with Casey .
Get drunk.

Speak to Kelly and initiate any of the 2 lines:
Join Kelly dancing or kiss her through Billy’s topic. Agree to go back to the office with Kelly.
Enjoy the scene.

This scene is an opener for another future ‘girl on girl’ scene

Lana & Tommi random scene #1:
This scene randomly appear when Casey comes back home at Night or later.
When Casey See’s that Lana is in the bed and there’s no Tommi around – go to Lana’s bed and trigger the scene.

Passing Technical the Test:
Test is available after 20+ career and 10-25 technical skill.
There are 2 technical tests – before 24 technical skill (which is basically not passable and added for fun) and the real one.
Correct test answers:
– Line Pressure
– Call Galaxy Pumps LLC technical services and request technical assistance
– Put them on hold and call the corporate lawyers

Big Clients unlocked:
After passing the tech exam (both career and tech skills should be equal or more then 35) Casey can ask Jack about “big fish” and make him share contacts of Big Clients. Casey can call them in early every day.
“Nikki Threesome” is a part of the big clients chain of events”

Tuna ‘panties in the mouth’ bet:
After late evening Casey might get a message from Kelly, inviting Casey to the the Vault Cafe, where Sam and Tuna are doing their old bet that Sam will cum faster than Tuna and drop’s her panties from her mouth.
Just go to the the Vault Cafe and see it if you are interested.

Nikki Threesome:
After passing the technical test Casey can speak to Jack to find out about “Big Clients” (check “Big Clients unlocked” section). After this Casey will be able to make calls to Big Clients in the early morning every day.
During one of such calls Casey might get a reply, that Mr. Lethis is busy shopping at “Naughty by Nature”
– Ask Kelly about this shop
– Go to shop’s website from the computer
– Buy Casey a slave collar
– Send a message to the pizzeria, asking for a special cold delivery in a slave collar
– The next day Casey will get a “thanks Casey” message from Mr. Lethis and a short video from his party.
– Next time when Casey is able to reach Mr. Lethis by phone Casey will get +5 career up to 59 by signing a big contract.
The Event is recurrable.

Dorm Party: Lana Threesome:
After passing the technical exam, go and ask Lana for permission to have a dorm party.
The Next day invite Jack to the party.
The Event is recurrable.
At the party:
– Ask Lana about guests, get drinks out of fridge
– Ask Lana why she’s mad
– Speak to Sam, make say sorry to Lana. Ask him what he was talking to Tommi about, make him share drugs with Casey.
– Speak to Jack, ask him about Lana
– Speak to Lana, propose her to invite Jack to dance with her.
– Speak to Sam, tell him he has to behave as a jerk.
– Add mushrooms to the drinks
– Start the party. During the party do not stop Lana

Dorm Party Casey Threesome:
After passing the technical exam, go and ask Lana for permission to have a dorm party.
The Next day invite Jack to the party.
The Event is recurrable.

At the party:
– Ask Lana about guests, get drinks out of fridge
– Ask Lana why she’s mad
– Speak to Sam, make say sorry to Lana. Ask him what he was talking to Tommi about, make him share drugs with Casey.
– Speak to Jack, ask him about Lana
– Speak to Lana, propose her to invite Jack to dance with her.
– Speak to Sam, tell him he has to behave as a jerk.
– Add mushrooms to the drinks
– Start the party. During the party do not stop Lana from becoming slutty. When she leaves to pee, show the guys Casey’s tits and Accept the sex proposal

FROM v19:
Dorm Threesome with Daile:
After Casey accepted an invitation to dinner from one of Casey’s Big Clients, Casey needs to buy either the Red Dress
(speak to Kelly) or Business Dress (speak to Lana) and wear it the next day at the office.
– Casey will get an option to send a message to Daile (yellow envelope top right corner) to propose to meet.
– Go to the Vault the Vault Cafe at in the Late Evening or later to meet Daile
– Talk to Lana and tell her that Daile invited Casey for another non-business dinner. Accept her coming with Casey.
– Next day wear a Red Dress or Business Dress and at the office send Daile a message to propose to meet.
Tell him Lana will be there too.

– When Casey meets Daile and Lana at Night at Vault the Vault Cafe, agree to bring drinks.
Speak to Tuna and accept her proposition to take vegetarian alcohol cocktail to Lana instead of juice.
– Go back to speak to Daile and Lana. After everyone leaves to go to the dorm party, go there as well and speak to Daile and Lana at dorm to initiate a scene

Twerk scene (no Boss) :
– Speak to Kelly regarding the workout
(this event starter was moved from rare mail from Kelly to available everyday dialog with Kelly)
– Tell her Casey will come by for a Twerk workout in the evening.
– Come to the leisure room in the late evening, speak to twerking Kelly to initiate the scene.

Twerk scene (+ Boss) :
– After doing atleast one twerking scene with Kelly Casey will get an encounter with the Boss, telling Casey that he started an official investigation (the other option will be a titjob scene with the boss instead)
– Do everything like the Twerk scene (no Boss), when Casey is going to start the twerking scene the Boss will come in. Persuade him to do the quality check instead of filling a negative review into his investigation papers.

FROM v20:
Dorm Party Tommi scene:
– At the dorm party add drugs to the alcohol
– Fail to make any threesome scene (see Casey Threesome or Lana Threesome scene description above)
– When Casey is left alone – go to the alcohol on the sofa, choose the option “Oh well, I can try and finish this alcohol by myself” – this will result in Casey passing out on the sofa, and Tommi using Casey.

Coffee Break Helping Jack:
– Ask Jack to take a short coffee break
– Choose the first line, escalate it into making Jack hard
– Ask him for some friendly help “Oh, I see Casey needs some friendly help here” (Casey needs +15 relations with Jack) to start the scene.

Halloween Special Threesome:
After 34 tech skill Jack-o-lantern will spawn constantly in the dorm’s bathroom.
Activate it and select a line of memories, that starts the Halloween event
(this event is not a part of the daily events, and is only available via the Jack-o-lantern every day)
– Go to the office to see Jack, he will invite Casey to the event
– Speak to Kelly about outfits
– In the evening go back home and speak to Lana – this will trigger the event with Kelly bringing Halloween outfits
– Go to the Vault and speak to Jack first, and later trigger “drink scene” with the girls, Halloween Special Threesome is part of this scene

FROM v21:
Tommi titfuck:
– Get Casey ‘Badly drunk’
– Drink one more just to be sure
– Get back to the dorm and reach the sofa
– Casey can see that the sofa can be activated just click it and pass out

Daile Tablefuck:
Casey needs to have +10 relations with Daile to activate the sex scene in the end.
– After Casey has a threesome with Daile (event with Lana) head to the office the next day and speak to Kelly “about sex stuff” – she will tell Casey about a aphrodisiac and will advise to have sex with Daile
– Casey should wear a Red Dress and message Daile (Casey can message him when she in the office after a few days cooldown Currently available for the Business and Red Dress) and say Casey will come alone (another option is to bring Lana)
– Select “Let’s play “drinks and fun facts” again” when talking to Daile at the Vault the Vault Cafe (make sure Casey is sober, because Casey will leave the event if Casey get sick from the drinks) and follow the dialogue until the moment when Casey insist on being punished for bad math. If Casey has 10 or more relations with Daile, Casey will get the line “I’m taking my panties off!” “Does it sound serious enough to Casey ?” that triggers the sex event.

FROM v22:
Boss Trainfuck 2:
This scene relates to trainer game events – after the dialogue is completed, it can be triggered any day
After Casey gets + 35 relations with the Boss – speak to him (if you load from an older save game, Casey might need to wait for one whole day to pass) Boss will tell Casey that she needs to pass courses of advanced training.
After the dialogue is done, Casey can “Report for duty” to the Boss once every day, to trigger this scene.

The Scene is implemented for the following outfits:
Business Dress
Red Dress
Personal Assistant

Christmas 1:
This scene was not integrated into the game, Casey can find it in the game gallery.

FROM v23:
Boss Trainfuck 2 v2:
This scene relates to trainer game events – after dialogue is completed, it can be triggered any day
After Casey gets 50 career points and speaks to Daile about Casey’s career being stuck and gets an advisement to rearrange the archive room into a meeting room – go to the Boss and ask his permission about this. After the Boss declines Casey’s offer and gets insulted use the line “I did not intend to show disrespect… I’m nothing more than a cock slave for my Master” (Available only if Casey wears her Personal Assistant outfit) After Casey completes this scene once while wearing her Personal Assistant outfit she may now wear other outfit for this event.

Office Threesome (late at work) :
This scene is an encounter and is available from time to time. Mutually locks scene ‘Tuna Panties’ and ‘Tuna and Ram’
This encounter is available after reaching 50 career points (personal assistant)
When coming home in the late evening or later Casey might notice new messages from Jack, that he’s over timing together with Sam. Casey might want to go and help the poor guys back at the office
1. To actually help with work and get +1 career and +1 technical point go straight to the Sales office and trigger the dialogue, “help guys”
2. To trigger a sex scene Casey need to have +15 sluttiness and go to the Bosses office first (Casey shouldn’t drink his booze on this day) go to the bosses liquor and choose options of taking drinks to the guys.
After that go to the Sales office and trigger the dialogue with the following options:
give drinks to the guys.
give self to the guys (try a sandwich)

FROM v24:
Sam blowjob:
This scene is redoing of an old broken scene. Casey can access it from the event of meeting Sam for first time or from the event asking Sam for help with technical stuff.

Ram blowjob:
This scene is available inside “Ram & Tuna” event, when Casey speaks to drunk Ram in bosses office.
Available after choosing the line “Do you have some issues with getting an erection, Ram ?”
Casey need to have +10 sluttiness or more.

Boss toilet footjob:
This encounter is available after passing “Fall of Casey Start” You can Start the event from time to time when Casey speaks to the Boss and he mentions
Casey: I’m deeply concerned with the level of purity of the men’s room.
This encounter can be blocked by many other encounters that involve Boss or Sam (late pizza for example)

Fall of Casey Start:
This is a one-time event and starts after Casey gets her Personal Assistant Dress and has the Archive Room rearranged to meet clients there.
One day Casey will get an email from Taryn notifying Casey about the start of yearly employee assessments.
Go speak to Jack, Kelly and Sam to know more about assessment.

On the next day Casey gets another message from Taryn telling Casey her assessment results.
Go speak to the Boss and he will tell Casey what happened and how Casey needs to fix this.
New character Coach is available after Casey talk to the Boss. Go meet him at the Vault the Vault Cafe and learn what it means to be obedient.
Get back to the dorm and speak to Lana. She will try to cheer Casey up and support Casey on taking further decisions.
Next day speak to Coach at the Vault Cafe – he will direct Casey to Sam. Go speak to Sam, Casey needs atleast +10 sluttiness to get an option at being obedient to him. There Casey gets her first point of obedience.

Casey can gain obedience via following scenes:
– anal with Sam
– titjob for Boss (love it)
– obedient (slave) trainfuck (“Fuck me harder” option)
– trainfuck on the table
At some point (at around 5 obedience) Casey gets extra mail from Taryn.
When Casey get 10 obedience come back to the Vault Cafe and talk to Coach and pass his test.
Correct answers are: C, C, C, C, A, B

Casey she now return to the office men’s room and obey her master (footjob scene)

FROM v25:
Boss Lunatic Scene #2 (reworked)
Triggers the same as before, has 2 general routes: default and like it.

Toilet Gangbang:
Casey needs to have 15 or more Obedience stat and speak to Coach. You will have the option “Coach, my Master.
I think that I’m ready for something more”. After Coach tells you to find Boss go back to the Office and find him and Coach at the toilet. Speak to any of them to initiate scene.

Having 20 obedience adds option to initiate alternative scene when speaking to gators.


Unlocking new outfits:
– Casual v2 – unlocked by default, Casey can buy it at shop “check the map”
– Red dress – unlocked after talking to Kelly when Casey is invited to dinner at the “Big Clients” encounter
– Business Dress – unlocked after talking to Lana when Casey is invited to dinner at the “Big Clients” encounter
– Yoga outfit – unlocked after Casey gets a message invitation for a twerk workout with Kelly
– Personal Assistant – after Casey completes “Boss Trainfuck 2” scene, go speak to Kelly.
She will tell Casey about the upcoming promotion, New outfit for the Personal Assistant and Bosses plans for Casey.
This outfit gets unlocked after the dialogue.
– Slave dress – is not unlock-able yet
– East Dancing – is not unlock-able yet

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This is usually:

C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\Application Data\RenPy\game_directory
Where YOURNAME is your username.

Mac OS X:


Android :

android/data/ or here: SD:/Android/data/com.{gamename}.program/files/saves/.



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