Our Red String [Ch. 12 Prologue Full] [EvaKiss]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Given it seems to be a problem, an easy and practical guide to achieve high results, and even the best one, in writing Ian’s book.

You just have to choose: VengeanceRelativisticAnti-HeroDoomMetaphysicalSacrifice.

In this way you’ll achieve 8 points (aka perfect score) with a Historical book, and 7 points with a Fantasy or Sci-Fi book. To reach max points with those two you have to choose: for the Fantasy one Romantic or Crude, for the Sci-Fi one Chosen One. That’s it.

To make it even simpler, just choose these for max score:
Fantasy: VengeanceRelativisticAnti-HeroDoomRomanticSacrifice.
Sci-Fi: Chosen OneRelativisticAnti-HeroDoomMetaphysicalSacrifice.
Historical: VengeanceRelativisticAnti-HeroDoomMetaphysicalSacrifice.

If instead you want more freedom in choices, these alternatives will all give you the perfect score anyway:
Fantasy: Vengeance/Call Of DutyVillain/RelativisticAnti-HeroDoomRomantic/CrudeVictory/Sacrifice.
Sci-Fi: Chosen OneVillain/RelativisticTrickster/Anti-HeroTreason/DoomMetaphysicalSacrifice/Defeat.
Historical: Vengeance/Call Of DutyRelativisticSage/Anti-HeroFight/DoomRomantic/MetaphysicalSacrifice.

Download Mod

In-Game Guide:​

The mod provides additional information to help you make the best decision.

Gallery Unlocker:​

You can watch a scene even if you didn’t unlock it.


You can rename most of the characters.


You can use the keyboard to navigate through the game:
During choices, the number keys are used ;
Most screens (skill level up, new chapter…) require a right click to be skipped, they now include a timer. If you’re in a hurry, you can also press Return to simulate a right click.

Save Description:​

You can add a description to your saves.
savedesc1.png savedesc2.png


For PC, Linux and Mac, follow these instructions.

For Android, the mod needs to be installed before porting the game

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 91%
Visual - 87%
Engagement - 89%
Core Loop - 88%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.12 ( 139 votes)

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  1. Heh, new update seems to be bugged, No previous romantic interactions with Cindy in my current playthrough and out of nowhere MC shows up at her place to hook up with her.

    1. is avoidable, you play as the mc and the fmc, hell, you can even choose not to be on a relationship and just fuck people, as the mc and the fmc of course

  2. we play as ian and lena, if ian is in relationship with lena and while you play as lena you whore yourself out does that count as NTR?

  3. Anyone tell me how to use mod file ? i just download but no instruction for how to use that or just copy path where the game specific folder nothng

    1. In-Game Guide:​

      The mod provides additional information to help you make the best decision.

      Gallery Unlocker:​

      You can watch a scene even if you didn’t unlock it.


      You can rename most of the characters.


      You can use the keyboard to navigate through the game:
      During choices, the number keys are used ;
      Most screens (skill level up, new chapter…) require a right click to be skipped, they now include a timer. If you’re in a hurry, you can also press Return to simulate a right click.

      1. Eva kiss is a real girl the fuck you mean she is he. you can actually subscribe her OF acc, i have her nudes because i’m premium member of her patreon. i could give it to you for free if any of you want here just put your email address and tag my name.

  4. Apologies if this has already been answered or just for the stupid question,

    But how do I install the Mod on Android?
    I’ve renamed the file to .APK but that usually brings up an error during the parsing process.

    1. i think the game has the mod donwloaded and aplied already, so there is no need to download the mod, just download the game, sadly the android download is not the v11

      1. You were right, it is pre-installed. I finally got to see the threesome scene with Jeremy, Ian and Allison.

  5. Pretty minor complaint, but if your game takes 30-60 seconds to “load” why is the default setting for Full Screen?? This was not the case for GGGB. But with this game I have to ctrl-esc out of a forced SLOW loading window so that I can do something else while waiting for the game to load. 🙁 Rude.

  6. Mod causes game to crash when opening. Have tried multuiple clean installs and the game opens without the mod but not with it.

  7. First, I appreciate the improved drawing level; but these characters are almost carbon copied off Good Girl Gone Bad.

    Lena is obviously Ashley.
    Ian is Eric.
    Jeremy is Black Rapper Guy whose name I can’t recall
    (or the guy that Eva ended up with if you break up her and Dave)
    Wade is Dave – sort of.
    Cindy is Eva.
    Minerva is the land whale
    The art old guy is Ashley’s Mom’s BF.
    Robert is probably Eric’s Dad
    Ivy is Jessica.
    Emma and Holly could be new characters but remind me of Eva as well.
    Allison is also shades of Slut Jessica (If she can have a 3way while boinking Ian at all… why would Ian want more???)

    This is a DATING SIM.
    Frankly, you COULD make it a harem – and you won’t. I know you. I wrote the review on Good Girl Gone Bad
    (and don’t think I’ve forgiven the only way Ash could get pregnant was her BLOOD FATHER!!! : / )

    Cindy does not get to make Doe Eyes at Ian all fucking night, build up a flirting thing with him and so overtly do the I’m ALL BUT GOING TO DEFINITELY FUCK Axel. On the same night. How in the fuck is that Dating Sim??? Diregard all of player choice to suit your own slut narrative. Nevermind what it does to the character. Right…

    Allison can be DOWN on relationships right now = That does not mean if she ACTUALLY wanted a damned thing to do with Ian EVER that she should be written to be the town door knob. And you NEED to let the player actually BE ABLE AND… YOU KNOW MECHANICALLY ABLE, to stop it. Other than ignoring her arc. Same with Cindy. There is NO point to a Dating sim with TWO protagonists. Splitting the storyline makes it WAY more complex than it needs to be and frankly, fuck trying to make Lena the Do You Believe in Destiny/True Love type if you’re going to say she likes blow jobs and big dicks… PICK. ONE.

    You know how to write a woman. Fine. Fair enough. You write them like sluts in general no matter if we want to play a committed girl or not (I’m not a prude but if you offer the chance at a relationship = do not tie financial advancement to the idea of lewd fucking content. That will ONLY ever end badly – that was the main problem with GGGB) You’ve now managed to double that effect by focus on two mains. Yippie. Do you know how many variables that means you have to code correctly, for the computer to be able to account? Do you understand that a dating sim means you choose which girl you like at some crux point, and STICK to that arc. No? Why. Is that too hard. I gave this game a shot at the current update of Chapter 11 alpha. I’m about as impressed with it as I was the first time I downloaded it when I noted that it was basically copy and past GGGB with better artwork. Only the story is WAY too padded out. The only fucking sex scene for example up to April Week 3 is with Allison; because I chose to meet her after work and put the grind in to try to get her somewhere. Even then, you made the main USE A CONDOM. You have no idea how much that pisses me off. This is a fantasy game. Dumb ass. Fantasy means the only way she should be concerned about pregnancy that drunk is if she knew she was ovulating on that specific day. Had never heard of spermicidal jelly, or IUD or whatever the hell they called it… or frankly wanted the risk. There’s several different ways we can headcannon why she would not use condoms. Including some girls DON’T like them or are allergic.

    End of the day, it’s more of the same. Nothing you do really has much effect. Because if you’re playing on Normal you’ll almost certainly get screwed for stats. If you’re playing on Story, it’s half done yet. If you’re playing for lewds, you like blue balls I bet. Or CBT. And no, I’m not talking about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. But every single female in the game could very much use it not to be a slut who will fuck any guy or girl she even remotely sees. I’d say that’s more the dev’s problem at this point, because this may be the second run at the same game; but to me it’s well past the third strike.

      1. If You Can Think Of A Generic Accusatory Name, Why Can't You Think Of One To Call Yourself? says:

        A Stan is a defender; dumb ass… unless you mean Lee. In which case I’ll take the compliment.
        I am very definitely a Detractor here. Or did you not bother reading before you typed the comment? It might surprise me if you can…

      1. True, but 3D is trending more and more realistic (and therefore more suitable to fantasy) over time. 2D has a small niche where it still makes sense (parody of existing 2D non-sexual content), but outside of that what is it’s value??

  8. june 22 23 – Chapter 11 release date
    Hi everyone! As usual, I’ve been hesitant to give a final release date, but now Chapter 11 is almost done. The writing is finally completed, and these days I’m going through the script, playtesting, polishing and bug-solving. I’m also making time for the colorist to finish the last scene of this chapter, and once everything is properly assembled the Alpha for Chapter 11 will be ready for publication.

    Just to be sure, I’m scheduling the release for Friday 30th. I’ll be also working on the epilogue that will drop after the release cycle of Chapter 11, so I can cap off the episode as quick as possible. I apologize for being quite absent from the community, as I’ve been focused on dealing with the project and managing all its components. Once it’s released, I’ll take a breather and make another Q&A and few polls, as well as discuss some other news.

    Which characters are you hoping get scenes in this episode, and what scenarios are you expecting to see? Hopefully I’ll have some surprises for you guys!

  9. APRIL 14 AT 5:50 AM
    Weekly Status Report Chapter 11 (7)
    This week I continued working on art and writing tasks simultaneously.

    I’m progressing with Lena’s part of the script, but there are some scenes I haven’t yet defined or found a satisfactory way of implementing, which is slowing me down a bit. I’ve been also struggling with writing some story beats, controlling what information is presented, how it relates and iterates with past chapters, and how it sets up the plot development moving forward. There’s a lot of previous choices and interactions that modify the current status of characters and relationships, and I try to reflect those, while also continuing to make the scenes interactive (I try to avoid making the player click through lines and lines of text without providing means of interacting with the scene). Chapter 11 will also include 2 new mini-games.

    Regarding the art, I’m focusing on drawing all the scenes first. 3 remain, the ones I’ve been finding difficult to storyboard and find the right picture references for. Once I’m done drawing these I’ll continue to finalize the rendering of the ones that have gone through the colorist.

    New backgrounds and music are also being worked on, and we’re trying to implement a more styilish method of displaying characters texting on screen.

    I’ll keep pushing to release chapter 11 as soon as I can, but I don’t want to half-ass any aspect of it, trying to make all new scenes feel unique and interactive.

    1. Why? You clearly have no problem posting like one.

      :)) JK, had to say it. Surprised nobody else did it sooner.

  10. i believe this is not final version and yep i downloaded ver 10 and in game ver 10 too and in the end story is not yet complete and credit said to be continued. but this game story is actually good and lenghty enough, i replayed it multiple times trying different route without feel bored but of course i skip some scene i’ve seen. can’t wait for real final version, title is misleading.

  11. I’ve played through and had a lot of fun. All those guys and girls are great, especially when they go taunting and joking at each other, ian always bickering with perry, lots of nice jokes, like that ‘it wasn’t me’ song they taunted jeremy with after he got caught dating two girls or when ian tried to do a selfie for lena and perry pestered him about being quicker with it cause he wanted to take a shit, that minerva sex route had me laughing so hard i hadn’t in a long long time. ‘you’ve been a bitch to me cause you was turned on by me??what are you, 6 year old??? Youre supposed to be a mature woman!’
    ‘yeah i guess i was misbehaving’ and her face when she bites her lip is damn hilarious.
    Holly is actually my crush here, but i guess i won’t be able to make it till her trip without dating lena, cause she’s everywhere lol and i just can’t hurt holly by cheating, even in game, shes too cute, so guess bad luck here.
    Had a great time reading, hope more content will get added and hope i can help wade and cindy not break up and generally get some nice ending.
    I’ve had a great time and a lot of laugh playing this, great game imho.

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