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Office Perks [v0.0.7p] [Amomynous Games]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough Mod

  • Features:

    Green text suggestions to maximize stats, unlock routes or trigger events


    Just unzip files in the Game folder of your Office Perks installation. Rewrite when asked.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - The story in Office Perks is refreshingly good. The writing feels authentic, drawing players into a believable workplace setting. The potential conspiracy plotline may be a bit of a hiccup for some, but it adds an element of drama that keeps things interesting. The characters are distinct and likable, each offering a unique personality that adds depth to the narrative. While there may be room for improvement in certain plot elements, the overall storytelling deserves commendation. - 89%
Visual - The graphics in Office Perks are a standout feature. The developer's talent shines through in the crisp renders and the creation of expressive character faces. The attention to detail in crafting the love interests, Jenny and Eva, is especially commendable. They bring life to the game, making it visually engaging and enjoyable. - 80%
Engagement - Office Perks offers great fun, and the relationship system adds an extra layer of engagement for players. Some may prefer a more immersive role-playing experience without knowing their progress with the characters, but it still adds to the overall appeal of the game. The soundtrack complements the gameplay, enhancing the overall experience. - 79%
Core Loop - The core loop of Office Perks revolves around the workplace setting, the relationships with colleagues, and uncovering the intriguing plotline. It's well-structured, with good depth and development. The game's core loop keeps players invested and eager to see where the story goes next. - 81%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.2 ( 22 votes)

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    1. sorry your wife doesn’t love you bro but it’s not gay people’s fault. actually i have to imagine it’s entirely squarely your fault.

      1. We have micro penis. Its fair. Let the girls find bigger dicks. Mike boys have micro dicks.

  1. Nicely rendered, and some of the characters look attractive, but overall this doesn’t really give much of a new or unique spin on the harem path. Everything in this game has been done and seen many, many MANY times before.

    Great graphics, sure! But ultimately a bit of a bland story. I don’t really know where future updates are going to go or where this story will take us, but I can definitely patiently wait for another update since this game didn’t really hook me and have me wanting more. If it eventually becomes abandoned, I really wouldn’t miss it or care either way.

    It would be nice if the author explores new ideas just to make this game unique…All of our favorite VN’s were all unique – and this isn’t it. This is more of a clone of so many other better harem titles out there already. So far version [v0.0.3.2] is a little bland and boring. HOWEVER – there is room for improvement. I really do hope I’m proven wrong and actually surprised in future updates!

  2. Having just played to the end of the current update there are a few points I’ll make.

    Harem = any girl the Harem LEAD wants; the harem lead can have. Without consequence. As long as the player puts the work in and invests. Not X girl has a “best friend” so she automatically HAS to have fucked that girl senseless… I’m getting REALLY fucking tired of that. Harem is not a roman orgy. The girls DO NOT have to, or GET TO play with each other, unless the Harem Leader allows it – and YES! That SHOULD ABSOLUTELY be JUST player choice. No negatives with any of the girls just because I don’t give a flying rat’s ass about lesbian/bi content.

    Next: Squirting. Seen for a start predominantly in Porn (I am not saying it CAN’T happen – but I will say it’s RARE) and usually done with water bottles, and kegels. That’s all it is, if it’s not urine. The option to see squirting content active DOES NOT mean that the player wants to see it with EVERY. GODDAMNED. GIRL!

    Last point: Whatever the hell you’re doing with Mr. Carlson – unless it WILL lead to MC and Jenny being able to take over the company and become massively rich to fund the lifestyle of a harem (with marriages in some foreign country that would allow for that to be legal included) then it BETTER NOT be punitive to the player. This is not a genre that needs an antagonist. You’ve already hurt yourself with the ‘self-insert’ job description for the MC. I’m a writer and a gamer geek myself guys… you think if I could actually get real pussy I’d bother downloading so many of these? [I’m not a virgin, or an incel; this is mostly to prove a point in a too personally drawn power fantasy setting] It’s easier, safer to handle myself, than to try to meet today’s women’s standards… but that doesn’t excuse the self insert. Jenny and Grace are perfectly fine to stand as JUST FRIENDS. Fix it so many one or two out of however many girls you might eventually add will squirt and that’s a better option all around. Whatever mob shit you’ve got the company man into better not blow back on MC in the story… and if you can do all of that, it will be a decent run.

    The renders are attractive (though calling MC cute is making me laugh. Dude is heavily MID. The women are at least a solid 7, but I would argue Maria’s a bit too chunky rather than well curved) You haven’t defined any relationships enough to call anything Dating. Nevermind mentioning BEING in a relationship, so I don’t know what the hell Eva was freaking about on the first time out, when she was the one chomping at the bit to go out with MC in the first bloody place. The poor little rich girl does not need to be “intimidating” Fuck that. Guess what will turn most men off. Because I don’t know about you but she could be a perfect 10… and the second she mentions making me disappear, I’d either say it can go both ways sweet heart, or put her through the damned wall. The Harem Lead SHOULD NEVER be afraid of any of his women. That’s not empowerment. It’s NOT attractive. It’s not even properly femdom. Jesus. If you can’t write a strong woman without dumb assed veiled threats, then try not making them “strong.” Because you’ll fail at it either way, the way you’re going.

      1. Used to, I don’t anymore.

        I do have a list of published and paid reviews on a site called, whom I used to work for and was treated badly, ultimately by – under the name Wolfe Hearte. The guy doing them now on that site last I checked is “Rex Grinder” but I think it may just be the owner of the site doing it themselves, to save money. I also commented on several games on under that same moniker. Though constantly getting refutations of my opinion, and trolling made me abandon the site. Frankly it’s not much better here, but I have gotten some positive feedback. Some of the time.

    1. Thanks to you I won’t try it, you’re right, first turn off for me is the fact that there are no defined relationships and that means sex is treated like a currency and all characters involved lack morals or values, or both, the second thing is a woman threatening Mc, you’re right, I can lift 100+ kg and do parkour, I don’t fear tall dudes much less freaking women, I’d not hit a woman, but I’d for sure laugh my ass off if one so much as threatened, and if they attacked me physically I’d knock their teeth off in self defense, as I’d do with any dude attacking me, so it’s a no for me, I’ve been pointed at the face with guns and been attacked with knives ffs, I don’t fear any human being in existence.

  3. Here’s how to make sex scenes everything is very good almost perfect you just need more content! Here the plot is very lame, that is, there is almost no one here!

  4. Looks better than avarage games here. But as vanilla harem game as one can be. The story is about where to go eat and what are girls hobbies. Then girls wanna have sex because guy is cute. Sex scenes would be ok if there was any emotions. Options to choose in game are, if you wanna fuck or not.

      1. Vomond –

        First, nothing Lapatossu wrote is hating on the harem genre. He’s pointing out his opinion of the game. Pointing out it does belong to the genre, regardless of the lack in tags.

        Second; no one’s going to actually listen to you telling them to leave the page. I do not know why you think they would. You think any of the trolls who comment back to me, including yourself have ever given a fuck what I want? You have about as much authority here to tell anyone what to do, as myself or anyone else. Which is to say fuck all. You’ve commented as much on several pages I’ve seen now, and you really should stop. It’s not a mark of dominance, BECAUSE we none of us here in comments have ANY power to enforce our will on others. It makes you seem less bright than you might actually be for a start. End of the day my friend, you’re only making yourself look foolish, trying to be totalitarian.

        Do note: I am attempting to help. Not to insult, but you’re free to take it any way you want.

      2. Vomond, i am not a cuckold and i’m not rip in to your little harem fantasy while irl you can’t hold your dick up for 5 minutes, but this game is shit. it is what it is, deal with it.

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