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ver. 2.2.2a

This walkthrough ignores steps like grind for cash since that’s implied if it cost money and won’t detail some minigames unless it seems like missing an aspect might prevent progress.

1. Buy tear of sin (super useful in many sex scenes)
2. Call her over to cook, Do the speech bubble till you exceed the bar and then do the touch without going over the bar on the suspicion meter to unlock the vibrator. Make her climax once to unlock groping option. Make her climax once more while minding the heart rate to trigger a scene.
3. Buy 1 choc/win and (hangover soup optional)
4. invite her over for tea, finish the event successfully.
5. buy and install spy camera (scene trigger)
6. Call her over (scene trigger)
7. Invite her over for H 3 times. 1st time it will end after 1 climax, 2nd time it will end as early as 3 climaxes as long as you are doing at tier 2 position. 3rd time it will end after 1 climax and trigger scene as long as you do any tier 3 position on the bed.

At this point you have achieved your first bet and Lilith will visit you during the night phase to unlock new features, but they are not tied to the next goal you have to meet, just fun distractions, and will not be required till step 11.

8. unlock bell by farming 200 dark energy (aka lust). This is a good time to grab any pics you haven’t yet because max you can gain is 15 lust per session for 3 climaxes, position doesn’t matter. This can be increased to 25 lust per 3 climaxes if you buy the ninja scroll, position doesn’t matter.
9. Call her over specifically in the night phase (scene trigger)
10. Have balcony sex 3 more times, position doesn’t matter.
11. Have dinner with them at the bar 3 times. This will be signified by an “!”
12. The alley will now have an “!”. Wait till Husband has a work dinner and call Chiho in the alley. Do this 2 times.
13. Unlock costume by farming 250 dark energy (aka lust) if you haven’t already.
14. (unclear if this is optional) have costume sex on balcony
15. Unlock trench coat by farming 300 dark energy (aka lust).
16. Talk to the 2 guys in the market with the “!”
17. Call Chiho in the market at midnight 3 times. On the 3rd time you’ll have to climax 5 or 6 times to successfully finish the scene.
18. Talk 2 times at the bar to finish off all hints

Last thing you can do is have sex with Alice. I’ve heard there is a potential bug with mohawk guy but I appear to have avoided it. I spoke to mohawk, attempted sex with Alice, spoke to promoter, and then spoke to mohawk again. No issues.

Replayed through it, it takes roughly 1:40 if you do cheat engine for money. So probably 2:00 with no cheats and 1:20 if you cheat dark energy farming.

Download Cheats

hacked game save: “easy start”
save a game.
extract this file with 7zip.
the containing data file goes to (hold windows symbol key, press r, copy-paste path)


~~~~ is the current version youre playing.

gym membership
tears of sin
ninja scroll
9999999 bull red
9999999 choc & wine
9999999 soup

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