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New Earth [Ch.2 Final] [MiZtyl]

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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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This mod adds an in-game walkthrough that highlights dialogue options that give points and lead to the best scenes Tyranny (Harem).​

Extract file from file to the \game folder

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Editor's Rating

Story - 67%
Visual - 96%
Engagement - 56%
Core Loop - 55%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.17 ( 50 votes)

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  1. Oh, I remember this game! I remembered the game was quite good on the harem part, but the AI or something like that was quite unbearable. The AI basically forces you like a little beta bitch, which felt a bit off to me with the option you being alpha tyrant by not sharing or being a cuck. All is good though, am going to try to see what happens in the end of chap 1 and see whats up with 2.

    1. Well I finally had the time to finish the game completely, and I think the DEV just really wanted to end the game in chapter 2, so it did. It was rushed, but I guess at least the game had some closure.

      1. Well if you like the pregnancy aspect of things like me, the easiest way to explore is just simply click the pregnancy tag, this site should have a few that catches your eye. Not much I could recommend with your comment, but I hope this helps.

    1. you can avoid you fucking idiot that post on every fucking game with NTR anywhere in the game when you can avoid it a lot of times, which means, you haven’t played them.

  2. Great game. If you avoid the NTR and the sharing choices, this one is a hell of a game. When you become the tyrant and have all the women for yourself – procreating life on the New Earth. I especially liked how the black dude was humiliated near the end of Chapter 2 hahaha.

    Writing could have been improved as it’s Sci-Fi novel, but anyway, it was okayish. The scenes could have been improved as well. Overall, the concept is good.

  3. Strangely what fucks this story up completely for me isn’t the NTR.

    It’s the robot AI that can’t decide if it wants to follow through on making MC her ally or not.
    It’s the cloned aspect; used way too many times. It’s the clone introduced in the second part, who all but insinuates no matter what you do, he’s going to steal your girl if you choose to steal his (and his girl is also a character from another game I believe, that really shouldn’t have even been introduced – as it borks the story in general) so that even if you do get every girl pregnant by following the walkthrough or lucking into the TYRANNY path, it still seems like you’re going to lose. Said GF of your dickish new clone (which really, really should confuse the whole crew and force them to kill him)

    The addition of a clone of MC while the current MC still exists, was massively fucking stupid. The fact that you don’t get to see Delilah or the Red Head actually GET PREGNANT – because the first chapter ENDED BEFORE THAT SCENE WAS SHOWN – is also incredibly poor game design. You rushed things, and now I think you’re either Jetisoning bad story or spreading your work too thin as you may be the persons working on Man of Steal and one other story I know of at least, with the same general development of paths. Which at least I can grant, you do give the players the choice about. Even if I think each should be CLEARLY marked; without a god damned walkthrough mod. How hard would it really be to just write in brackets what each choice actually IS? Harem, Sharing, or Cucked. Or however you want to word it. Jesus.
    I checked out VERY early in chapter 2’s roll out, when I realized there were scenes that you hadn’t shown to us in Chapter 1 that are taken as canon in Chapter 2, and then introduced a needlessly antagonistic clone of MC.

  4. In a scenario like this it usually results in either Murder of one of the alphas or the betas ganging up and murdering all the all alphas and distributing the girls between them . In Chimps the alpha “allots” some females to the betas after picking his females to pacify the betas or they’ll gang up and kill him.
    What unrealistic is – they send these people in a spaceship thousands of lightyears but dont account for the basic social dynamics that the gender dynamic would cause? Crazy.

  5. For you it is. Animations are secondary. Better none than crappy animations. In this game animations are mediocre at best.

    1. MC is not a black guy, he is a white guy. The black guy is the antagonist. If you train everyday and be an alpha, you can beat the shit out of him and have all the girls for yourself. But if you become a pussy, the black guy will take every girl from you and beat the shit out of you and you have to fulfill your cuckold fantasies seeing him fuck other girls.

      1. What does it matter if you are black MC ? You have no problem if the girls are black but not the MC ?

    2. Thanks for the heads up, big pass for me too and before people start calling me racist, yes I am so you can save your breath. I couldn’t care less what you think.

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