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New Beginnings in Japan [Ch. 2 DLC Episode] [Shikharsfree]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download Split Files

Download for Windows/ Linux - DLC Episode

Download for Mac

Download Split Files

Download for Mac - DLC Episode

Download for Android - v0.5

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download PATCH V.0.5 ERROR FIX

Seems like there was a image bug in the kick him option , here’s the patch.

Installation notes : Download and extract the archive , cut / copy the folder and then move it to this location in the game’s directory.



1. Does the game have a male protagonist?

2. Does the game have a harem path?
No , however in corruption path you can have events with most of the cast

3. Does the game have good / bad endings?
Yes multiple endings depending on how you go through with events and the story.

4. Does this game have scat / pee fetishes?

5. Does the game have animations?
Yes , several of them.

6. Does the game have a gallery mode?

7 . Why does the game increase corruption when events with others are done?
Kiara is the only mc , those scenes increase corruption is a option given to you guys so you can have kiara corrupted without events you might not like happening to her.

8. What is the romance system?
It is a see – saw system , meaning if you choose to flirt with one partner then the other partner’s romance level will decrease , this is done to make sure story makes sense and as mentioned earlier , not a harem.

9. What is fondness system?
Similar to romance , fondness is mostly towards the important cast and have scenes locked behind respective levels.

10. There are so many characters! who are the ones to care about or ignore?
Only the characters in the about / glossary / compendium of the game are involved in the story , all others are npcs for corruption or other events that won’t be there until or unless needed for nsfw scenes.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - The story of - 78%
Visual - Prepare yourself for a visual rollercoaster where the quality varies from breathtaking to bewildering. Some character designs and renders are truly stunning, captivating your senses and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. However, there are moments when you come across, shall we say, literal assholes that look worse than the eye of Sauron. - 72%
Engagement - Engagement is where - 82%
Core Loop - The core loop of - 68%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.41 ( 33 votes)

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  1. Woaaaaa what a stupid game so much talk and full of shit common dude i don’t understand make the game and then full of shit and later please support me,common is this a joke and yes this game is a DEAD and guys don’t fall for it i never see so much booring game like this episode i tried to play but from the begginig i saw this is one of those versions where the devs requesting support and brain wash the gamers into there maize to milk there money for some kind support and in the end then never update the game or never make the new episode or even continue to develop the started project.
    So saad 🙁

    1. Game has roughly 8000 Renders , I believe I’m quite alot more consistent than other devs.

      But hey to each their own , thank you for your feed back I guess.

      We’ll keep making it though, let me know when ranting like this or rating bomb helps you ~

  2. You want a perfect example of a milker Dev? Then this is the game for you!!!
    The story is confused, idiotic and unrealistic. In what world is a 22 year old (might be wrong on age but it is around there) with amnesia treated like a child, where her parents need to have custody of her? Her mother sends her to Japan on her own and then claims she needs custody cause she can’t look after herself? the mother starts sleeping with her friend who is also her lawyer right after her sicko husband was caught with his dick out over their daughter. The lawyer is just another pervert as well he peeks on her after she goes to him for help and then walks in naked and she doesn’t freak out? Yeah right that’s a normal reaction for a woman who was abused and having a daughter who also was abused behaves. The abused daughter left home and hated her mother for staying with her abusive father but forgives instantly and accepts her mother sleeping with her lawyer right after.
    That’s just some of the stupidity in this game, don’t get me started on the friends and other family members. Apparently the Dev wants us to believe this a story focused game cause the FMC has very few scenes and if you pick any of them it’s all meant to corrupt her the rest of the scenes is with everyone else in the game. Oh wait and all that has to do with the future of the FMC, yeah her mum fucking the lawyer, her friends acting like cheap whores and the stuff with her fathers story is all to help build her story.
    I said it before and I’ll say it again this is not a story driven game and it is from a milker who will squeeze every cent he can before he runs away.
    Hey Dev can you please tell me why and Indian man from India is writing a story about a half Japanese half white American female that can’t look after herself is sent to Japan all by herself to start a new life? Also please explain to me if she is so disabled why did her mother send her alone?
    PS: Please don’t give your usual BS replies like you always do and insult people who call you on it cause you know it is true, because I have tried talking to you before about this but you and your super-fan (or you using another name) insulted and kept repeating the same thing then just went into insults.

    1. In his other shitshow Dilemma of Devotion, the ex boyfriend gets a teacher job, while crying about the loss of Kiara, who he misses so much, that he can’t stop his dick to fuck his students. And he will use his other names like Kelly or Pulsehaven to react, he can’t controle his temper, that’s why he changes his name every time.

      1. Yeah he is pathetic and lies threw his teeth. He has been quite recently and even taking longer to give updates, another classic milker tactic, pretend to care about the game and giving consistent updates, then slowly start giving less and taking longer till the game is just dead. Just look at Angelica the beginning it is still taking money from people after 2 or 3 years of the game being abandoned. It is sad to see men fall so low to support pathetic milker like this and insist they are not weak closet gays, hell openly gay men have more balls then this fucking wimps, LMAO.

      2. Hey cas nice to see you here as well.
        Aren’t you the very same user the other site’s moderators called you out for using vpns and alts?

        Oh right you won’t mention that will you.

        Ps. the game’s support increased rather than decrease so I guess we did something right with the update.

        But hey you keep on keeping on <3

    2. One writer isn’t me , it’s another girl.

      Two when we announce breaks we give quite clear statements and don’t charge patreons during those breaks.

      Third , The custody case is similar to Brittany spears

      And lastly , I don’t need to insult anyone.

      You don’t like the game , great thanks for feedback and move on.

      Insulting me then expecting me to stay gandhi won’t work , It’s why I reply back.

      Anyway have a good day.

      1. Britney Spears – DRUGGED – SUICIDAL RTARD GIRL
        The “BIG MIDIA” care with her pathetic life. But normal people don’t care if a girl have just 10k monthly to expenses. Because if she get 1M montlhy, she will die using cokaine, heroine or another drugs.

        TRY A NEW STORY. Not the old cliches of “BIG MIDIA”, of “DISNNEY”. Try new stories.


  4. In android version all the text was extra large in the previous update. And the game text was above the text box. Even after decreasing the text size to minimum didn’t help. DEV. Please do something about that.

  5. Multi female protag gameplay kinda confusing and there is a deadlock in game with fatguy grope, there are options like stop and let continue but i can’t pick either one cos needed str 2 and lust. first one because i skip 1 training session and i play not on corruption path as for now. well i guess save editor can help and also if you read this dev, please next game add cheat function in game just in case of deadlock like mine.

    1. Hey there so during revamp we’ll add options to use in game money to access stuff , cheats will not make sense as it might ruin saves instead.

      Aslo strength is important if you’re playing story just a heads up

    2. I will do myself that favor and I like to consider the author’s intent. If the author’s intent was to have a game of horny teenagers, then A+!
      The concept of having an erection so hard. I like dirty talk. As your typical oversexualized power fantasy goes. Even semen on a young boy’s face is a fantasy.
      But yeah, I will be playing this to find out if that’s what it is.

  6. whoa this game is lit, literally fapping too hard until my penis turn red and i think a little smoky because i can smell bacon aroma in my room. dang might try with sandpaper and vaseline next time this game got an update. the best fucklentine entertainment ever for lonely guy like me.

  7. So I hit a point of the game where I wanted the MC to engage in sexy times and was blocked because my corruption wasn’t high enough. I did a little back and forth and in order to get it that high I did need to have the MC engage in sexual abuse (forced sub behavior, etc.).

    1. I believe you can do nsfw scenes ( most of them ) , without needing too much corruption however to do straight up naked or stuff you will need some corruption

      To masturbate however later you won’t need it , we just wanted to make sure it makes sense that she’s getting used to corruption rather than oh i arrived in japan and after getting molested by dad / horrible experience got into sexy time anyway.

      There is also a day 3 being added after our next update , that will bridge the gap between kiara ‘s corruption quite well without including events that might be abusive

      1. I did find her going from being shy and uncertain to full-on feeling up her cousin with glee to be a bit jarring.

        I also had to spend money to get on anyone’s romance path, first evidenced by the selection of who the MC wanted to call on a certain night. While I found this to be a clever meta-gaming use of money, I did wonder what I had missed, as I was pursuing most of the romantic interests at every opportunity.

        I also had to purchase corruption in order to continue the more kinky path with the cousin which, again, involved involving the MC with situations where the interaction was mostly non-voluntary or submissive.

        What this feels like to me is a balance or communication problem.

        Other things I think are bugs or typos:
        * Bought +1 with everyone and some people didn’t +1.
        * More than one person’s bio gives their age as one value, and has a different value in the description.
        * Something funny going on with the girl’s forehead when the MC kisses her on it.

        * Auntie is hot.

    2. It is an opinion piece you jackass. Which is still a review. I did not claim it was favorable, at any point. I am 41 years old, so why don’t you go fuck every part of whatever crawled up your ass… oh wait. You’d enjoy that.

      1. age =/= maturity. if you have to declare your age as if it gives your some superiority in your argument then you have already lost. you sound like a big crybaby

  8. its very big game dude is it complete game (previous version included ?) or do i hav to play any other versions so that i can play with clarity ????

    i like to play complete games if it has parts then let me know so i can enjoy it better with experience nd knowledge abt it

  9. I don’t know where to start, but I am sure that Jerry Springer would be smiling in his grave if he saw these comments.

    To Shikharsfree,
    I have not played this game and I do not know if I will, but I think it is exceptional that you came here to have your say. From what I can see, the visuals look much better than just 72%. Constructive criticism (such as murikan dreams) can be helpful, but keep doing what you are doing however you see fit.

    Think of it this way. If I am cooking a meal and someone tells me that I used too much salt, I want to know that. On the other hand, if I had an uninvited guest wanting a free meal, then they complained that they wanted steak instead of the hamburgers I already fixed. Well, they can just go home and eat a fucking pop-tart!

    Thank you for your effort. Good luck and have a good day.

    1. I always think of myself as a player that played too many avns and made sure to avoid cliches.

      Some will remain of course but mostly this game was written by a girl herself and hence relatablity is easier if you’re a female too.

      NSFW stuff is mostly a bonus but we made sure to have quality in that regardless.

      Thank you again for playing if you do and for the nice words , I will do my best to make the game better if not perfect with the criticism that matters.

      Some of it for example has been a mc only patch, lesbian only and etc , which is in development at the moment

      I’m quite happy with how the game is now in chapter 2 but we need to rework chapter 1 and it’s why i took the break .

      Have one last update before it starts and then we can get on improving it even better.

  10. The plot is boring and stupid, the complete absence of the main character turns the plot into complete chaos! The sex scenes are disgusting!

  11. Game starts with drunk and abusive father molesting and dreaming about raping his daughter, and this only sets the tone. We are hitting the ground running with as many bad things as possible happening to the MC and her mother.

    Now I’m more likely to believe “amnesia is probably caused by rape-style event”.

    Other notes: Besides every guy pushing to have sex with her in the first ten minutes, the dialogue is both pretty bad and not amusing (I can wish for at least one!), and there are minor but notable inconsistencies such as the bio for the MC’s aunt having her age listed as 41 but in the text she’s said to be 43.

    The main positive so far is that the bios are written to be thoughtful, showing the author is at least trying to create a compelling world. Is this alone worth the download size? It’s too early to tell.

    I’m barely into it so if I run into further notes, I’ll reply here.

    1. Hey there not to go into spoiler territory but no amenisa is not caused by anything close to it but a deception and mc’s own choice.

      Secondly , father’s an antagonist and you’ll find out alot more worse stuff he doess down chapter 2.
      Lastly , as you play through the story we deviate to show other characters are also humans not just pretty looking dolls for sex.

      Hope you’ve reached chapter 2 because that’s when we really got a good budget for the game and chapter 1 as good as it is we are remastering it as well.

      Have fun!

      1. I will keep playing this, but the start was quite a series of sharp, unpleasant events.

        * Molestation from Father
        * Molestation from Concierge
        * Twice.
        (* Mother’s Friend tries something, wasn’t heavy.)
        * Attempted molestation from Taxi Driver

        These scenes seem targeted toward who like the #Male Domination tag.

        Other notes:
        * Saves start on Page 9.
        * Scene music overlaps with Preferences/Save/Load music.

        And last but not least, things I liked:
        * The women models are not designed with the perfect proportions. Thank you.
        * And like Awam said, thank you for coming here to explain yourself in such a positive and welcoming manner. I’m glad to hear that the amnesia incident is not Sexual Trauma.

        This is not a monitored board (as far as I can tell) so be prepared for weak protests from those like Vomond and absolute off-topic verbal diarrhea like from nohomo.

        Best of luck in your continuing development, and I also hope you’re having fun with it!

        1. No worries! thank you for playing first of all
          as for the early molestation parts we had those to be avoidable for that reason , it was to set the tone that you can play it without seeing any nsfw which is true for most / 90 percent of the game.

          The mia / mason scene will make sense by the time you reach day 3 i think but that is a plot point we might rewrite after our break , to frame it better.

          The music bug was fixed in the latest patch it seems the site doesn’t have it.

          Lastly yes thank you for noticing , i really hated how most fem protag game make the mc or other girls literal blow up dolls or fashion models in terms of physique so that it doesn’t even look realistic.

          As for people complaining believe me this is quite mild , if i showed you the stuff i had to endure on other sites you’d be surprised lol.

          Once again thanks for playing , hope you enjoy the story ~

            1. I’m not, #nohomo, but so what if I was. Being into “gay stuff” does not make one less coherent, intelligent, or worthwhile, no matter how much you want to Groom people otherwise.

              Nice try, tho.

  12. Feminism and fags are destroying Japan. Just like the West. Their birth rate is in the toilet just like the West (about 1.2 kids per couple) due to those 2 things. I can’t even say this on most sites without being deleted and cancelled. Think about that. Clearly those in power want YOU replaced. No family and no legacy.

    The only difference is Japan doesn’t allow a bunch of illiterate uneducated brown skinned turd worlders in to replace themselves. So far anyway. They are trying to convince them to let them in though.

    Be sure to think and do as the idiot box and media says though. Get jabbed up so you become sterile. Be a feminist or fag. The billionaires who control everything are your friends and they love you, lol.

    1. Oh hello, Nohomo. I was wondering when you’d appear with your unhinged conspiracy theories. Not even original conspiracy theories, so we all know that you’re only pretending not to be a sheep. Just because you’re not in the pocket of Big Media doesn’t mean you’re not just following your cultist leader.

      Or in words you can understand: “Baa baa baa baaaaa baa baa baaaaa baa.”

      You’re too frightened to think for yourself, and too lazy to try, hypocrite.

        1. And you literally believe everything the alt-right tell you.

          Baa baa baa, sheepboy.

          (I have no idea what the MSM are, but it’s #nohomo. Playing with his inadequacies is always fun.)

    2. Gotta love the irony of someone being brainwashed by the stupidity of Facebook Mother’s groups and Flat Earth society thinking that other people are sheep.

        1. I get it. You have been conditioned from birth. It’s difficult to break that conditioning. In your life do you agree with everything anyone says and believes? I doubt it. But somehow you believe everything a few mega wealthy strangers tell you to believe. Odd isn’t it?

  13. Playing the intro and then assuming everything is quite easy , there are alot of characters in this game that genuinely want to care about the mc.

    No this game is not “play lewd” or “play innocent” , we have choices , variables , results based on those things and scene variations depending on level of stats.

    While i respect your constructive criticism on the basic fem protag games , this one mostly focuses on story and sex is more of a bonus instead.

    Again I would recommend you to play it first and then find out the 4 romances and the mc’s past as well.

    Lastly this is a little bit of spoiler territory but i’ll say it , The amensia is linked to her mental health , without her will / choice it wouldn’t have happened.

    Also gonna be a little rude here and say this , if you’re willing to type this much maybe consider playing it first before making claims that are quite baseless at best and a little silly at worst.

    With that said It’s your choice as well , have fun.

    1. You could download compressed version 1.3 gigs or android also 1.3 gigs. use android if you really want to keep images as good as possible.
      and also 12.7 gigs is a lightweight.

    2. A compressed version is linked as well which is 1.4 gb 🙂

      The 12 gb version is 1440p , we didn’t want to lock resolutions behind patreon so yeah.

      1. nohomo is right, groomers are everywhere! He, for instance, is a homophobe groomer + misogyny groomer. Seriously, “if you play a female protag game you’re a faggot” is the kind of language of shame that groomers use because he’s homophobic, misogynic, and racist, someone who wants a culture of fear and hate in order to control people’s thoughts and actions.

        Y’know, a fascist.

        1. I don’t have an irrational fear of fags. Opposing something is not a phobia. If you see iit rightly as unhealthy or immoral. Are you a riobaphobe? Murderaphobe? See, you can add phobe to any word. Means nothing.

          1. Oh the kitten has gotten some claws!

            You did ignore the entire part of you being misogynic and racist. This was absolutely calculated to try and distract the conversation.

            And in the case of homophobe, it’s the best word I have to communicate an irrational hatred of them. C’est la vie.

            That’s what’s called “admitting fault”, in case you’re unaware what self-awareness looks like. If there’s a word for “homohater” that evokes the same connotations as “racist”, I’ll be happy to use it.

            I’ll continue to use it, ESPECIALLY since you equate “homosexual” to “murderer”. In the field of logic, we call this “false equivalence fallacy”. Maybe you were just using this as a casual example but since you’ve been equating “homosexual” to “murderer” your entire time here, Ockham’s Razer suggests you were quite deliberate.

            (Are you still trying to convince people that you use logic? Go on, tell them. I’m eager to see this Fake News of yours again.)

            Keep trying to pull from the more advanced elements of the Troll’s Playbook. It’s more interesting than you were before your third mental breakdown here. Looking forward to the fourth.

            You’re still a fascist.

            At least you stopped acting like an incel coward.

            (Tho “shut up fag” spikes of desperation. You are SO CLOSE to adulthood. It’s within your grasp, Nohomo. SO! CLOSE!)

  14. I’ve got a few points JUST based on the synopsis; because I tend not to want to play female protags where the aim of the game is either “be a good girl – and ‘rise to greatness’ (missing probably every bloody lewd scene to do it…) OR “fall to corruption.” Because having any kind of sex drive or making a poor decision because a guy is hot automatically makes her some drug addicted, nympho whore? Come the fuck on. It’s not about CORRUPTION. She can want sex with someone just as badly as the bloke and guess what; not be either a stripper or a prostitute. Or a massive promiscuous needy slut (It’s promiscuous that most males have a problem with by the way; we all want women to be sluts, as long as it’s just for us. Go figure we LIKE when you enjoy and actually want sex)

    The start as an amnesiac is NOT a good sign: She was either raped into not wanting to remember, or beat the shit out of until she can’t. Not a great way to introduce a blank slate – and frankly you can move to a new country for a “fresh start” without having to go through something like that and not remember why. The Unclear Event thing is questionable at best and may cause some players hesitation for dark connotations as mentioned above. Which again, is tied to I do not like Female Protag games because the Devs tend to treat them badly, or make you sacrifice sex scenes you might want to see, in order to fish for the “good/true” ending. I also do not think that focus on ONLY female protags was necessary. It’s NOT vaginal sex if you’re doing it with dildos. If they’re lesbians; that’s still cheating. You want to write vaginal sex in the tags – you need to include at least ONE decent, desirable guy for her to choose to be with at the end. Then it’s a viable relationship path. There’s NO reason to cut out one of the two genders that exist as a protagonist, unless your agenda is the same as every other Female Centric game on this site: We’re all assholes, or halfway to rendered goblins and ogres. Old man leches, and demons in disguise who are all out to rape the fuck out of a girl who tellls us to piss off. I can see that a mile away, thank you very much and the answer is you’re going to lose more subs for exclusion and predictable negative narrative that is focused ON YOUR CORE AUDIENCE, then doing the game this way is going to gain you. But it’s your choice.

    I do like the control aspect, but not when it’s likely to be actively punitive one way or the other. So I’ll be giving this one a pass until you bother to include at least one genuine, decent and self funded male who can stand alongside the main female as HER protagonist. He doesn’t need to take anything away from her accomplishments, but he CAN guide her into a loving, stable and manogamous relationship. Be supportive of her, while not being a beta bitch boy that will let her fuck around on him. Help her choose work that isn’t dangerous, or overtly sexually alligned. But you probably won’t go that route. Which is a shame, because if the option was in the game, I might actually play to find out.

      1. Fair point, but name me any other female protagonist based game on this site that hasn’t done that Murikan. Hell, name me three if you can. It’s not a baseless assumption to be this pessimistic, and the developer has commented on your own comments that pretty much what I stated probably happened to cause the “amnesia” either almost did, could have happened or was building up to happen. I stated what it would take to get me to play it; and that is to have a choice at a stable relationship with a desireable MALE MC as well, who can help her become what she’s meant to be. Also, the mental health excuse to cop out of bad choices she makes is NOT okay. We all have demons, and we all fuck up some way some of the time. That doesn’t mean just because she’s “fragile” that she can just give up and be used like the town bicycle. Or that she would. I disagree with this author’s take, and again I presented the point that one does not need amnesia to start a new life. Or so much focus on female characters as “protagonists” – which can be taken as directly misandric.

        If I do play the game at some point, I may agree with you. I might find it’s better than I thought; but just based off what you state in the prologue, I doubt it. I also have a fair backlog, as I haven’t been as up to playing the games – or sadly as able to do my own writing – in the last few months. I’ll probably not be as up to it as I was beforehand, for about probably til maybe mid June to July; if all goes well. If not, I might not be up to it again period. The premise of the story itself is fine and fair enough. It’s the possible content I’d object to, if it’s not handled delicately enough, or with enough player involved choice. Which again, is a pattern in this style of game that is so female centric.

        1. I can’t think of three Female Protagonist games that feature amnesia, period.

          Female Protagonist games I’ve played that don’t start or focus on sexual abuse of the MC:
          * Lily
          * Rebel Duet
          * Couples (go ahead and blah blah this isn’t “really” FemProt, it’s discrete enough from the MaleProt’s story that I’ll use it)
          * Give Me a Sun
          * Occultus: DoD
          * Left Hand Magic
          * Heavy Five
          * Town of Magic
          * Oathbreaker

          These are all games that I felt were at the barest bones at least moderately respectful of the MC, and most of them are far moreso.

          I’m on page 16 of #Female Protagonists and I think I’ll stop here. Note that I haven’t played all of them completely through, and I’m not counting situations where the FemMC can get wrecked but the player can choose not to.

          I’ve also kept out things that are pure Kinetic Novels (Koala’s stuff mainly).

          Abuse and humiliation is a common trope for these FemMC porn games because the creators are writing their fantasy, but there are plenty of authors out there who don’t want that, and I gravitate towards those.

          This game presents the humiliation as an option for the player, but *only* as an option, except for the inciting incident. I would personally think this is one of those situations where you might go, “Hurray, actual choice,” tho as is necessary for this kind of game the choice is very short-lived.

          I personally don’t see the point in writing the kind of consequences matter game that Real Video Games do. Hell, even Real Video Games don’t, except for the truly psychotic like Disco Elysium or Baldur’s Gate. Even remarkably popular choice matters video games don’t have choices mattering that much, so why put that kind of pressure on people who just want a game to wank to?

        2. Follow-Up:

          It turns out the MC’s amnesia is at least partially sexually motivated, but has nothing to do with sexual abuse.

          Abuse in general? Yes. But not sexual.

          Mostly it’s motivated by a jackass trying to rewrite the past, but a little of it is he wants to molest his daughter.

          I accept the purpose of this is to make the father as absolutely hittable as possible. I don’t think he needed the help, but author’s prerogative!

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