My Real Desire [Ch.3 Ep.4 Full] [Lyk4n]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Windows Update Only - Ch3Ep4Full

Download for Mac

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Download Walkthrough & Gallery Mod


  • Adds in-game walk-through for the important choices.
  • Provides a guide for free roam.
  • Location of all Special Images displayed.
  • Unlock all Gallery items.


PC: Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your “MyRealDesire-Ch.*Ep.**-pc” folder. Overwrite files if required.

MAC: Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “MyRealDesire” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

Download Special Images Location

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 84%
Visual - 88%
Engagement - 81%
Core Loop - 88%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.04 ( 103 votes)

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  1. I play Chapter 3 episode 4 but ther is a bug no image show only blank. Pils fixit.

    Sorry for my english

  2. My Real desire is for games without some form of gay shit in them. NTR is gay by the way.
    I’d also like to see vets and American heroes get more time than people who worship assholes. globohomo gets a whole month to celebrate and indoctrinate.

  3. I get bored easily with VNs recently but this one is actually very well written and very fun to read. Been reading it for 2 hours and it’s a blast. cummed once and laughed twice.
    also MC is so fucking unique with his lifeless eyes LOL. I like it.
    support the dev, my rich friends, so they can make more chapters so I can have more fun.

  4. Please have sex with Angela, I like Rin and Elaina. I like all the character designs. I hope it continues

      1. Will you do all that before or after you after being railed by your gay husband, and since when did you start touching vaginas instead of hairy shitty gay assholes?

        Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. if you want to play for sex without these bullshit then play honey select. this models is straight up unpacked data from that game and that game is from legit developer you can find it in this site or use from repacker sites for better crack and better size. and in that game you all free to create women to your liking. i still can’t believe people thinking this is actual render from developer and paying from ripped data from other game. feels bad man for those who got milked by this dev.

      1. you are free to jerk off to whatever you wish. some people enjoy the narrative. and, while some VNs have had more effort put into them than others, to say it’s copy pasting from HS is an unfair generalization. sounds to me like you’ve never taken the effort before, maybe you should try it before you criticize.

  5. I hate NTR, it is avoidable ? this tag need to be deleted from existence, we don’t need weak in this trash world.

  6. it’s a decent enough game, ntr (or what may be intended as such) at least on this version (up to Ch.3 Ep.3) is because you’re a tard that clicks on the option to do voyeur on your bro (you’ll understand when you get those two choices), sex scenes are good, animations on sex scenes are kind of weird at certain points though, that aside plot is decent, LIs are interesting, has some rather funny moments at the start too, deadpan face of the MC can be fun given certain situations

  7. Why is all your download trojan/B!lm whatever that is script ???? getting fishy here they should look at this game and scann it again last chapter dint have this Malware why this update?? BECARE FULL YALL OR CAN SOMEONE TELL ME ITS SAFE CAUSE Im SPOOKED Rn

    1. Get lost, retard. The only backdoor here is the gay dicks in your ass, just be careful not to let any of those dicks impale your brain for being dumb and using cheap ass free trashy AVs that flag everything.

  8. Why most of the devs following this same shitty trend like a virus. Firstly MC is abandoned and ended up in foster home then in slumps and after fuckin long lost years MC reconsile with his birth mother. I mean how on earth can you behave like nothing happened during those torturous years. And MC behave like everything is fine. Dev seriously need a good screenwriter. DOF (desire of fate) also has similar plot and many more VNs. To make it worse betrayal route hasn’t completed yet. It will take another 2 years to fully complete this game. Good luck to you all and the dev .

    1. Yeah, I didn’t even know it had that, good visuals though and its in the same world as my bully is my lover which is also very sweet

    2. The NTR was removed after a well deserved curb stomping to the dev.

      The game is currently NTR garbage free once again and hopefully stays that way.

  9. I dunno, why did you? I’m not complaining; I stopped expecting discourse among these comments a long time ago but not everyone is like you and me and they want to engage honestly. Calling them idiots is more about you than them.

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