My New Life: REVAMP [v0.93] [Beggar of Net]

Download for Windows

Download for Mac (V .0.81)

Download Update Patch (v0.92 -> v0.93)

Incest Patch

Incest is added in by the dev at these locations with the stars. Refer to images

1st House, storage room in garage



School Entrance, ground floor, pillar to the right. You will hear a splash noise


2nd House, your room table


Download Walkthrough

SPOILER: Dating Beth
Birthday September 19th
Horoscope Virgo
Series / Movie / Book Peaky Gangs
Food Pizza
Color Pink <- Red
Genre Action

SPOILER: Dating Daisy
Birthday November 23rd
Horoscope Sagittarius
Series / Movie / Book Nora’s Diary
Food Pizza
Color Pink
Genre History

SPOILER: Dating Alison
Birthday January 21st
Horoscope Aquarius
Series / Movie / Book Schindler’s List
Food Shellfish
Color Green
Genre Comedy

SPOILER: Dating Carol
June 27th
Horoscope Cancer
Series / Movie / Book Harry Peter
Food Sushi
Color Blue
Subject Mathematics
Last name Giggs*
Age 18

During the date:
Talk about Politics, Culture
Gifts Books, Food, Clothes

*) According to Bookface App, not Gibbs

SPOILER: Dating Maria
Category Answer
Birthday June 25th
Horoscope Cancer
Series / Movie / Book The Godfather
Food Spaghetti
Color Red
Genre Gangster

SPOILER: Dating Amy
Category Answer
Birthday November 13th
Horoscope Scorpio
Series / Movie / Book Harry Petas
Food Sushi
Color Red
Genre Romantic

SPOILER: Dating Laura
Category Answer
Birthday January 10th
Horoscope Capricorn
Series / Movie / Book Singei no Chojin
Food Lasagna
Color Pink
Genre Hentai

Download Pc Cheat Mod


  1. Add Money or Subtract
  2. Teleport – Home, School, Female homes, Male homes, Locations.
  3. Change Day & Time – Please be careful during ongoing missions
  4. Change player running speed
  5. Karma – good or bad
  6. Sex Skills – ability to play ALL resistance and sex skill scenes or just max skills without scenes
  7. Change name when you want.
  8. At Party: In the normal version, you will miss some party scenes. However, the PC Mod allows for all scenes to be shown. There are eight sex scenes with girls and one scene with Jason (relationship points must be high enough, meaning you have to do their individual quest-line before party to see the scenes). Best order is start from third floor >second > pool >first floor. (If you need to pass events, play poker, but this MAY cause you to not save sister from Christian)
  9. Remove password for Christian PC and show items you can take from house.
  10. Remove Maria password in kitchen.
  11. Otter Labs password is shown.
  12. School Pop Quiz answers are displayed in green color.
  13. Library event with Carol answers and books are shown.
  14. Police interrogation answers are shown.
  15. Activate or deactivate incest via cheat menu ( Go to Cheat Menu > more > Activate I*ce** )
  16. Relationship points shown from cheat menu
  17. Football minigame on Saturday removed.
  18. Escape from Ivy by just going down to the window where you enter the first place.
  19. Freeze/Unfreeze Countdown Timer.
  20. Added the bugfixer as an item in the essential where you can use it to fix problems when your stuck . At certain parts the game doesn’t allow you to use the phone/W menu. Go into your item menu/essential item and use “SoTN Help” to call the bugfixer. You can find it in your room in new house or first house storage room as a blue lamp
  21. Dates can be done as normal or use the bypass. All you have to do is make the date as normal. Then when the date starts at the fountain in the mall, you will notice hearts on the bottom left of the entrance (image below show this). Use it to watch any of the last date scenes in the game, note only one at a time as the main game so nothing gets broken. The cinema feature is not included as that is interactive, so you can carry them to cinema first them come back and try the bypass.
  22. Carol dates are different and in the cheat menu. The first two date required by her when doing her quest, can be bypass first, then you can continue her quest. When you have to date her again, you can use the bypass in the cheat menu and see her final scene as if you did her dates.

Install instructions:
Please read the features list to know what is included in mod.

  1. Download the mod zip file attach to post below.
  2. Copy the mod zip file to game directory (where Game.exe is located).
  3. Right click and extract the PC Cheat mod zip in the game directory. (It MUST ask to overwrite some files, click yes).
  4. Load up game and when in game press W (Phone) to see the cheat menu (Shown in picture below).
  5. Dont try to use cheat as soon as you start the game, play at least until you get the phone from Warren. (5mins into game)

Download Scene Viewer Mod

165 Separate scenes with multiple choices nested inside. For new 0.87 scenes I have created a separate section at the bottom right

Go into the game folder www>data . Extract or copy the mod files into this folder replacing all the old files. The mod is accessible through your phone or computer on the book of faces. Just click on the lady

Download Gallery Mod


*The scenes are always active in the gallery, does not affect the search of any girl
*Some of the scenes from older version is added back into gallery
*This mod adds in 1-time-events that cannot be viewed/missing in Face of Book gallery
*The scenes are always active in the gallery, does not affect the search of any girl
*Some of the scenes from older version is added back into gallery
*This mod adds in 1-time-events that cannot be viewed/missing in Face of Book gallery

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 90%
Visual - 84%
Engagement - 88%
Core Loop - 90%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.06 ( 30 votes)

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  1. Yeah does anyone know why there are no mac or android updates anymore? I used to really like this one but it’s a shame seeing updates come out and not being able to play them

  2. This game is like Bully(PS2), with a deep story in every character. you’re going to love this game, huge map, have sex with many characters, SANDBOX. I don’t know, it is just like Bully but has more rich content.

  3. Was it your intention to add the worst music on the planet to this game or did you just ask a 12 year old what kind of music they liked?

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