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My Klutzy Cupid [Final] [Hulotte]

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Story - The plot of My Klutzy Cupid is like a heartwarming bouquet of classic anime tropes, blending childhood friends, enigmatic cover girls, devoted sisters, and intriguing secrets. As you meet the main cast and their zany interactions, you'll find yourself amidst a comical rollercoaster ride of love and laughter. - 77%
Visual - Visually, My Klutzy Cupid is akin to a vibrant and endearing anime artwork. The character designs are adorable, with each heroine having her own unique appeal. The illustrations tastefully incorporate veiled nudity, revealing outfits, and embrace the essence of romance. - 65%
Engagement - Engaging with My Klutzy Cupid is akin to stepping into a world of light-hearted escapism. The game's short length ensures you won't be entangled in a month-long commitment, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a pleasant romantic adventure without overwhelming complexity. - 53%
Core Loop - The core loop of My Klutzy Cupid centers around building romantic bonds with the heroines through choices and interactions. As you utilize the Love Note's advice, you'll navigate the relationships with your chosen love interest, uncovering delightful moments and overcoming minor conflicts. The looping structure entices you to explore multiple routes, adding replay value to the game. - 64%


out off 100%

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User Rating: 3.64 ( 9 votes)

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