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My Ex-Future Family [v1.0a Final Premium] [tremmiGames]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

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Editor's Rating

Story - 79%
Visual - 84%
Engagement - 77%
Core Loop - 77%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.3 ( 49 votes)

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  1. 2 years milking
    1 Handjob with mom
    1 HJ with sis.
    Zero INCEST.
    3 or 4 sex scenes in Male MC straight path.
    Boring “Kinetic Sandbox”.
    No choices. You need make all steps to progress. No freedom.

  2. Putting “Final” on the name of an update should not be allowed if the version that is being released is not the final, completed game. It is intentionally misleading.

  3. Shut the fuck up. Nobody cares what yall like and dont like. Play the game or dont, its simple as that. Nobody cares that you dont like ntr.

    And why the fuck does the 0.12 version HAVE ads AND needs internet connection? First time ive seen it on a Adult Vn

    1. Shut the fuck up. Nobody cares what yall like and dont like. Play the game or dont, its simple as that. Nobody cares that you dont like ads.

  4. Why does the title say it’s the premium edition, yet the file for download say’s it’s the regular version. What’s up with that?

  5. More fucking NTR cuckery faggot shit for loser incels who fellate themselves to random johns jackhammering their wife and another stain and disease to these kinds of games.

    Nobody wants to emulate this fucking mental illness. NTR is worse garbage than some emo wrist slasher than cuts themselves and the giggles. But people who actually like these rancid garbage games are autistic retards anyway.

    1. NTR haters misunderstand the basic point I believe. IRL watching your partner having sex with others would be humiliating and no fun (at least not for me). But in a game there is no personal concern. It is a random mc we direct (or impersonate) and so it is hot and can be fun to follow the adventures of a cheating girlfriend or wife. And that makes all the difference. How immature must one be to identify themselves with a random game character to such a personal degree. Don’t mix up game and life, buddy.

        1. No, stay the fuck in there. The worlds problem right now is they ARE coming out. I feel we have been entirely too lax with fag bashing and we need to bring it back.

      1. yeah i agree, i would go as far as teasing irl but for fuck hell no. come on it’s fine if your wife is fooling around can you imagine random people simping for her and can only jerk off while you can do whatever you want with her. be like an alpha.
        Just ask your wife to post nudes on reddit and watch 1k+ people simping for her, there is just some feels i can’t explain except if you try it for yourself.

  6. I only played this game for 3min:

    Big ass text-box covering half of the screen (trying out Android version) without ability to edit it

    Storyline and characters usually never good in game where girl have a dick in her mouth in first 5 min of the storyline

    Rendering 3/10

  7. Decent music. Good visuals. Half the models are decent and the rest unattractive (the older sister looks like a guy when she’s not smiling, for example. And the black chick is just eww; what’s with her skin?) The story has all been done before and so comes across bland and unoriginal for me. But the worst is that the dev doesn’t yet understand what makes an erotic scene or situation; there’s little or nothing arousing in any of the sex scenes… Oh, well.

  8. Not bad game and the NTR is optional, but the game is tiring with slow progress that probably make you think twice if you continue it or not after a while when there are so many choices outhere.

  9. Good web site! I really love how it is simple on my eyes and the data are well written. I am wondering how I might be notified whenever a new post has been made. I’ve subscribed to your RSS which must do the trick! Have a nice day!

  10. I like the game overall, but i dont like being forced to go after someone i dont want to go after.

    I mean, if someone wants to fuck the mother fiends just let him go after them and not force him to go after the mom and sisters as well, or if someone wants to fuck just one sister and noone else just let him do that.

    I really didnt want to fuck tristan for once, i wanted to stay with the mother but i was not given the option to do so i was forced to go buy this skank her wine then got blackmailed into fucking her… wtf? i should have the option to not go buy the wine or not watch the movies or whatever, this makes me lower the note, still a good game, but i hate forcing the player on relationships that arent the main focus of the story.

  11. Can somebody answer straight; in this game, is it possible to avoid being a loser who gets sloppy seconds, or not?

  12. lol, I knew NTR would be added…fine, not supporting this for sure. Hard pass again on this as well.
    I know it’s avoidable but support means “go on with that type of content”. So I won’t give him that message.
    Guess was my last attempt as it looks like all his stories need it.

    1. look no one gives a fuk about your bullshit comment if you don’t like ntr then read the tags you dumb fuck how the fuck have you made it this long without knowing how to read stop complaining like that bullshit toxic waste box and cucks allowed and I love them for real enough with your bullshits respect other people fantasys and kinks if someone wants to fuk there mother let them no reason to complain how there incest your the one who chose to play the game anyway knowing what the tags say that’s why toxic waste box and cucks allowed are two crying babies I ever met on this website those are type of guys who were molested when they were kids and they complain so much not even there own mother could hear them for reals shut the f up and let there be peace and quite on these motherfuking posts

      1. First of all that NTR is skippabable and not optional or avoidable, it happens if regardless just not shown, second how can a guy not supporting ntr is cuck and you mf is chad sorta something? Stfu cuck, he ain’t gonna support anymore because he didn’t liked this shit kink addition, what’s your issue? Go and suck Dev’s cock and give him money for that, you bitch, we don’t care for a cuck like you.

      2. @Deez nuts. Hard to take you seriously when you haven’t even learnt how to use punctuation. I mean, really even if you could do that no one would give a shit about anything you say anyway, but it’s even easier to write you off as a moron when you can’t even communicate correctly, or are you going to claim it’s your autospelling correction that’s the problem again?

        “My AuToCoRrEcT mAkEs Me SoUnD lIkE a TaRd!”

  13. If you want a review this is mine: There are achievements you straight up will need a decoder ring or to be a rubix cube champion to get to pop if you don’t download the walkthrough, but even following it I got bored before the end of chapter 1.

    For those that do not like NTR, it’s “avoidable” but really it happens whether you like it or not; you just don’t “see” it.
    So the first girl to show interest in you (the nurse) ends up seeming like the town door knob, even if she’s SUPPOSED to be the hook to draw you in. The Mom character gets peeved off if you look at her arse bent down to kneel, where she shouldn’t be able to SEE you doing it, if it was written properly… but you can’t get the point of luck if you want enough points to see the nurse’s tit. You also need to pick I like reading in order to see anything of an upskirt shot from Moms. Which is REALLY counter intuitive to an actual character creation attempt – you know… the WHOLE point of putting stats into the game at all.

    You have a girlfriend from the start that is basically Bi – polar. What, you thought I’d go somewhere else? She will attack you for something the Player has NO control over. Then when you tell her you literally have amnesia, it’s all roses and she will randomly want to fuck you. The guy who CAN’T EVEN REMEMBER HER NAME! There are a few side quests that again, you won’t even know are there to do if you don’t look it up in the walkthrough. So it’s POINTLESS. They do get achievements, but I have no clue what that does. There are supposed to be little postit notes left in certain scenes that unlock different renders but I’d bet that’s in the gallery. Because it showed me nothing for the two of them I found out of like maybe four possible to get in chapter 1. So if Where’s Waldo’s not your thing… this is ALSO not your kind of game.

    I didn’t make it past the introduction of the red head whose achievement is called Alcoholic (Because that’s such a flattering trait…) and the “businesswoman” who I’m pretty sure is another town doorknob type. Only as a world traveller, so… world’s door knob? Does that really make it better?!? Overall, I’d skip this game, but again I’m not gonna tell you guys what you should do. So if anything here sounds like what you’re into, you do you. Or he’ll do them, or everyone will do anyone I guess. Personally I might’ve been better off watching Blues Clues, and that’s saying something.

  14. NTR Level: 100% Optional. Played with it off.
    Translation Level: It’s almost very good.
    Interface Level: No scrollback. What the fuck. Sometimes character is speaking but no character tag on the text box.
    Render Level: Same models new style. Same problem a lot of games have with renders changing in the same scene But there are personalized touches. Didn’t just do stock everything.
    Writing Level: Cringe factor medium. More exploration depending on choices than I expected.
    Animation Level: Fair.
    Music Level: Nabad.
    Choices Level: Medium-rare. With a bit of salt.
    Harem Level: Game says you can catch ’em all!
    Sandbox Level: It exists if you wanna start shouting about it. I liked it. I don’t care if you don’t like it. Aw just kidding, c’mere you.

    This was a shit review. Play it anyway.

    1. I was wrong. I was so wrong. Wandering mode is a pain. Gonna live with it because I like the rest of it. Hello!

      1. No, just complaints about the premise. No whining about the NTR yet, so that is new. Just need to wait for the usual suspects.

        God that’s pathetic that I’ve been reading these threads long enough to know who those are. That’s all on me.

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