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My Bully Is My Lover [Ch1 Ep3 Part 2] [NiiChan]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Update Only (Ch. 1 Ep. 3 part 1 -> Ch. 1 Ep. 3 part 2)

Download for Windows/ Linux - Split Files

Download for Mac

Update Only (Ch. 1 Ep. 3 part 1 -> Ch. 1 Ep. 3 part 2)

Download for Mac - Split Files

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Download Character details/timeline (spoilers)

Download Walkthrough + Gallery Unlocker Mod

Unlock all replay scenes.

PC: Unzip the mod and place the files into the “game” in your “MyBullyIsMyLover-Ep.*-pc” folder. Overwrite files if required.

MAC: Unzip the mod -> Right-click your ” MyBullyIsMyLover” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

Download Official Walkthrough Mod


Walkthrough to get all the points


extract to the “game” subfolder and replace if necessary

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 91%
Visual - 93%
Engagement - 94%
Core Loop - 94%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.38 ( 128 votes)

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  1. Emotional I like it I almost cried…don’t listen to nonsense comments, countinue like this also please complete sicae too both are good and emotions combined I like this plus jokes you get to laugh …thankyou for wonder VN..Dev

  2. I just played the whole game one more time to remember it completly and once more I cried my eyes out with Emy story, such an amazing story not only as a game but the background…

    And the references to other great games, just wow… keep up with the amazing work

  3. No - and why in the hell is this site letting me post comments on every game BUT "A Foreign World???" says:

    Okay, so not only have you introduced Shadowy BULLSHIT OMNIPOTENT characters in 2 GAMES now…

    Two things, since I just got to the part where Emma has confronted Hera about KNOWING that MC went back for her:

    – You made the MORON threaten a girl who has NO reason now to STAY loyal.
    Tied to above = Hera is the one UNDERESTIMATING HER!!!

    Tied to above = You admit she was trained to be DANGEROUS. She is their MAID; Their COOK, and likely could know a hundred different poisons, frankly most of them even if she doesn’t know are NOT that hard to look up. Bitch has to sleep some time… so DO NOT WRITE THE IDIOT LIKE SHE THINKS SHE’S FUCKING IMMORTAL! Jesus Christ could you be more stupid?

    Again: Your first game before the remake was BARELY beginning to make any sense. The remake focused more on story than Harem Growth and relationships… and made the relationships that were there seem ENTIRELY FORCED as I recall because you involved induction into ninja clan bullshit. As NOT REALLY A CHOICE. To slow the Harem Down. No bueno. So this is just another strike in the tally. Writing your characters into corners that DO NOT need to be there because if Hera was ANY kind of smart and or tactical she would NOT be stupid enough to make that girl an enemy just because she assumes a promise sworn at any point means she’s “eternally” loyal. There ARE LINES YOU DO NOT CROSS. There is a CODE to follow. Even and especially if you’re going to do assassination ninja clan bullshit POLITICS! If you yourself are not smart enough to write that and make it comprehensible, wherein NO ONE IN THE HAREM LIST EVER GETS MASSIVELY HURT/SEPARATED FROM THE REST OF THE HAREM/DIES… then find another god damned genre.

    Because Jesus you suck at this. Now Hera is almost certainly dead (and considering the bullshit she’s done you BETTER pull that damned trigger on her. She does not get to survive and be “broken.” You cannot ‘break’ a character that has no fucking heart) and no I don’t think Emma would give a flying fuck if she had ties to the Mafia – by the way, PICK. ONE. Mafia OR Ninja. You can’t do both if you’re going to blend worlds across games. That’s just dumb.

    1. I also made seperate saves as was advised, and tried the Emma solo path.

      I do not know what you’re all going on about. It’s blatantly emotionally manipulative to start.
      Next: That kid is more fucked up than Emma and she was WARNED not to screw up as a foster parent…
      = You do not treat a victim of abuse in the way that she was, when you were literally there to see her fucking trauma!!! You’d scar her even worse you assholes.
      – Emma does NOT need her mother present to actually BE a GOOD mother. It’s not an instinct necessarily, it is and can be learned but a LOT of it IS from the HEART. No matter what you do you WILL fuck something up. Most parents learn to accept that.
      – Do NOT threaten your fucking husband with a knife, even in jest, or while pregnant = In front of the foster child you took in that you know her psycho mom stabbed her father to fucking death. Jesus again WTF is wrong with you? Do you not think about consequences to the characters in realism at all? Again, you’d scar her WORSE. That’s not even a healthy joke to make in jest, and him being a pussy about it doesn’t help. I’d point out there are several more knives in the drawer. It’s NEVER okay to make threats, and assume you’re untouchable because GENDER. Dumbass.

      – That ending: What the unholy fuck was that??? You randomly age the mains up by sixty years, where their actual blood would be about 40 to 45 at least… and should LOOK it, and then pull alien bs out of your arse, to what mind-fuck your entire audience? You call yourself a writer??? And making Leah some sort of glorified self insert… fuck right off. It’s the same bullshit as making the MC a code monkey or game dev. That’s just shit writing up front. She could have been a psychologist, a marine biologist. A rocket scientist. A famous chef. A teacher, a nurse, a fashion designer. She could have been the secretary of defense and I’d still be less rolling my eyes than Hey, at 18 I became a writer… Bite me. You should know it’s not that easy to be credited for any of our work. Might as well say I decided to live with my parents to save cash until I was 35. Gah. And then you pull the Sailor Moon bullshit out of nowhere. Why? You planning a third game to fuck the over-arcing narrative completely to hell and back? Because yes, I can see you doing that. Jesus.

    2. you could if you reformed them into another faction more akin to other non italian based Mafias as not all the groups called in some way mafias are based within those same roles or setups others are and have been a thing and quite a few do have large numbers of what could be considered Assassins try looking up facts about the real life groups before you spout shit about a mod that is pretty good in most things it does hell if you have so much of a problem with it try doing your own and stop bitching about this ones makers choices in where the game goes

      1. First, at least you have a name… so I’ll give you that. Second: Fuck off. Third – Assassin is actually an INDIAN based cult of a personal army around the time of the Crusades. They fought the templars as often as not. The mafia is an Italian crime faction started perhaps in the 1800’s to 1900’s depending on when you believe they gained prominence; neither of those two things have a goddamned thing to do with the other. You disrespectful dipshit. A ninja in general is a Japanese band of FARMERS and spies, who frankly did NOT usually fight to kill. They trained unarmed because they literally were not allowed to have weapons, which also included basic farming implements and they had to go up against samurai – who were usually DRAFTED farmers of similar ilk. Barely trained at some points, thrown into “heavy armor” (in as far as it could be with the materials they had available in that era) and given a sword and then told Fuck off and go die for your emporer… and you better not screw it up or your dead regardless. Ninjitsu actually derives from fucking Yoga. So that’s about as close as their connection to the Assassins EVER came. The rest is mythologized bullshit, meant to hype that aspect of Japanese culture, and they even admit as much. I know more about all three factions than you might ever care to look up. Which was why I wrote what I wrote. I don’t just spout off the hip. So you can again feel free to go fuck every part of yourself.

        I have also stated in several other comments on site exactly how many complete SERIES I’ve written thus far. They aren’t games, as I’m a Novelist, not a coder, so again. Maybe you should be the one to think before you speak against someone you know NOTHING about.

        1. You said you’re unpublished. Is this still true? If so, it’s odd but not irrelevant to boast about your writing acumen.

          You did, however, abandon our conversation in another thread. Was that on purpose?

          1. And here comes Murikan with his righteous comments just let the people comment what a fucking dumbass 🤢😆

            1. same for you dumbass if he wants to comment on his comments he has every right to do so so STFU retard

        2. First of all… this in an AVN, purely based in FICTION. If the writer wants to marry Italian mafia with Japanese Ninjas then why are you so against it? It DOES NOT have to be historically correct.

          Second of all, Assassin’s are NOT INDAIN…. they are from the MIDDLE EAST. They are 2 totally different cultures. I would expect someone who rants and has an issue with the slightest things like yourself to at least get your facts right.

          Writer’s can do whatever they want in fiction. Assassin’s creed 2 was a marriage of ITALIAN culture with the ASSASSINS of the middle east… and that iteration of the game was the most successful… you wanna tell Ubisoft they should not have done that because is dosen’t make sense historically? Who the fuck are you to speak to a widely successful franchise?

          Whilst not on the same level as a Triple A game, this AVN has been gathering a huge following and is becoming very successful. Clearly what he’s doing is working. Just you and your sourpuss who never seems to be happy about anything keeps commenting. Express your opinion fine… but the manner in which u do it douses any credibility you could have had.

          Make a better AVN then…. im Patiently awaiting the mindblowing, historically accurate and flawless AVN by NO studios.

  4. Devs: Finish the FIRST game BEFORE you try to cross the gods damned worlds.
    Please. For the love of Jesus.
    Aurora in the REMAKE of your FIRST game by the way has like exactly 1 point the last I played it.
    Most of the girls in that game have about fuck and all for points; and NO harem acceptance as yet.

    Now in THIS game; you’re introducing them as cameo characters to BORK a story that has fuck all to do with the story in the OTHER game, EXCEPT that you believe your audience would have played both (I have now) and can follow along.
    One involves insane ninja kidnapping GoT bs revenge plot… and in this one you’re NOT EVEN LETTING THE MC THAT DESERVES TO HAVE REVENGE – and has the chance in front of him to get it, ACTUALLY HAVE IT!!! Taking that first presented option to slam the door on them is just a game over screen. Fuck right off with that.

    You ARE confusing the goddamned narrative in BOTH games by using characters that belong strictly in LCC, and on Aurora’s introduction you’ve implied she may soon get pregnant [Good luck writing that far in the next update – I’ve already been waiting MONTHS to almost a year for something new… so you better get on that] and that Jess (who was a barely INTRODUCED character the last I checked because REMASTER/REMAKE) may be pregnant. When as far as I can recall, read above. MC in that game hasn’t even gotten CLOSE to fucking her, and I don’t even think there was more yet than just one sex scene with the bipolar fit girl in the new version of LCC. So that MC has gotten basically NOWHERE near impregnating ANY of the girls in the Harem List. Also, why the hell are you involving Kana so heavily in this plot??? She can’t work for Klara AND be so involved with MC as to be part of your 2ND game’s harem. She CAN’T be in two fucking places at once. Unless you’re going to tell me she’s literally magic… Cameo means, gentle nod. Perhaps LIGHT involvement to try to flesh out a plot, or to generally try to tie them together and make more sense of both. This, is convolution to the Nth degree. It’s NOT going to help EITHER plot.

    This is the problem when you split stories. Finish one before you start another, or you’ll likely end up abandoning both. Because at the end of the day, trying to create two games at once is going to fuck with your head, unless you have someone able and willing to do the work to keep track of BOTH continuities, and character developments. Aside from that there’s the fact that I don’t give a flying fuck how badly the girl was treated or what she’s being “forced” into… it DOES NOT excuse her being an asshole to the MC; and SEXING him up for any amount of time IS NOT going to to make it all better. I wasn’t even all that pleased with Irene in LCC being so adamant she still wanted that game’s MC, but so bloody hesitant to ACT ON IT!!! She’s written like she doesn’t blame him for what happened, but she’s BEHAVING like she does. My Bully Is My Lover is a stupid premise for a game, but I’ll grant you thus far at least the plot is more cohesive than the REMAKE of your first game… that I do not at all think was actually necessary. Because the plot you had been building in that first version of that game, was actually starting to come together and make SOME sense. If it wasn’t quite to the point where it made a lot of it. Life Changing Choices was not perfect… but it did have potential. This game’s core point may as well say “I like FemDom; but I don’t have the balls to fully go there, so fuck the idea that the MC ever actually gets to even remotely seem like he COULD be dominant.”

    This one isn’t devoid of it; but I do think it should have been left a separate world to stand correctly on it’s own. I’d still be more inclined to trust you’re intending to finish EITHER of these two games if you work work to FINISH one first. Then start the work on the other. Rather than trying to split your focus and risk muddling both of the plots into one big mess of what the fuck is even going on. We still don’t know in LCC what the hell happened to Irene. No one is really up for the Harem it’s supposed to be, and you’re buggering around with the hidden ninja bullshit as a means to veil the fact you have fuck all for a competent plot.

    So pick one. Slice of Life in an entirely unrealistic I’m going to forgive my tormentor setting, or Ninja based game of thrones, with a focus on broken birds, and rebuilding blood legacy. You won’t be able to credibly mix both worlds. Unless you’re going to have the MC from LCC induct this games MC into his clan and teach him the martial arts. But then you might as well just say that both games meld into LCC. So it wouldn’t be two games at the end anyway.

    1. you do get the way they are within the same universe right i think your missing a few key things about them and how they are linked in the other one you were raised within the clan you knew about them from an early age and did not ever met emma or even know about that side of events but in this it takes place from just after the events happen in the past it is fully within its own sub timeline as in your char was not raised within the clan and you only find out about them later at the games point of telling you its not that hard to work out if you pay attention to the storylines of both they change around the time of your chars birth in each one

      1. telling him to get a life or a real job is like telling a dog not to shit on the grass it just ain’t happening the guy will always find something to bitch cry and whine about no matter what it is even if his long ass critique is pointless. it’s best just to ignore him he will go away eventually

    2. Broooo… Is there any AVN that you actually like?
      I’ve seen you commenting around this site and its always something negative.
      I mean there’s no issue in being critical, in fact being critical is great. But as a critic, you lose credibility when EVERYTHING you say is negative… even you’re name implies negativity. What is your actual problem?
      Do you feel a sense of purpose by being a negative and your sense of validation is the attention you get by people disagreeing with you all the time because they like the AVN? Thats really sad bro… really really sad.
      If u hate all AVN’s that much then get another hobby, STOP PLAYING THEM. If u have to be negative all the time then just stop. A true critic highlights negative but also stresses on positives of games. You are not a critic, you just give off the vibe of being that person that looks for flaws in everything… and even makes things that are not flaws into flaws… just to have something to talk about and garner attention.

      If u truly hate AVNs that much then you would stop playing them and thus stop ur comments. The fact that ur constantly on here demonstrates that u have some sort of incentive here. What is it? Do you get off by disagreeing with people and thus triggering others that just wanna be chill and enjoy AVN’s as a pastime?

      Do better bro… be more mature…
      If u wanna truly be a critic then this is not the way to do it
      But you seem intelligent enough to realize that… so ask yourself why do you continue to do this?

      Sidenote… give ur opinions on subreddits like AVNlovers in order to garner more constructive responses from a wider range of people… If u are truly interested in a greater discussion instead of just shitting on things for shitting’s sake (or attention) then come on down there.

  5. Fucking Hell. My eye allergies are acting up again. And there are pleny of warnings with the references to the sad animes they watch. I really appreciate the different take in this game – the MC isn’t seducing all these girls for the first time – there is real backstory and they are all much more fully developed characters. I get why sociopatic incels want to hate on this game – it definitely does not align with their fantasies of domination and misogyny because the girls are all way more fleshed out as people than in 99% of games. My only complaint is that the overarching story is getting to be a bit too much with too many characters to keep track of. I started skipping a bit when it got to the HS track team backstory for Lily because it started to be too much (for me) to keep track of (NPI).

  6. Okay im being honest here, the dev is a feminist and you can smell that all over the scenes.
    even though the MC is a male but the focus of the plot is about girls.
    three girls who have made your high school life hell now have came to live in a house with you and your family all in a coincident but you have decided to forgive them because you think revenge does not worth it and it’s all in the past.
    and spend your life licking their pussies.
    sry, not my cup of tea (actually hate it)

    1. Except it makes sense in his case as he was bullied in highschool, that’s going to have a knock-on effect.

      However, I would never date her, ever, ever. Not her, not Gwen, not Emy. They were not nice to you in high school, which is like, a while ago but still. I kind of stopped playing the game when it got silly.

      1. I would like to know why the hell your putting Gwen in the same boat as Aine and Emy since Gwen was the one actively HELPING the mc in school and the mc himself actually admits SHE DID NOTHING to him when he talks to her about it during the scene in the kitchen did you not bother paying attention to it, because it sounds like you didn’t, and hamid you sound like a pussy so no this AVN is really not for dumb cunts like yourself

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