Moniker Smith’s Bloodlines [v0.44.1 Public] [Moniker Smith]

Download for Windows/ Linux- Book One (V0.23)

Download Book Two (v0.38 Public) - use update patch

Download for Mac- Book One (V0.23)

Download Book Two (v0.38 Public) use update patch

Download for Android + Incest

Download Incest Patch

Updated for the latest content, this patch affects content throughout the game and re-contextualizes many character relationships. These changes alter multiple perspectives in hardcore scenes and replace not only names used in dialogue/narration but also plot and setting elements from the vanilla version. If this is not your kink, please do not install this patch.

Also remember that this patch is only designed for the current build of Bloodlines. Applying this patch to older versions of the game will break scenes and may even cause the game to crash. If you experience any problems when applying this to the current version of the game, don’t be afraid to tell me!

Also note that, while this month’s patch alters character relationships to match prior INC Patches, it does NOT add INC content to the latest hardcore scenes.

Download v0.44.1 Update Only

Download Book One Patch rev2022.6.11

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Editor's Rating

Story - 45%
Visual - 55%
Engagement - 48%
Core Loop - 67%


out off 100%

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User Rating: 2.99 ( 16 votes)

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