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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Mod

Walkthrough mod showing change in character and relationship points as well as alignment.
  • Highlights character scores and and flags/variables set
  • Some choice recommendations
  • Shows relevant future checks in choices and if they are passable by following a certain path
  • Rename main character
  • Change relationship and other scores
  • Toggle choices made or soon to be available
  • Unlocks gallery
Download and extract latest archive and copy the “mod” folder into the “game” folder.
Delete the mod folder

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Editor's Rating

Story - The game presents an intriguing narrative with likeable characters and witty dialogues. However, it falters with its forced and unfulfilling choices, diminishing the potential to explore diverse character behaviors. The way relationships are portrayed and developed seems more confusing and less immersive, leaving a jarring feeling in the narrative progression - 49%
Visual - The visual aspect of Mech Academy offers stunning renders and well-detailed character designs. The set pieces and environments provide a captivating backdrop, enhancing the player's overall experience. The attention to detail and the carefully crafted aesthetics are certainly commendable. - 72%
Engagement - This game succeeds in creating an appealing setting, blending Pacific Rim and Demolition Man with an added spice of adult content. However, the forced narrative choices and a polarizing treatise on gender dynamics may lead to a lack of connection, making it challenging for some players to fully engage with the game. - 51%
Core Loop - The game's core loop is intriguing, offering a unique blend of mech battles and adult content. However, the imbalance in narrative agency and lack of variety in choices may hinder the overall experience, making it feel somewhat one-dimensional. - 61%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.78 ( 40 votes)

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  1. Good game. It is not serious story/writing, but it isn’t full on goofing either. I think it has nice balance of ridiculous conversations, so the dark theme in the background does not draw too much attention. Serious games usually need to be more believable, but little humor gives room to not take it so seriously. This is like your Independence Day (1996) VN. Of course the story is watered down somewhat, because of the goofing around. But i think the game has good balance of lightheartedness and serious drama, when taking in account that the main story is about the end of the world. Most of us are here for beautiful women, sexual tension, relationship drama, nice little story and not trying to find next pulitzer prize-winning novel about fighting against the horrors of the world. Not that there is anything wrong in games that wanna shock the reader. But this is clearly not one of those. I think.

    Writing is good, but if you wanna see all sex scenes, MC needs to be little schizophrenic or just plain manipulative. But as he clearly isn’t the sharpest tool in the box, i put my money in mental disorder or unbelievable great empathy skills. MC is alpha when needed and loving friend when needed. As long as there is pussy for reward. Does make little hard to relate and follow where MC is taking the conversations, but not a major problem. The story flows nicely and all the writing is interesting enough. Don’t remember skipping any of it.

    Women are beautiful and sex scenes have nice spice on them. Sex scenes have passion, never just plain missionary on bed with fast pump and dump. Not good enough to tell your family at dinner table, but good enough to get your dick hard. 4/5

  2. Not a big fan of the forced female dominance (and it still counts as FemDom if you try to create an Alpha male character and break him from that by making EVERY recommended response have him act like a simpering bitch to the women – WHO SHOULD NOT AUTOMATICALLY BE IN CHARGE!) Other than that even being the MC of the game they basically are ready to throw him out on his ass because they’re so “evolved” that they consider him a barbarian… when he’s actually just how we all are so FUCK YOU very much for that writers. You’re assholes on that count and by the way – I would respect Elara that much more if she HADN’T been a rancid bitch about chain of command or even tried to understand MC’s position. Why the fuck should he respect her authority at all when she clearly doesn’t respect him; and you can FUCK absolutely RIGHT OFF for Drana as any sort of character. It’s not okay for him to be misogynist, or chauvanist but she gets to be racist as fuck??? Who the fuck thought that was a good idea. Or that ANYONE would want to pursue a charcter rendered like an elf that you’ve basically made an orc in behavior. Come the fuck on. Also – screw multiple endings, JUST MAKE IT A HAREM! You’re going to let me fuck them all at some point anyway.

    And So VERY MANY fuck right offs for involving me with Valentina and having her be Irina’s GIRLFRIEND. I care less that they’re lesbians than that you’re needlessly introducing convoluton (and she’s probably bi if she’s at all interested in MC, but Valentina definitely is because no only did you let me fuck her without even KNOWING her first; you made it player’s choice to cum inside = which if you’re GOING to add pregnancy content I’ll actually laud. Entirely… but you DO NOT COCK BLOCK THE PLAYER DOWN ANY FUCKING PATH. That’s not going to win you supporters. So they either get to be side characters, BOTH OF THEM, since Valentina’s not even on the roster as far as I can see or you can fuck right off in general for including either of them. How’s that for your DEI/ESG bullshit. You think I can’t see right through it? Also, we can’t even get a 3D printer to reliably render plastic models for a tabletop RPG. Do you genius’ really think we’re ever going to get to the point we can get it to copy food that as MC says DOESN’T TASTE LIKE FREAKING CARDBOARD. Bite me. Drinking did not have to be illegal; and EVERYONE still wants sex… or there is NO point to this fucking game. So prostitution not existing because “the government takes care of you” [Oh bloody hell, you sweet summer child, I could die laughing from how much bullshit that idea is. I exist on government support, and it’s WAY THE FUCK BELOW THE CANADIAN POVERTY LINE] is ludicrous. It IS and always was the OLDEST actual profession. For a reason. You retards. It wouldn’t stop existing because money doesn’t exist. Need a place to stay; spread your legs. Need food; get on your knees and work for it. Need clothes, or a warm fire for the night… you get my goddamned point. Idiots. Hell, they’d do it strictly for pleasure and raw hedonism. Because some people think sex is pure fun. Not everyone wants a singular partner or is looking for a relationship. Hell, why do you assholes in the comments that respond I ONLY talk about harems think I freaking like the genre so much?

    When the game gets a harem tag and adds in planned “pregnancy” then it might be good. But so far I’ve had to pick options I DO NOT agree with, and would not be how any normal HIGHLY TRAINED SOLDIER would react just to get bitchy women who’s opinions of their own ability are too big for their britches (and fuck you for the almost complete auto lose to Drana by the way – COMBAT DOES NOT CHANGE THAT MUCH AND THERE’S ONLY SO MANY WAYS A HUMANOID BODY CAN ACTUALLY MOVE YOU DIPSHITS) to remotely MAYBE like me. As far as I’ve played you’ve introduced Gundams into Alien combat and then FUCKED UP by saying the aliens only have to LOOK at you to basically explode your goddamned brain. You. Cannot. Fight. Something. Like. That. I’ve seen scanners you dunces. Maybe if you bothered to watch the movie you’d understand why it’s a really DUMB fucking idea to overpower the antagonist to the point they literally CANNOT lose. Now the only way this fucker has a shot to be the “chosen secret weapon” to win the war is if you make him IMMUNE to their bullshit powers.

    1. There are specific problems with Elara that I will now address: First – If I take the “RECOMMENDED” path with her during the absolute BULLSHIT “drunk” scene with her YOU DO NOT GET TO COCK BLOCK ME AND MAKE HER BITCH ME OUT FOR BEING A RESPECTFUL GENTLEMAN. You assholes. Frankly if I’d taken the other option and taken her to pound town I do not at all doubt you would have made her bitch me out for “taking advantage.” Fuck the idea that there IS NO RIGHT ANSWER. She’s HALF HUMAN!!! She should be aware that even in our “primitive” time; we don’t take advantage of inebriated women (mostly because anyone with a lick of sense does not want to be accused of rape) so FUCK OFF with that whole scene and then she just brushes MC off. AND THEN she tries to act like she suddenly MIGHT still give a flying fuck when scientist girl randomly kisses him just before the cliffhanger (which you can also go fuck yourselves for) and in the meeting with Hoffman says “we’ll always be there for you.” Bullshit – for MOST of the damned game you treated MC like pondscum or some serial fucking rapist if not a gorilla. The one time it seemed like you were just about to get somewhere serious the devs decide nope! More blue balling with this bitch who absolutely is not fit for command and thinks WAY too damned highly of herself. For what reason? Sick thrills. Passive aggression? A bullshit socio political ideolog’s “message.” Dumb fucks. How the hell you think you’re going to keep support with this narrative when you keep fish tailing about whether the MC’s the best chance they’ve got I have no fucking clue. Because you spent most of the fucking game insulting the holy hell out of him and making him every female’s simp bitch boy. Bite me.

      Also, I have looked it up as Mul from Dark Sun has Mule for the root word: A mule can ONLY NOT BREED with it’s OWN KIND. Genius. It’s perfectly able to breed with other specices. Which again, Elara only counts as HALF human. A mule can breed with a zebra or a horse. A mule cannot breed with a mule. Which means if she were to meet another hybrid of her exact type = THEN SHE’S STERILE. This. Is. A. Harem. Game. You just haven’t had the balls to put it in the tags. If you’re at ALL going to talk about pregnancy or ever going to render those scenes it’s POINTLESS to state that ANY of the women cannot conceive. Because you’re risking pissing off her fans that might WANT that content. Besides you collosal bright brains: She’s HALF ALIEN. For all you care that should just as likely mean she’s EXTREMELY FERTILE with her one CHOSEN MATE. Or really any given human. Maybe paul wanted to cum inside on the first date and that freaked her out. Who gives a fuck. It’s still stupid that you wrote in that she just straight up CANNOT have kids. Most freaking women can. It’s literally on the most primal natural point what they were designed for. Fix both of these issues with her by the next update or there’s no reason aside from mental masochism that anyone would want to keep playing the game past this last update.

      Because I followed your damned walkthrough mod’s recommended path… and got both Elara and Drena (who also does NOT need to be such a racist bitch from the start – and if she can gain affection she should be able to LOSE ANTIPATHY! = AND FUCK YOU: MC IS HER “SOULMATE” YOU RETARDS. SHE DID NOT GET TO MATE WITH THE FIRST ASSHOLE WHO NEVER NEEDED TO EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE… SO HE WAS NOT HER “DESTINED” MATE) and the both of them are damn near maxed in the green. Neither one of them actually even has a proper foreplay scene but SOMEHOW Lydia bones my arse when she’s not even halfway to max. What. The. Fuck. Is the bar even for??? You can also fuck Sari, and Irina’s GF [Neither are on the list and that does need to be fixed pronto if they’re going to be further involved in the story – you can cum inside of both of them; and that SHOULD have natural consequences eventually and lead to a permanent relationship in both cases: Hell have Irina be the one to suggest a harem. Or better yet, have it be part of Elara’s alien culture, so she’d be the first to suggest that’s what they do. It would make her at least a little less insecure. Once she knows she’s got MC = which she already would have done if she’d actually trust the poor fuck even a little bit]

  3. All the comments were removed for this one for some reason. Score is for a very early release, apparently. The VN is a good one.

    1. I usually base myself on what VN I would like to play by the Reviews and the comments, I see this VN on other sites as being 4.9 Stars and usually good comments, yet here on DIKGAMES its has a low score. I can tell you that I like this game, would be nice to have a Harem option but over all its is a good VN.

  4. I can’t tell if this game was made in irony or not, but it’s funnier if it wasn’t. Like many sex games, this game is a parody of how people act, in this case an army brat. It was so full of itself with no humour outlets that I couldn’t continue on.

    I’m sure there are people to whom this game will be a work of art or funny enough to continue playing. Best of luck.

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