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LustyVerse: Shackbang [Final] [Inceton]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Mod


  • Improved aesthetics with animated mod menus/screens, all fully customizable to tailor your personal experience.
  • Too many story branches got you down ’cause you can’t remember which of your saves is which? I gotcha covered. Includes the Original SanchoMod save description feature. Often imitated (including the use of my GUI buttons) the SanchoSave is more intelligent and efficient, saving you keystrokes as it autoloads the save slot descriptions and it also allows you to completely escape the process of saving if you wish (I’ve personally not seen this feature with other imitations). Feature can be toggled on/off anytime as desired.
  • Adds multiple exhaustive stats screens always accessible via the MiniMenu or Options menu. Resizable, toggle-enabled, various formats, and more.
  • Adds in-game walkthrough (ChoiceGuide) noting all variable changes and highlighting important choices. Can be toggled on/off at anytime, play as YOU want to play. You are not forced to view spoilers if you do not wish.
  • Multiple opacity and text sizing options to customize your experience including dialogue boxes, text and fonts, QuickMenu sizing and format versions, and more. All can be toggled on/off as desired, again allowing you even more control to tailor your experience.
  • Adds a custom fully unlocked scene gallery (SanchoGallery) that runs completely independent.
  • Adds professionally coded custom cheats (SanchoCheats) if applicable (varies from port to port).
  • Adds the ability to view multiple scenes (SanchoSplits) if menu choice has a scene/route split (varies from port to port).
  • Too many new features to list (see FAQ below for even more features implemented in the latest Core).
SM ChoiceGuide Example SM ChoiceGuide Legend
[variable] (strikethrough text) Variable [variable] will become False or otherwise unavailable after the choice is made.
[variable] (+5) Will add 5 to [variable]’s existing value after the choice is made.
[variable] (-5) Will subtract 5 to [variable]’s existing value after the choice is made.
[variable] (5-) To be read as “[variable] 5 or less”.
[variable] (5+) To be read as “[variable] 5 or more”.
Acronyms (most common):
Psbl, Req, Rcmnd, Add’l, Repl

Possible, Requires, Recommended, Additional, Replaces
“Note” Choice additional or expanded information.
“Player’s Choice” Choice set has no changes other than dialogue. Choose whichever choice you wish.
“Submenu” Choice has additional subset of choices that are otherwise unseen if not selected.
Don’t mix mods (they are not compatible, there’s no way around that as they modify some quantity of the same OEM scripts)
  • Never mix mods unless they explicitly say they are compatible.
  • Always assume that they are not compatible until stated or proven otherwise.
Think of it like this, GMC and Ford both make pickups. Just because they are both pickups doesn’t mean you can take the engine from one and a transmission from the other and slap them together without some serious alternate modification and a big-ass sledge hammer. Make sense?



PC: Extract contents to the “/game” folder found inside the title’s main folder, overwrite as prompted. Do only these steps, nothing else is required.

Directory (folder) structure when installed correctly:
  (ThisTitleName) folder/
    ├── game/
    │   ├── SanchoMod/
    │   └── (support files)
    ├── lib/
    ├── renpy/
    └── (ThisTitleName).exe

(Using SanchoModded saves in an unmodded game)

As with any mod, once you create a save file with them installed and later play the game without the mod installed your saves are borked. I’ve got your back. If you uninstall SanchoMod and later play the same or updated version of the VN un-modded I can make sure that your SanchoMod save files are unbroken. Simply download the following, extract the file, and place it inside the title’s “game” folder. It’s an extremely small file that only insures that the Python calls and variables introduced by SanchoMod won’t interfere when playing those modded saves with an unmodded game (pretty cool, right?)


You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - the story does have its ups and downs like a wild rollercoaster ride. While it starts strong with an intriguing premise, the execution falls flat at times. Dialogue lacks emotion, rendering the characters somewhat lifeless, and the pacing feels rushed, leaving players feeling like they were thrown into the middle of a night out without much context. However, the potential for gripping murder mystery mixed with adult romance is there. - 68%
Visual - Inceton delivers on the visual front as expected. The renders are of good quality, depicting the characters in enticing scenes. While some emotions might be lacking in the renders, the character designs are appealing. The game successfully creates a sense of mystery with its visual elements, keeping players engaged in the investigation. - 77%
Engagement - Despite its flaws, the murder mystery angle keeps players invested and curious to uncover the secrets that lurk within the game's world. However, more meaningful consequences for choices and deeper emotional connections with the characters would elevate the engagement to stellar levels. - 72%
Core Loop - The murder mystery adds an exciting twist to the adult content, but the game struggles to strike the right balance between the two elements. The lack of a well-planned narrative and seamless transitions between scenes disrupt the core loop, leading to a disjointed experience - 69%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.73 ( 34 votes)

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  1. Disappointed, I couldn’t solve everything with my penis. The above comments were right, that ending. Should have been an option to run off with shotgun girl.

    Rollback feature is good for the timed choices in the last act.

  2. Dunno where I am currently in the game, but it seems fairly early, I’ve just fucked my sister for the second time in the game. After being mildly infuriating from the storytelling, that scene selection annoyed me that much that I had to make a reply. Why the hell could I only cum on the ass or her face in a damn adult game and it is quite lame, even without pregnancy content, you should always be given the choice to cum inside, always.

    Don’t give me that BS about being logical beacuse she is your sister or its only polite and the right thing to do, if so much logic should be considered, the DEVs should work on the whole story structure. I mean what the even hell is the story tryin to do? It feels like the DEVs are trying to pull off a Until Dawn, but lacks the talent to do it.

  3. I’m stuck in the game at a point where there’s apparently several scenes (pictures on the top left). Could somebody tell me how to move to the next scenes ?

  4. not a bad game, at least Inceton finished a game, it is quite a miracle. Graphics is good, story not so much, first part and second part seem do not connect to each other. Ending is poorly done, dragged out. For me it is a 3,5 on 5.

    1. While the story was not very good it still was enjoyable feels like this game got rushed too much like halfway in and the ending is waaaay too rushed and the lack of proper epilogues just kills off what good the game build up to that point…

  5. Ending 3 ( as per mod) seems the least shittiest, yet it just feels like a waste of time. I am not saying that all stories should have happy ending, but the ending should at least give a feeling of content and closure or something like that.
    All these beautiful renders and a nice mystery was wasted with these stupid endings.

  6. Inceton made it big. It started as one dev, but SWM and Echos of Lust, oops I mean Lust Theory, made him enough money to hire people for a little dev studio. Unfortunately he was much better at hiring artists and coders than writers. Honestly wish he would just write the things again. Lust theory was so much better before he had other writers take over. Since shortly after the 2nd half of Lust theory started coming out, all their writing has gone to shit. The renders and features are still top notch, but it doesn’t really matter. He went from 1 weak game (but an okay first attempt) and 1 really original and good game, to like 5 disappointing games.

    Just my 2 cents, just my opinion/theory.

    1. There is a route to get out alive. Most girls still die though.

      It didn’t feel rushed. The sort of ending was expected as there were several hints throughout with the girl who finally went berserk. This novel is also very kinetic so I didn’t expect multiple endings with saving various girls. The dev wanted to tell a story and that’s what we got. With good animations and really hot models.

      1. Which girls die? Please tell me you can at least save Maxine or Ariana, I have no interest in the others. If both of them are gonna die then I am not wasting my time with it.

  7. The story is quite confusing i mean i played the first part it think in march or something i think and after the last scene i was thinking what is gonna happen in the next update …and how much i was disapointed omg the story was quite weak and only like 2-3 scenes of adult content…it didn’t make sense at all and at the end i saved myself and lexi i think it was why would you save her and not your (friend) or for some sister quite dissapointing end to be honest and the MC is quite weak
    in literally i mean he couldn’t even dissarm her 🙁

    1. Yup same, I had high hopes from the story. It’s like they made a yummy ice cream and then just put some dog shit on top of it.

  8. Lost me at “murder mystery”, I don’t do AVN’s for an episode of Cabot Cove and both mom and dad were clear on “YOU DON’T DICK DOWN CRAZY, YOU JUST DON’T” … so NTY, moving on.

  9. The game story sucks BIG time. Dev thinks that he is Sherlock Holmes. Very bad written. Sex animation are good but WHY and i say again… WHY not creampies ? Cum on ass or to face. Why the @#$@ not the choice for creampie ? Only the animation left to enjoy the game and not creampie ? How this can turn you on ?

  10. Game looks decent. But MC is weak. I mean just how much he’s afraid of those girls that he actually stumbled down the hill. I get it those 4 girls are some kind of psychopaths but I expect better form Dev in terms of MC’s development. That was a total letdown. Although sex scene are 9/10. That’s it.

    1. Those girls with guns and at least 2 known kills? If MC wasn’t banging them he’d catch a bullet the second they had line of sight after his discovery.
      That said, I would have liked the option for MC to go psycho as well and just join/help the ladies after the first corpse.

      Also, yes. sex scenes and the models are amazing. Some of the best around currently; in my opinion.

  11. Do you guys know how can I access the quick menu which generally can be found down during horizontal mode on Android?

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