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Story - The game offers a unique survival narrative, with well-constructed plot points and character interactions, providing an intriguing foundation for the player's journey. - 71%
Visual - Unfortunately, technical issues hamper the visual experience, resulting in a slow, laggy feel that undermines the potential impact of the scenes. Additionally, the sex scenes, while serviceable, suffer due to the same technical constraints. - 57%
Engagement - The overall engagement suffers due to the game's performance issues, making the gameplay experience less smooth and significantly hindering the immersive potential of the narrative and interactions with characters. - 63%
Core Loop - The core loop, while offering a unique survival narrative, is held back by the technical limitations, impacting the overall flow and replayability of the game. - 57%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.64 ( 7 votes)

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  1. The English dialog is terrible, it’s unplayable. I can’t understand anything, lost interest within the first 5 minutes.

  2. Dev is Russian, I think. Hard to understand the dialog. Uses a different game engine, so there’s no backtrack feature. My laptop also was unable to play the animations smoothly, even on the lowest graphics setting. Female models are decent. It’s a very short story, so expect that.

    1. Because your pc too weak to run this game, i can play just fine but this game is meh story is quite bad but model above average but just a little.

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