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Light of My Life [Ch. 7 v0.7.1] [Naughty Road]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

All Intimate Path (Chapters 1-5 + Extras): 25 Hours 17 Minutes 04 Seconds
Caretaker Path (Chapters 1-5 + Extras): 17 Hours 46 Minutes 41 Seconds
Videos for Chapter 6 still to come

Extras (link):

  • HMD Cuddlefish – 0:09:18 (116.16 MB)
  • Macy & Denise Command Performance – 0:03:39 (19.99 MB)
  • Maeci & Denycia 2069 BC – 0:08:19 (98.56 MB)

Introduction Chapters (link):

  • Chapter 1 – 2:15:05 (683.65 MB)
  • Chapter 2
    • Part 1 – 2:42:28 (1.00 GB)
    • Part 2 – 2:30:36 (919.70 MB)
Harem Path
(intimate with all eligible women)
Caretaker Path
(intimate with Brooke & the Coven, only)
  • Chapter 3 (link)
    • Part 1 – 1:59:25 (841.60 MB)
    • Part 2 – 2:52:22 (1.06 GB)
  • Chapter 4 (link)
    • Part 1 – 2:38:52 (1.05 GB)
    • Part 2 – 3:07:43 (1.04 GB)
  • Chapter 5 (link)
    • Part 1 – 2:32:12 (961.06 MB)
    • Part 2 – 2:20:47 (988.12 MB)
    • Part 3 – 1:56:18 (837.88 MB)
  • Chapter 6 (link) – still to come
    • Parts
  • Chapter 3 (link)
    • Part 1 – 1:33:56 (659.16 MB)
    • Part 2 – 1:36:29 (624.86 MB)
  • Chapter 4 (link)
    • Part 1 – 1:26:08 (601.36 MB)
    • Part 2 – 1:45:28 (626.19 MB)
  • Chapter 5 (link)
    • Part 1 – 1:34:39 (624.02 MB)
    • Part 2 – 0:49:27 (462.62 MB)
    • Part 3 – 1:11:09 (446.79 MB)
  • Chapter 6 (link) – still to come
    • Parts

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Editor's Rating

Story - 88%
Visual - 91%
Engagement - 82%
Core Loop - 87%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.95 ( 121 votes)

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  1. Never mind the comment idiots
    It’s like what I always say about the fat and ugly women
    Fat chicks will never leave as long as there is food and cock in the house because their always hungry for food and hungry for the cock . Just wave a burger in front of their nose and they’ll fuck you for it . Food to a fat chick is like crack to a druggie . And the ugly chicks aren’t going anywhere because no one else wants them That’s why I’m here ladies LOL

  2. I liked it in the beginning but it took me hours to realize the father is just a “Thing” for the women in his life to use get off and when he tries to initiate sex they leave him hanging.

  3. I thought a lot o people would hate if you talked so much during sex.. what’s a massive turn off.. more preferably if do explanation instead make the characters do a lot of talking during sex + animation quite rigid too & only do 1 position for
    every sex scene.. I’m okay with the characters design, but their bad personality make them look ugly tbh.. the youngest daughter is kindegartener or what? i never 18 years old that clueless like that.. 😅

  4. girls are pretty, i like asian bitches.
    but from pics i smell faceless mc, and this is something i hate.

  5. Wow, comments are loaded with prepubescent knuckle draggers who are only interested in fap, fap, fap material… THIS IS NOT IT! This Dev, Naughty Road, while slow between updates is worthy of praise for a lot of reasons and if you can’t handle the reasons you simply don’t belong here. So many things he gets right. Starting out, this is a modern take of the story of Lot, complete with allegory and metaphor and just to be sure you get it, he TELLS YOU DIRECTLY in the trip to the museum. Things he gets FANTASTICALLY RIGHT: The artwork IS NOT COOKIE CUTTER Daz store assets. The girls bodies and features are UNIQUE AND you can clearly see the FAMILIAL RESEMBLANCE between them and their mother without them being homunculus copies. The tension between the MC and the oldest daughter is beautifully and carefully crafted and is relayed with TRUE IMPACT that you rarely find in an AVN, colliding guilt, regret and survivor’s remorse… then healing (ala Lot) … He has taken a starting from today, approach and filled in the backstory one tiny piece at a time until finally you CRASH INTO THE EXPLANATION WHICH IS REAL AND RAW. So, if you can’t set aside your adolescent libido long enough to actually READ AND FEEL what NaughtyRoad has presented in this story then you should simply move along to actual no-IQ required porn, get your ejac on and then go back to your hunting and gathering neanderthal ways.

    1. I think you already did that. Sorry buddy it’s too late. You monkey fucker So..ummm.. Was it good for you too ?

  6. WTF. Why would you make a sex game and design the two ugliest female characters I have ever seen as your objects of desire????

  7. I was one those idiots who misjudged this game by the look of the girls.
    but hey, now in my opinion this VN is of one the greatest, and I can’t imagine these girls being any prettier.
    the strongest aspects of this game are the incredible writing and the real-life-like characters.
    and yes there is not many lewd scenes but im sure that’s for the best.
    try it out if you like slow paced relationships with focus on events and interesting twists.
    خیلی خوشم اومد

  8. It’s a bunch of needless extra dialogues, repeated, over and over.
    The story isn’t bad, but it’s not great either.
    Not enough to make up for the fact that the girls look like over stylized extras from Megamind.
    Megamind vn? I’d like to see that, come to think of it. 🤔

  9. For anybody looking for “Lewd” things in this game, you have come to the wrong place. This is a very boring story game with very few sex scenes.

        1. is that why your moms abandoned you? because your both fugly af so now your both taking it out on virtual woman

          1. How about your all ugly as fuck that’s kind of why you all come here to have something to play with because no one wants to fuck your ugly asses
            Bada boom bada bang

  10. I like it. Also to me, the girls are good too. There is no need to look like Barbie in all games.

  11. The game is well done.
    The story is classic and with little surprises.
    For my part, I found it frustrating that the father took so long to sleep with one of the girls.
    Certainly, there are girls on the side but there is no attachment other than that of sex with others.
    Maybe a willingness to want to make it a Holy Grail but those who are fond of playing with dialogue, a particular story where we see that it has been worked, tried the.

    On the other hand, take your trouble in patience to access the girls of the MC.
    Thank you for this game, let’s see what the sequel has in store for us, Go Patreon!

  12. this dude seriously thinks that almost 10 months ago he was at the half way point for chapter 7 so in almost 10 months this lazy fuck still can’t put out a full update damn that’s crazy also shows howmuch he actually gives a shit

  13. LOL damn your a retard you made every wrong choice if that happened and you did not get to fuck the eldest daughter as for the supposed viruses you got again your a dumbass i have downloaded this before and not once have i ever got a virus your probably one of those trolly type fuckboys who say random shit so good job moron

    1. Chapter 7 is still actively being created. The updates take time because the dev usually uploads one full chapter at a time. Hopefully we’ll see the first build of Chapter 7 next month for subscribers. Dev actually does a good job on keeping everyone in the loop on their discord and patreon page.

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