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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Story - 68%
Visual - 65%
Engagement - 63%
Core Loop - 60%


out off 100%

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User Rating: 2.42 ( 18 votes)

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  1. As stated before – even into this new update: PACING IS AN ISSUE!

    You NEED time to build stats not to FAIL every FUCKING. CHECK!!! DUMBASS…

    You need the stats to be able to GET to the LEWD scenes with ANY individual character.

    You NEED to STOP fucking rushing the introduction of new characters. Period.

    Within the span of 3 FUCKING TURNS, I got introduce to sir walter, the Anvil (whose wife may as well not even fucking be there because I still can’t get him to do a fucking thing but tell me LEAVE in the options) and the Brienne stand in. That’s absolute BULLSHIT.

    You give 2 TURNS per week to actually raise 9 god damned stats; each stat has 4 blocks, and each block takes at LEAST 4 to 5 TURNS (which equal one week by the way – and it SHOULD BE ONE DAY!!!) to raise by 1. That is monumentally stupid math. You will NEVER allow anyone to actually pass 90% of the checks in the game unless they focus on ONE skill exclusively and say fuck getting to know any of the Lewd content or characters for FAR too much of the game beforehand.

    There’s pregnancy content but good luck seeing it. It SHOULD be a Harem; but again your bloody pacing issue borks that entire concept. (He can marry a wife, and have her openly state that since it’s overtly a more political marriage; she is willing to entertain that MC gets as many mistress’ as you put into this damned game. You’re done – or better yet, make it a combo of etiquette/poetry & scheming to convince your new queen to see things your way and you’ve doubled the use of otherwise fairly useless skill sets in game)

    The gold amount ISN’T what’s fucking up the potential here: and I would have left whatever benefit you implemented to the church well the fuck alone, because you don’t actually GET much gold in the first place per month, and instituting a seasonal tax on that point was again monumentally god damned retarded. The battle system you should just bloody do away with. Put it in cutscenes as far as how MC has managed the buildings/stats in the throne room and his own stats as far as Tactics and Weapons. You’re again, done. It would make the skills and the management actually useful to the game and worth raising, but save you a pain in the ass coding RNG bullshit that so far as I’ve seen doesn’t even happen to be properly implemented yet.

    First I’d focus on scaling back the actual skills Etiquette would be part of ADMINSTRATION in any royal court. Shemes should be properly left to an assigned spy master; or hell use the OLDER sister who’s doing Jack all. Make her secretly a brilliantly informed gossip, who wants to PROTECT the younger brother she for her image can’t openly admit she wants to BONE. No actual king ever had knowledge of intrigue or poisons that was not directly brought to their attention by others better versed in the crafts, is what I’m saying. Hell, you could even use Rodrick… Poetry dance etc could be in general lumped with knowledge. Anything Martial falls under martial. Weapon craft/riding, atheletics. None of that bullshit needed to be more than ONE skill set. Or again – make it DAYS. Not one week at a time. The game going on longer isn’t going to “bore” most people that value the “rpg” mechanics of this sort. I promise you that. So calm the fuck down, pace out the story to make sense and LET. THE. PLAYER. BUILD. THE. FUCKING. KINGDOM!

    * There’s also no point in having an older sister in the game when for the last 3 updates I’ve seen it’s ONE fucking scene as her introduction, and you’re DONE with her content. So I can damned near bone the younger sister who’s a tomboy; actually start boning MC’s Mother, but the one who has decent curves and COULD be a potentially controvertial choice as MC’s queen, no bueno? Come on man. The two idiots you introduce far too early as “betrothed” last I checked aren’t even implemented either. So really at the end of the day there’s fuck all here to play but a half-assed RPG that wants to break it’s legs racing to a finish line that should be MUCH farther away. The only actual sex scenes I’ve gotten were with the Queen (who is your mother : / ) and the ugly assed elder maid. You could have at least made it the younger, hotter one first… Jesus. Brienne does foreplay, and cuts you off right before you SHOULD be able to start getting laid. I’m not sure yet about her abilities in this current update; because I’ve had to restart the damned thing all over again for Rollback Ignore bullshit that really shouldn’t be happening with every consecutive update.

    This game does not need to reach the end of the updates within half a fucking hour mate. : /
    You’re designing in a genre which is best suited to the Tortoise. Not the Hare. Slow it down, pare things down to make sense and be achievable and work on building the CHARACTER relationships with actual rewarding Lewd scenes. Fuck the Femdom/LGBT Furry crap, most of us even in a fantasy context don’t want that. The few that do can find it in about a hundred other games on this site. Other than that, there’s not much I can say except I’m willing to give you one more actual update to start to change things for the better. Then I’ll wash my hands. Because it does have some potential to glimmer, but not enough to warrant this much frustration.

    1. Okay, you NEED to fix the stats and the finances; it’s WAY too much bullshit that you have so many stat checks in game that fuck over your ability to make choices that will help you find who the traitor MIGHT be. There’s NO fucking reason to EVER let the treasury go into the negatives. Have SOME SORT OF GUARD AGAINST THAT. While we’re at it your dumb assed world map does NOT listen to the button click to close the stupid interface – and there is NO WAY TO GET BACK TO THE REGULAR MAP!!!

      There’s the fact each game week STILL needs to be ONE DAY. Not a fucking week. There’s the point that the BETROTHAL if it’s so damned important to the King’s Legacy (and frankly it should be the first bloody pregnancy in game – since convincing your queen to LET YOU HAVE THE HAREM should be the PRIORITY lewd line and done first thank you very much) you should GET ON THAT. Immediately. The twins are as bad as Jocelyn at this point. An introduction and nothing else. Fuck. THE. ARMY GAME!!! THERE’S TOO MUCH BULLSHIT ATTACHED TO IT: IT DOES NOT WORK, and you have enough crap to deal with just trying to get into ANY of the girl’s pants. While we’re at it, one sex scene with the Lord’s wife doesn’t cut it IF SHE CAN’T GET PREGNANT yet – and stick to assertions she wants you, not her husband. While NOT BEING FUCKING DRUNK BEFOREHAND!!!

      The scenes with Brienne need to take into account – because I SHOULD NOT BE LOSING RENOUN AGAINST HER, OR AUTO LOSING IN GENERAL if I have the Weapons training up to even 2 blocks. Otherwise what’s the fucking point of it. I’ll grant you can set the military bullshit to HUGH handles it; and HE SHOULD DIE DOING IT, to clear the path for his wife to be MC’s bitch the rest of the game. Fuck intrigue as a stat. Fuck doing it behind anyone’s back. Fuck the idea that the KING can’t just claim first rights, or any wife in general = you already put a traitor in the game, so fuck the idea of sneaking around. Have him take whoever the fuck he pleases, in ORDER TO PISS THE POTENTIAL TRAITOR OFF. It’s a GOD DAMNED HAREM GAME IN YOUR TAGS… THE BENEFIT OF THAT IS YOU GET ALL THE WOMEN. Period. The hubands should either be dead, or away and not shown on screen. Jesus how is that a hard concept?

      There’s the fact that Tristan looks like he wants to kill his new king, who is the brother to the one he probably LOVED – since you styled him after the flower knight and make that damned reference. While asserting he should be the Sworn knight in Kings’ Guard. Like I’m going to trust a cripple (and with one less eye he definitely IS NOT suited to military combat any longer) who looks like he’ll slit my throat. NOT subtle. And STOP BLUE BALLING with Eleanor… How many updates is it going to take you dimwits to get to the actual sex that DOESN’T involve a younger sister, or your mom??? I get that at least the last update finally added the younger maid, and you could bone the older one (who REALLY does not need to be in the game, or involved in anything lewd god damn it – ugh!) but those are currently the only two girls you can do ANYTHING sexual with. And you’ve had that pic of the preggers elf up there from the damned start of your uploads… Come on.

      – The twins: Focus on it. Marry them BOTH should also be an option to open up the harem (and it should not be a fucking state check; because IF you go there, you’re functionally retarded. These are MC’s BROTHER’S CAST OFFS. They should be glad MC will uphold a bargain he’s not factually bound to, and as king CAN VOID) There should be NO cost to that choice if made, and frankly Katherine should be THE MOST GRATEFUL. Especially with all the disdain she showed the one that actually wanted to dance with her… and the fact his brother clearly was not interested in marrying her. Again, Jesus Fucking Christ this is not a hard concept.

      You have two sisters (who don’t need to be in the damned game) a Mother – who shouldn’t be able to be romanced; a Lady Knight who wants to emasculate you only to realize you’re never going to be a prick about it [If you want to get into her bed] and admits that it was bad form… but KEEPS FUCKING DOING IT… and you make her the king’s guard; just to still be blue balled. Fuck FOREPLAY = GET TO THE SEX!!! If I wanted to see the lead up to breeding her dumbass, I’d stick to pornhub and jerking off myself. It’s about as effective, and just as frustrating. Tristan should KNOW that he’s crippled and not even try to make the machismo play about it. He WAS the best swordsman. You’re not going to be that in a full helm with ONE FUCKING EYE! Every. Warrior. Knows. When. To. PUT. DOWN. THE. SWORD. No one is the best in the game forever; and that’s the first thing they’d drill into him as a potential raw knight. You can die. You can be maimed. You should fight like hell NOT to be either of those things, for as long as you can manage. The whole debacle between the two of them makes BOTH come off as infantile.

      Her treating THE KING like she has any control over whether he gets to bend her over the bed – or that she doesn’t absolutely by the point he’s seeing her nude in her quarters, definitely want him to – is BULLSHIT. She is either part of the harem or not. She DOES NOT get to call the shots against ROYALTY. Fuck me sideways if you don’t get the actual class system, you shouldn’t be venturing into medieval time periods.

      The witch: What the fuck is the point? She says she can offer power… HOW? When? Why? WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT? Because aside from a BJ and a handy, she’s got nothing to offer, and she steals his seed for some weird as shit experiment. There’s NO power on offer to bolster stats (which would be the best use of her as a character frankly – unless you want to get into mind control to actually help the MC get pussy and or breed them FASTER) She’s a call out to the red bitch; but it’s not like she’s going to give birth to a shadow demon. Not any time soon with all the other work you have to do on several OTHER better suited characters.

      The elven princess/queen/dignitary? : When? Because she’s just another log on the pile you’re not focusing on, because you want to play at army building, and Tax bullshit – which by the way FIX the finances so that you CANNOT lose money. At least on Baron mode for fuck sakes. Jesus that’s stupid. You can’t do anything but get your ass kicked with no money. Frankly Money and ANYTHING monetarily involved SHOULD BE REMOVED from the game. Assume the coffers have NO problem by his father’s reign and NEVER will. It would save you a massive pain in the rear with coding, and frustrate the hell out of your players a LOT less. Win/Win.

      Again, the game has potential, but your choice of implementation – and frankly in some senses the art style – hurts the hell out of this game’s viability. There are too many stats even on easy; the pacing is absolute bullshit to deal with, and there aren’t any actual finished lewd lines to bother pursuing. There’s a harem and pregnancy promised, but getting there is no doubt going to be punitive (and I swear to holy fuck, traitor in the lords or no, DO NOT make the mistake of even trying to kill MC off. It’s a PARODY of game of thrones. If you’re going to be that assholish to your fan base I guarantee you will pay in sub count for it) You’re already doing far more than enough to ensure your actual player count will always be low.

      At this point I’ll be extremely generous and say I’ll give you TWO more updates to get somewhere with the parts of the game I’d actually give a shit about: Building the harem/Marriage options (all of them as married to the KING by a NEW LAW DAMN IT!) and Pregnancy. Male Dominance should not even be an option to turn on. He’s the KING. It should be assumed. Femdom does NOT belong in this context. You ever heard of Henry The Eighth??? It’s fine with Lady Rayne, she’s not cuckolding the king (since I doubt that she’s actively fucking her husband at all) The SEX and Kinks are the part of the game most people WILL be playing for, and if you don’t get that point I have no clue why you designed this game to feature adult content…

  2. Why develop such shit? The sex scenes are very little drawn, just awful! The plot is stupid and boring! The gameplay is not here-) The result is that the project is just shit!

  3. To second that; the game has several too many stats. All of which you seem to need a certain points in the game – that invariably force you to fuck up and make your MC look like the Derp everyone originally treats him as (he wins the freaking throne by Default; and the only reason I learned that it was poison at all was because the Scheming Skill literally tells you it’s for NOT BEING CAUGHT at things you shouldn’t be doing: IE incest, which bit of a problem… THIS. IS. A. GAME. OF. THRONES. PARODY!) Nobody is going to stop the nobles/royals from intermingling. Once he’s king he can literally fuck whomever he wants. Or at least that’s how it should be.

    The building upgrades aren’t a bad idea but the economy is too punitive.
    Each skill takes WAY too freaking long to raise for how many of them you’re going to need.
    The Brianne (who is the one I’d assume you can eventually fuck and breed) conflicts with the “knight of flowers” for Captain of the King’s Guard. But again: Problem… He openly admits he FAILED to save MC’s brother and father from dying. So that SHOULD be counted against him. By EVERYBODY. Atop that, he literally would not train me in swordsmanship, so I HAD to get my arse handed to me by the female warrior for the “empowerment” moment. IT. DOES. NOT. MATTER. IF. HE. THINKS. HIS. JOB. IS. TO. PROTECT. THE. KING. Why??? Because he can’t fucking be everywhere at once. The BEST way to protect the king, by that regard is to DO WHAT THE PLAYER BLOODY WANTS!
    If I go to him, and admit I can’t fight but WANT to learn; he teaches me. There should NEVER be an event in game I am forced to fail because the stat is NOT trainable.

    While we’re on the subject, you introduce several events FAR too soon. There’s barely a few weeks to pass before MC is made King; you make fuck and all visible progress with any of the girls up to that point. Trying to make progress with the girls by raising Scheming and Poetry conflicts with the need for intelligence, administration and all the battle skills. If you piss off the clergy you lose access to medicine (I don’t give a rat’s arse if their faction is literally in the RED: You. Do. Not. Deny. The. Player. The. Right. To. Train. Stats. Not in a game of stat based management. EVER!) If this was GoT, the MC is basically being set up to die just on how many different points you’ve given to ensure that he will fail events. Also, I know that Melisandra was a meme, but fuck off with the femdom bullshit. He. IS. THE. KING. You do not get to fuck with power dynamics in HIS OWN kingdom. It’s jarring to the audience. It will cost you subs. Which also, the whole army thing and the tactical battles – Don’t. I’m not looking to play sim city and neither are most people who’ll download this fucking game. Look at your own posted pics. It’s bad enough that what content is labeled that can at least be turned on and off as the player chooses, is like four options. With a LOT more unnecessary ones in the works. Focus on the sex; and the stat building aspect. Let the battles come to MY kingdom. No player should necessarily go seeking them. For any reason. That’s needlessly complex, and time consuming with the coding. It will cost you resources and I guarantee you, you’ll lose a good chunk of the audience for it’s current very poor implementation.

    The one sister (older) has like one scene. She’s the “popular” one. Of course you get implied to be starting a relationship with the younger tomboy. Fuck. Me. [Which may not even be in the game yet for all I know – I barely got to the point that Brienne of the Steel camel toe was willing to suck me off] The wife of the Wall Character needs to be willing to cuckold him. She needs to be breedable, otherwise that entire character can fuck right off. Or his daughter, as long as she’s interesting in design. Either would work… and yes. I get that some of these characters are there to deliniate chosen stats in the character creation. I understand that point, but having no interactions at all because I didn’t choose X thing is BS. Period. You also get an event with a friendly Lord who wants you to marry his daughters (Again; WAY too soon… and one of them is shaped up to be Tsundere – so fuck right off with that. You want to impress me you can make her melt sooner and faster than buttercup who’s more personable. Make her end up baby crazy for MC, and I will actually golf clap. Because I can see like with every single one of these females, the only thing in his future is a Pain in the ass. And I doubt it will be any easier to get any of them to do anal) There needs to be NO consequence to refusal. First because this SHOULD be a HAREM game, and second because the friend of MC’s father who held him in good stead should realize that the kid just lost his brother and his father. Fuck. Me. Sideways. Even if both of them were willing to lay him at once, and breed as much as he wanted, as sister wives… the guy SHOULD be more concerned about how many knives he’s gonna have in his back. From any given bloody direction. That was the WHOLE. DAMNED. POINT. OF. THE. SHOW!

    All in all, pare it down to each subset trains ALL of the individual skills, so there’s four activities to train and you would end up with a still very diverse stat builder game that’s not going to melt anyone’s brain. Let the battles that happen come to MC’s actual lands, and fix the pacing. Introduce not just pictures to go see the women – but their actual investment with the player (and how likely they are to do X naughty thing or Marry him regardless of any other commitments) and you’d have a far better off game. It’s not bad, for what it is… but damn is it rough around some edges.

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