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  1. Youtai apes are the biggest threat to the US. They are the financial parasites. They are the militarists who want to take control of the military power of the US and wage some nuclear wars. They killed Kennedy. They tried to kill Austin and intimidated Biden. Trump is their puppet. American people must get rid of them. Homo sapiens must get rid of them. Yay.

      1. I have nothing against the LGBTI communities. I actually enjoy seeing people be gays. Ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja.

      1. Of course they can be groomed. Something like 40% of 18 to 24 year olds identify as some form of gay. That’s not normal or natural. They were groomed by the school system and media. You are just part of the globohomo cult so you like it.

        1. Give me evidence, #nohomo. Actual sociological numbers, that this is not “normal or natural”.

          I bet you can’t.

          I bet you can’t because your sources are biased, untested, and do not wish to be falsified.

          Your sources are unscientific. This is why you can be ignored. Not silenced, just ignored. I don’t want to step on your rights as an American Citizen to be laughed at on a porn site.

          I am very much against homogenization on any scale, global or otherwise. This is another one of your lies that you use in order to try and gaslight, to put yourself in a better light by knocking down people who oppose your rhetoric.

          Like calling it a “cult”. Your logical fallacy is: Appeal to Emotion. It’s not a cult, it’s a movement by the rich to maintain and become richer, but you were trained to blame the gays instead of the people who are actually at fault.

          Trained because you’re not actually curious, you’re not actually a rebel, you just want things to be the same forever like some vapid unimaginative cult to blandness.

          (Like a cult, not is a cult. An intelligent person would notice the difference, but because it’s you I thought I should point it out.)

          You are a sheep, as usual, nohomo/Straight Pride/Truth. Your handlers are very proud of you.

          Happy African American History Month, you pathetic fascist.

        2. Follow-Up: #nohomo also couldn’t define “normal” if he tried. Saying something is “normal” is like saying something is “based”; the context matters. It matters so much that I’m mocking his use of the word all over these boards.

          Are we talking about sociology, Nohomo? Nature? History? You cherry-picked “history of the last thousand years” once, which for mankind is an extremely short period of time.

          This is why you almost never put forth sources. The number of homosexuals with diseases? Yes, okay, but the take-away there is that we need better sex education, not to closet all the gays.

          I’m not going to broach “natural” because I want to give you a chance to think you can prove me wrong.

          Not that you almost ever have. You have. Once. About CDC numbers. The one time you put forth a source, you were right.


          Because you are wrong.

          You want an outcome that evidence does not support. This is bad science, so it’s up to the reader–should they care–to come up with a reason why.

          Why should a white male cis virgin want to attack homosexuals, blacks, and women? Who would do this through weak conspiracy theories and facts that do not lead to their conclusion but might sound plausible to the uneducated? What profile does this give us?

          Have a nice day, pathetic fascist.

  2. I clicked on this by accident, but man, this guy’s comments are pure brainrot, my god, anal is great, from my experience. It all depends who you do it with

    1. all anal is bad it makes you sick with STDs always also if u not breed u depopulate the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i no u can’t reed so i tell you tihs lady has penis tha’s how tehy get u to look at penis DO NOT LOOK AT UR OWN PENIS IT WILL MAKE U GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. lesbians r gay u can tell because they SNIFF POOP and poop means DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if u like anal u r SUICIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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