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Healslut [v0.92a] [Davie Zwei]

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Editor's Rating

Story - 78%
Visual - 81%
Engagement - 85%
Core Loop - 75%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.14 ( 45 votes)

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  1. Any penis that shoots a wad of green jizz usually means they have either gonorrhea or Syphilis
    Makes me afraid to download 🤧🤢🤮
    I’m not wanting my computer to get a virus / STD

  2. Any penis that shoots a wad of green jizz usually means they have either gonorrhea or Syphilis
    Makes me afraid to download 🤧🤢🤮

  3. After you touch a slut you do need to be healed. If you can be. Many std’s are drug resistant because freaks won’t stop whoring around. Homo’s and especially trannies being the worst culprits. But they are part of a death cult and are deranged so this is to be expected.

  4. More gay grooming garbage.

    “Toxic” masculinity is bullshit. Nothing “toxic” about being a man. The term does show their attitude about being a man however. That there is something wrong with it. There isn’t. What is wrong is when you allow yourself to be groomed into some kind of faggot. Don’t be manipulated.

    1. nohomo/Straight Pride/Truth = Manipulator. Don’t be manipulated by him.

      Unpacking more of his tightly wound bindle of dumb:

      “Toxic masculinity” is a statement that goes together. It’s not now nor never has been about masculinity itself.

      Let’s look at what you’re claiming by substituting another word:

      “Toxic water is bullshit. Nothing toxic about water. The term does show their attitude about drinking water however. That there is something wrong with it. There isn’t. What is wrong when you allow yourself to be groomed into some kind of hydrophobe. Don’t be manipulated.”

      It’s not the water, it’s the toxicity.

      It’s not the masculinity, it’s the toxicity.

      It’s not them manipulating anyone by purposefully misunderstanding terms, it’s you.

        1. Truth/Straight Pride has been sniffing his own farts, that’s for sure. That’s him calling you a fag. Drink his tears.

          1. you just don’t see anything wrong with games like this? you have become so perverted and delusional that you will fight for any perversion. anyone who doesn’t see it your way something must be wrong with them. Young men everywhere are being brainwashed into thinking this form of thinking produces Stable relationships. I can guarantee you will never have one unless you change your mind.

  5. love how the degenerates on this site have to write a twenty page essay to justify ‘gay’ porn games. anyone on this site pretending being gay is some sin has gotta take a step back and realize what site theyre on lol

  6. 1) Lack of good sex scenes the developer does not understand how to do them! 2)The plot is terrible! 3)The absence of a fully drawn world, but only some fragments! Bottom line- I do not advise you to download and waste time on this garbage project at all !

  7. The game is not bad, if you keep an open mind about the concept. Gender-Bending is not “Gay.” The body is female, technically yes you can argue the mind is male – but it’s a sex based class in an RPG. There is also PLENTY of pussy to chase in the game, which since his mind is still male, is also not Gay. He is at one point explicitly warned not to get pregnant (though I don’t think that’s ever been, or may yet be added to the game for a very, very long while at this pace) as he won’t be able to return to a male form. Though they do bork that whole concept later anyway. There is a futa, and a muscular futa option, if you still want to play with a cock and potentially breed your women… but again, you WILL need an open mind to enjoy most of this content.

    For me, it doesn’t matter how you’d excuse it; Kaden is a dick who can’t lead. His boyfriend is a bitch. Roopah is an indecisive aggressive asshole in general, and Lel is one of the two best girls. (I personally wonder if they’re going to reveal Lel as Jenny – in the real world) Which would first, show insight into the fact the girl has her scarring and ground the character in her reasons to want to be a model, with such underconfidence. There’s also the point it would rather be a trap for the idea of asking to get her a ticket before Wendy kicks the bucket. Which brings me to another point.

    The game has several branches to it, and frankly the storyline so far is a little bonkers. I’m not even sure where exactly the devs want to really go with it. There are several choices that MIGHT matter. That COULD fuck you right over, but good luck figuring that out until LONG after you’ve already saved over it. I’m not sure how many of those branching choices do matter, or how much they alter the storyline in general, but if they do… it should be a LOT more clear of what you will and won’t get out of it.

    Roopah needs to either be okay about a sustained relationship in general; or fuck absolutely right off. I get that she’s the berserker tank type, but she doesn’t get to fish-tail. Break up with Sparkle, and STILL act all butthurt and possessive. Then be a massive bitch if you try to fix things. How the fuck are we supposed to at all invest in that sort of character??? The powers for Sparkle really aren’t that well described, as far as what the hell they’ll actually do for you. You could fix that point. It’s fine that they’re sort of joke-y to a point, but no one’s going to be able to decide what best suits their place style if they have no clue how each is properly applied. You made this thing in the vein of an MMORPG guys. You need to factor that part in too. Lel being Sub, and OWNED by Sparkle should also never automatically be discounted because you assholes want to joke that Sparkle is “unreliable.” Name me one freaking party member who isn’t a demon or the zombie abomination Sparkle somehow raised from a skeleton enemy, that IS reliable. I dare you. If you’re going to play at BDSM crap, get it right. Sparkle can choose by player input to own, and be responsible for Lel; and you DO NOT get to take that immediately away. For any reason!

    The different costumes are fun in look, but as far as I can tell they do about fuck and all in actual gameplay. Furthest I’ve gotten was the beginning of the bandit camp, and it’s still looking like all you devs want to do is mind fuck the player about which choice won’t lead to the party getting completely screwed over. That’s no beuno. You need to decide what the hell you want this game to be. Set the path, and let the player decide HOW they want to WIN. Not IF. Not even in the Meta bullshit semi-apocolyptic Sci Fi crap you keep trying to drag into it. End of the day, the game should have a HAREM path. It is theoretically a dating sim, with way too many ways to fuck things up so far.

    You need to answer what the hell is going on with MC and Jenny – if she is at all a character of import to the game. Instead of making Lel some weirdly disabled sob story who SHOULD just be dead, making her turn out to be Jenny would have been a far less convoluted and much less offensive option. I’m saying that as a person who was born disabled myself. I get escapism. I understand entirely why a person in that position would simply want to be immersed into that character… but Jesus fucking Christ could you get any more depressing? Lel can be underconfident and submissive in mindset without the survivor’s guilt or desire to end herself. You didn’t need a reference to Lawnmower Man guys. Bloody hell. End of the day I have just one real question: What the ever-living hell do you want this game to be, and what exactly do you intend to do about the MC when they do get back to reality? If you intend for them to do so at all…

  8. Неплохая игра , странно , что автор скатил её в дикий запад , не очень понравилось , то , что там в был шериф :/
    Будем ждать обновлений~
    Плюс игры в том , что есть вариативность , в настройках можно сменить внешность и пол.

          1. As it has for you. can you tell us when you were first molested? when was your first homosexual interaction? At a very young age? Monkey sees monkey do.

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