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Editor's Rating

Story - Brace yourself for a tale that intertwines the splendor of Final Fantasy with the kinetic intensity of Kung Fu epics. The narrative stands tall with its engaging plot, nuanced character arcs, and a gratifying conclusion that tantalizingly hints at a sequel. The allure of a potential continuation hovers in the air, akin to the charged moments before a martial arts showdown, ensuring you stay invested. - 88%
Visual - Feast your eyes on a visual spectacle that caters to fantasy enthusiasts and lovers of visual grandeur alike. The game unveils an artistic tapestry, replete with meticulously crafted characters and scenes that whisk you away to its vibrant universe. While the visuals are captivating, a touch more diversity in character design and environments could have propelled this score to even greater heights. - 80%
Engagement - - 85%
Core Loop - The core loop of - 84%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.65 ( 19 votes)

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  1. I’ve definitely played worse, but the rating is kinda bullshit. The girls don’t even have genitalia, and the writing is pretty lame. Story is acceptable I guess, but the character writing, specifically, is bad. Characters change how they act and talk quickly with no reason, explanation or consistency.

    Basically, you can tell it’s written by some horny douche who’s trying to give the feeling of gradually changing emotions, but misses by a mile. More like a shallow fantasy. “She didn’t like me.” Next day… “Oh and then she did like me.”

  2. Nice game…plot is very predictable and writing is pretty boring. At some points you might really just want to skip because the dialogues are not bringing anything. Animations are way out of current standards and sex scenes are extremely vanilla. The descriptions of what is happening is really a bad idea.
    However, the story is short, the girls look nice (not the best out there but nice). It’s ok a bit entertaining (with 5 endings).
    Certainly nothing I would be willing to pay to support but for free…it’s ok.

  3. First; you can fuck right off with the “great potential” BS = you literally make the girls ASSHOLES for no reason right from the start. How the fuck is ANYONE supposed to want to play past the first fifteen minutes? You do know that most of your audience is male. MALE. Right?

    The green girl kicks you out, in five split seconds, then bipolar changes her mind. THEN gets pissed at MC because DEV decided to make him go explore and SHE HAPPENS TO BE NUDE bathing (which again – she is AWARE that she just took on a male boarder, and you claim she is not stupid DEV. So fuck you for making her catch him at all… and DOUBLE fuck you for the double standard; which she gets a pass on because you try badly to do The English Patient = it’s HIS fucking power. It should NOT harm him. This isn’t My Hero Academia and if it was, the idea that One For All managed to harm Deku is was, and always has been BULLSHIT)

    THEN on top of that you introduce Blue girl; say that guild has less honor/less restrictions and MAKE MC go no matter which of the TWO choices (one being yeah, go fuck yourself – which means NOTHING) the player picks, into her guild. Where of course for NO LOGICAL reason, she’s meditating nude. But she THROWS A FIREBALL at his ass for happening to see her tits, on full display for ANYONE to look at. Then you make him sign on as a “double agent” after Kamaya Maya bullshit… but SHE STILL TRIES TO FRICASE HIM; and you think a fucking HANDJOB is going to make threats of death okay??? What. The. Fuck. Is. Wrong. In. Your. Head???

    At this point the fucker could turn out to be Clark Kent x 10 with the largest harem on any given planet, who all get almost absolutely impregnated on the first shot, and I’d still have noped the fuck out when I did. Because the TWO girls that you should be using to DRAW IN your given audience are that unlikable. Jesus fucking Christ on a cracker. The story’s not engaging, it’s actively toxic to men. It’s full of double standards, and even if it does get better again: You have to get past a lot of shit to get there. Most won’t. I’m not going to bother. This is NOT how you should design a sex based game. With a Chosen One narrative to boot. I can say the renders are attractive, but it auto tanks from raw “personality” in the writing. I’d say you’re being generous Mammad. 3/10 is about 1.5 more of a grade than I would offer.

  4. editor’s rating has too be either a joke or writen by the creator himself
    the visuals arent bad not good either probably a 5/10; a good story could make up for it right?
    wrong the story is even worst and cringe. bruh cant tell the diference between a washizaki and a katana(i could be mistaken here but that katana was shorter than my penis it could have even be an o tanto)
    second kung fi is chinese not japanese dont think the creator knew that.
    from the beggining of the story till the end there are only 5 characters:mc,sayuri,akiko. random old woman who told you to unlock your potential at start of the story and never appeard again and the big bad and we top it off with no back ground charecters. the charecters werent even fun and the mc was trying too hard to look like one of those cool and laid back charecters which made me cringe
    the sex wasnt good either each sex scene was like 3-6 animation frames with a diolague box telling you what is happening
    overall it would be a crime to rate this any higher than 5/10
    my own rating is 3/10 though

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