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Final Spell [v0.30] [Gala Sanctuary]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Windows/ Linux - Christmas Special

Download for Mac - v0.25

Download for Mac - Christmas Special

Download for Android

Usage of the additional swipe commands:
Swipe left: back
Swipe right: skip
Swipe up: main menu
Swipe down: hide

The game saves are stored now in a persistent folder and should be available even when the game is deinstalled
Location: “(your device)\Documents\RenPy_Saves\com.koga3.finalspell”

– You have to grant the permission for the external/second save storage use when starting the game for the first time.
– On some devices the game seems to stuck on the very first start after you granted the permission.
Please close the game completely and restart it, it should work after that without that issue again.

Download Mod

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - The story in Final Spell leaves much to be desired. It feels like a mere excuse to unite the protagonist with various futas, and unfortunately, it fails to offer a compelling narrative. While the writing isn't distractingly terrible, it lacks depth, creativity, and fails to captivate the player. The lack of agency is also a letdown, as there's no avoiding certain sexual encounters or taking a more dominant role in the intimate acts. This limits the potential for player immersion and hampers the storytelling experience. If futa on male is your specific preference, the game's renders might offer some visual appeal, but beyond that, there's nothing particularly enthralling. - 51%
Visual - One area where Final Spell manages to shine is in its visual presentation. The renders are surprisingly well done, showcasing attention to detail and offering a visually appealing experience. The character design, backgrounds, and animations are all commendable, creating a visually stimulating environment for the players. Even though the game's narrative and engagement might fall flat, the quality of the visuals is one aspect that deserves recognition. - 70%
Engagement - Regrettably, Final Spell struggles to keep players engaged throughout their journey. The game attempts to incorporate some foreshadowing, but fails to deliver on the promised intrigue. The story and dialogue often come across as simplistic and underwhelming, lacking the depth and complexity needed to draw players in. Additionally, the lack of buildup to the sexual scenes hampers their impact, making them feel sudden and disconnected from the overall experience. As a result, Final Spell fails to provide the necessary engagement to keep players invested. - 43%
Core Loop - This game's core loop, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired. The repetitive nature of the gameplay becomes evident, with a lack of variety and meaningful choices. The absence of branching paths or meaningful consequences limits the player's sense of agency, resulting in a monotonous playthrough. The game lacks the depth and complexity needed to create a compelling core loop that keeps players coming back for more. - 32%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.06 ( 77 votes)

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    1. nohomo = cannot provide actual truth so makes shit up and calls it truth, has devolved into typical internet troll, boring.

      I used to respect your commitment to the crazy, dude. This is just…eh.

    2. The usual globohomo apologists will be along shortly to fagsplain why this is a great idea and how it’s the kids choice.

      1. You can’t have little kids making choices their brains aren’t developed enough to make those kinds of choices..don’t be stupid!! I suppose it’s ok when a child gets molested because they’re looking for acceptance and love because it was their choice..your statement is the most stupid shit I’ve ever heard..not to mention disturbing!!

      2. You better not imitate RanCor or Nohomo/Straight Pride/Truth will be all over you across the board calling you a fag for imitating someone else, because as we all know only fags do that. Since you’re clearly not a fag, you better learn the board rules: If you don’t listen to Nohomo/Straight Pride/Truth or the REAL RanCor, you’ll be mocked and your feelings will be so hurt. SO HURT.

        Anyway, what “Truth” is saying is only partially true, but framed the way he did it’s a bald-faced lie. Think for yourself. Don’t be a sheep.

        1. That’s over stealing user names. Of course you manipulate the truth. I absolutely want the message getting out there. I want others to stand up to globohomo again. Like they did for centuries. Which they will again even if I didn’t post. It’s nice to push the right thing along though and do my part.

          1. Your message is broken, wrong, unfounded.


            Hopefully you’re the only person on this board who thinks this is okay.

            You ignore facts when they’re inconvenient for you.


            You ignore facts when they are inconvenient for you.

            I AM NOT GAY.

            You ignore facts when they are inconvenient for you.


            You ignore facts when they are inconvenient for you. Your only tactics are fear (“being gay will kill you or get you killed”), hate (“women think their pussies are magic”, a thing you actually said), or lies (“globohomo made kids lick feet”).

            You are pathetic, and calling yourself “Truth” makes it even more ironic. Edgelord thinks he’s clever, but he doesn’t have your die-hard paranoia and misinformation driving your lies.

            At least you stopped being a coward for five minutes and are almost always consistently using your own name, except when you’re stealing the names of others. It makes you more of a challenge, and I appreciate that.

              Depressing to see the level of brain washing that’s got to TRUTH here, but entirely worth it to read your comments on the matter. Keep up the good fight. Who knew some random porn website was the best social media all along?

      3. You called it. The usual suspects fagsplaining for the groomers as usual. They won’t get away with this shit forever. Eventually people will wake the fuck up and put a stop to it. Then they are going to wish they could go back into the closet where they should have stayed. But they will keep pushing till they are made to stop. People are not going to kill themselves in mass. Humanity will not join their death cult.

        1. If humanity will not join their death cult, then there’s nothing to defend against. QED.

          To defend humanity against homosexuality, you are admitting your fear that people will kill themselves via, hold on here’s your list so far:
          * Getting STDs. A problem that’s easy to solve and not limited to homosexuality. It does spike in homosexuality and that’s a valid concern.
          * Getting “what’s coming to them”, implying hate crimes. “Suicide by homophones” is not suicide, you know that right?

          Your solution: Stop homosexuality.

          Now, stepping out of my apologist shoes for a moment, I’d like to say three words to indicate we’ve tried something like this before.

          “War On Drugs.”

          And a more recent one: “War On Terror.”

          My favorite dog whistle: “War On Christmas.”

          And you’re living the “War On Homosexuality”.

          Just well have these things been going? Not well. Not because we love Terror or hate Christmas, but because you cannot have a war on an ideology. Historically, it’s never worked.

          Hey here’s one: “War On Globohomo.” I’m with you on this one, brother, but let’s look at the two most recent examples.

          Rome? Fell. England? Fell. But they didn’t fall because people fought them, they fell from within. They fell because they were unsustainable. Sure, the formation of America helped topple the second one, but England owned parts of other countries well until 1997, when Hong Kong was turned back over to China.


          Let me step back into my apologists shoes: What the kids did with the feet was disgusting and they will be groomed away from that. That homosexuals are less caring of STDs is terrible and so far it’s been a losing battle trying to groom some care of their community into that. That some people are offended that their religion isn’t the defacto of the government anymore is hilarious and I hope they all rot in their personal Hells for trying to groom people into their destructive habits.

          But I don’t think you’ve read this far, nohomo. I don’t think you care, because anyone who doesn’t support your world-view is your enemy, in your eyes, and that’s sad and pathetic. Even Henry Kissinger, the evil fuck that he was and the world is better off without him, understood the nature of understanding.

          That you don’t care to understand, nohomo, is either the absolute best trolling I’ve ever seen in my life, or is the strongest indicator of your mental illness.

    3. Don’t forget the kitty litter pans in the restrooms and Satanic ash burnings in wood shop.

      (JFC, there do these people come up with this shit? Historically, people who claim Truth, Logic, etc. as their handle are doing it to presell some virtue that they sorely lack. The OP fails to disappoint.)

      1. To be fair to something that Truth is misrepresenting, the foot-licking thing really did happen. Google it, and you’ll see where he’s twisting it to his paranoia, trying to inflict you with the same beliefs. Grooming, even.

    4. “groomers” do NOT clearly state gay content in the actual base description

      Yes a rather large percentile of “free” adult games are designed for and aimed at prepubescent/pubescent children but they NEVER clearly state that they have gay content,

  1. So, I have a question since there is inconsistency between what the tags and the info section say. Is there anal and oral sex or not ?
    Also, the info says :
    > “chicks with dicks” on male will be optional
    Does I have to wait until there is the `”chicks with dicks” on male` content or is there already ?

    1. So, it ends up that we get two choice when starting the game :
      1. “Male on Futa only”
      2. “Futa on Male only”
      So, we are either top or bottom, we can’t be versatile.

      And if someone wonder, yeah, again a game where we play a guy that already had “some action” with girls (not that I care that was girls or anything else).

      And… oh shit… what a shitty crap game…! Well, for those wanting to play this game, know that you are only taking over from your father’s “romantic” partners (what an ambitious way to try to minimize the truth we all know).
      Anyway, my run will have been quick in the end. (so I can’t confirm or not the Kinetic side, but from the few seconds I played, it only augured linearity)

  2. Whoever wrote the description; thank you for the “warning”. Very cool of you and much appreciated. I will see myself out. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for the warning. Tho why you can’t be proud of being gay I don’t know. Try it sometime.

      Did you mean the game? The game with the obvious futa tag? The game description that says “this is a chicks with dicks game”? Yeah, thanks, we got it, you can read. Comprehend, no, but read, yes.

      You should still be proud of being gay, tho.

      1. “You must be gay.” Same old bullshit from you asshole obessed fags. You do realize some people aren’t secretly fags don’t you? That most people are normal and just don’t like the shit and see it as unhealthy, immoral and disgusting. In fact today many non queers claim to be fags due to peer pressure, schools and the media. It’s now considered to be a super power to be a deranged degenerate.

            1. what’s warped, is your belief that everyone who doesn’t hate/think/believe like you is gay. there is no “truth” in any of the vile stuff you post here, there is only hatred and fear. i don’t hate you for it, i pity you for it. you struggle so hard to cling to your archaic, dying beliefs, that you miss the beauty of the world around you. it’s quite sad, really, that you would rather hold hatred in your heart for people who have never done a damn thing to you, than to open up your feeble little mind to a world that is shifting and leaving you behind it. you don’t have to be this way, you choose it. i hope a time comes when you can be released from this hateful web that has entrapped you and that you can grow and move forward with a newfound empathy for humanity.

            2. Jesus DOESN’T see gay porn in your browser history? Because this web page is gay porn, and Jesus sees everything. And that’s the actual truth.

              (If you don’t believe in Jesus no harm no foul. This is only getting religious to make fun of Nohomo’s lack of understanding or using logic.)

        1. And yet here you are again Still pretend you’re not a homo I said it once and I’ll say it again
          Come out of your closet

      2. Does being gay give you super power or sthg ? Your parents must be proud to have a son that the only thing he has achieved in life is becoming gay =) BRAVO. It takes real courage and talent to get pounded from behind I guess =)

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