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Story - The plot of Eyes Never Lie suffers from a severe lack of coherence. It starts off as a harem school-life experience, quickly transforms into a fantasy horror, and ultimately concludes as a subpar imitation of a well-known game. The lack of consistency in the storyline leaves players feeling disconnected and uninterested. The ending is particularly frustrating, as it abruptly crushes the relationships built with female characters throughout the lengthy 6-8 hour journey. Overall, the story lacks substance and fails to engage players on a deeper level. - 55%
Visual - One of the highlights of Eyes Never Lie is its visuals. The game showcases well-crafted images, demonstrating the author's keen eye for interesting angles and viewpoints. However, personal preferences may come into play, as not every scene may cater to everyone's taste. While the images are generally pleasing, technical limitations imposed by the RPGMaker engine hinder the overall experience. Slow text writing takes away from the flow and immersion, and the excessive use of flashing and wobble effects in scenes becomes tiresome and overbearing. Despite these flaws, the visual presentation is a commendable aspect of the game. - 69%
Engagement - Eyes Never Lie struggles to hold players' interest for a prolonged period. The lack of coherence in the story, combined with the aimless progression from place to place, often leaves players feeling disengaged and unenthusiastic. The game feels more like a collection of gameplay ideas than a cohesive, well-executed experience. Despite the disappointing narrative and pacing, the game does have its moments, especially with the seductive H-scenes that primarily revolve around "smell" fetishes. It is in these moments that some players may find engagement, but it should be noted that the strength lies solely in the adult content rather than the overall gameplay. - 58%
Core Loop - The core loop of Eyes Never Lie falls short of delivering a satisfying gameplay experience. The repetitive nature of scenes, marked by excessive flashing and wobble effects, quickly becomes monotonous and tiring. The inability to skip these scenes only adds to the frustration. Additionally, technical issues inherent to the RPGMaker engine, such as the lack of instant text and rollback functionality, restrict the game's potential. The core loop fails to provide the necessary variety and enjoyable mechanics to keep players engaged and invested in the game. - 47%


out off 100%

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  1. This game is just a common low efforts RPGM game, low quality, using the same common RPGM menu layout even for some its sections that have no use, some parameters are not kept after a restart and again they are not many.
    Besides that, I know we are supposed to play a “schoolboy”, but still, the scenes and the writing are too childish, and we are forced to take a predefined path (so, choices are only illusory).
    To last, the forest is just pure random, there is nothing in the map telling which path to avoid in order to not being killed.

  2. Why develop such shit? The sex scenes are very little drawn, just awful! The plot is stupid and boring! The gameplay is not here-) The result is that the project is just shit!

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