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Dungeon Days [v0.065] [Buba]

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Download for Android

(if it gives you a .zip, just rename it as .apk)

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - 87%
Visual - 81%
Engagement - 82%
Core Loop - 82%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.85 ( 15 votes)

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  1. It has potential and I admit some of the jokes DID make me laugh my ass off in real life – so you get major kudos for that, it’s not easy. However there are some things I would address:

    – If this IS going to be a harem = You have to fix things with dragon girl and the MC FIRST. I’d lay off the lesbian insinuations bullshit as it splits Pah’s focus in a way that makes her true desire questionable (which is NOT a good thing for her decided loyalty) * If she has been this possessive of MC – and has literally created an ice dildo of his dick; which I also think is STUPID since she SHOULD be the one true virgin if she’s going to be this stuck up about everything. End goal mate. End. Goal. Pah can be the last to join officially, or just before Kendra confesses she does indeed want them BOTH. [The horny bard bit I get. I’ve played enough D&D BUT she should have been clear about it to either of them, that she does have interest in both. Chickenshit – and this definitely applies to Pah – IS NOT going to get anyone what they want. The dildo thing REALLY tanked Pah’s desirability to me. You’re just denying a kink right there, and a gift that can be given only ONCE. If the dragon girl wants MC that badly, she should be aware of that point, and have wanted it to be HIM. Not some fucking magical copy. You think any guy actually wants to fuck a fleshlight if he can get and keep a real pussy? Same deal. [I’m aware you can deny the scene; but it’s denying content… and that’s still stupid. She COULD have gotten off just fine with her own fingers and NOT gone past one knuckle in. If you want to argue she needs penetration, there’s ways to do it that still mark the one point she shouldn’t want to pass for anything; unless it’s with HIM]

    There’s the fact the overview itself states that you want to make Janitor boy a Dungeon Lord; so is he aiming to get Rattles’ job? Become a part of that greater dungeon as a master of one of those weird door things. Are you going to seperate them from the Main Dungeon and have him create his own by raw power by the end, with his MANY, MANY alloted “champions” (women) to defend it? Is he somehow going to save the world, by being the world’s biggest badass… with no magic?!? [I actually would have made him an Enchanter, to throw out there. Have his magic be self buffs, and just constantly layering on new abilities with every challenge would give you leeway with boss monsters to get creative. Without making it look to much like Deus Ex Machina] Half dwarf means he killed his mom; and should be about 7 feet tall and bald. ; ) Told you, I’ve played a lot of D&D and one of my favorite games when I was younger was DarkSun: The Shattered Lands. Also, Also… don’t fucking make him sterile. I didn’t agree with that point in the old lore = actual real life biology doesn’t agree with that for female Mules, which the race you’ve made him was named for. It was always needlessly punitive. Speaking of…

    Since you’ve offered the option to cum inside, I’d also hope at some point you’ll tackle pregnancy content. Even if optional, it would be a nice addition. It’d be REALLY funny as all hell if the first one knocked up gets to be Pah. She doesn’t need to be the last one, but that’s your decision. I had fun for what amount there actually was. A bit disappointing I couldn’t guide the relationships (like choosing to tell Pah how MC feels, or asking her about hers etc – instead of the bullheaded Les/Bi insinuation just for a marker that doesn’t really matter. I know that it’s part of the award system requirements now, but really dude. It’s YOUR game. Not theirs. Not mine. You get to choose what content you put in it. Being clear; I do not mind necessarily that Bi is there. I would prefer clarifications about the INITIAL relationships all three combined, before you get that started as a potential three way is all. Maybe control as to whether Pah is even remotely interested, as well as MC from the start. Harem does not mean all the girls fuck each other, and keep one man for when they’re bored or want babies. It means they BELONG by choice, to one man. Who gets to fuck them. Who gets to keep them.

    1. I disagree on the first point. There is no need to solidify that relationship first. There have been other games where the romantic interest (of which this VN now has two) comes around to polyamory, sometimes on their own. People change as their situations change and this story is setting some of that up pretty well.

      I’m liking it for what it is and hoping for more.

      1. Fair point Murikan – but to me solidifying things makes it more clear to the audience, which is sometimes desirable. I generally have a pet peeve about sex toys in the first place; so Pah being that puritanical WHILE being willing to use a magical copy of MC’s dick because she’s too chicken to get what she really wants, pissed me right off. Frankly if she’s going to act like his girlfriend to the point she’s cock blocking him, she better be willing to actually ride it – and she SHOULD have been a virgin. It’s in the tags. That doesn’t mean there can be only one.

        I didn’t say I didn’t like it. I literally said it has potential and actually managed to make me laugh in real a couple of times (which is not easy) I also don’t like the notion I’m going to be penalized for taking the harem path when Harem is in the tags. Rather, I just checked and it really should be. Because the dev seems to be building up to that. I’m willing to see where it goes. If I’m still here after Monday at any rate. If you don’t see a post from me two and a half weeks or so after this monday, you probably won’t again. Either way, I wish you well.

        1. nobody gives a shit if your here or not all you do is clutter up the comments section either as Wolfe or No with your shitty garbage about how the AVN sucks according to you

          1. At the time I posted the comment you’re replying to asshole; I was dealing with stage 3 colon cancer. I meant NOT ON THIS PLANET. I was not sure I would survive what they wanted to do to cure it. Not no longer on this site. Which I obviously still am, and will continue to be in spite of all troll assholes. I did survive; and I’m not letting you fuck ups chase me away from trying to show what little support I can. I have as much fucking right to be here as all of you.

            Also – I do not think every AVN sucks; I actively try to share what DOES NOT WORK so that devs who wish to, can IMPROVE AVN’s I DO THINK are good. For the most part. If I didn’t care, or didn’t think they could be improved at all I would not bother wasting so much energy on such long winded comments. Whether or not all of you take my reviews as negative. Most of you read probably one or two sentences and form your own asinine thoughts, then spew TL;DR at me in varied forms.

            Do you think with a name like “Rancor blows Trannies” anyone gives more of a shit about you being here. Commenters like you don’t even usually have the decency to post about the actual content of the games on which you all post your troll comments. So you invalidate your own opinion in SO. MANY. WAYS. First, by misinterpreting what I meant, and needing my disclosure of personal business to clarify the point; next by only ever posting argumentative hate speech bullshit that has nothing to do with any AVN content. Positive or not. Then by randomly being an ass, to someone you do not know. But do have a nice day. You could probably use one. (At this point I will also clarify the second last sentence is absolutely sarcasm. Your record at reading comprehension is not stellar)

  2. GOOD: Story, level-headed protagonist
    BAD FOR SOME: No animations, rendering is not for everyone

    Worth my time. Could be worth yours.

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