Dilemma of Devotion [Ch.2 Ep 3.5] [PulseHavenStudios]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - Dilemma of Devotion demonstrates an intriguing concept for its story, but unfortunately falls short in execution. The game starts off strong, introducing interesting characters and a decent storyline. However, as the game progresses, it becomes apparent that the narrative lacks focus. The protagonist's traumatic past and desire to move on clash with the loyalty system, which inhibits relationship development. - 44%
Visual - Visually, Dilemma of Devotion shines. The renders are of high quality. The attention to detail in character design and environments is praiseworthy. The visual aspect of the game is a standout feature. - 82%
Engagement - The engagement factor of Dilemma of Devotion is where opinions differ. Some find enjoyment in the game, appreciating the solid foundation it sets for its story and characters. However, others feel let down by the game's lack of direction. Pacing issues and an abundance of characters dilute the focus, making it challenging to stay invested in each individual's story. - 55%
Core Loop - Dilemma of Devotion attempts to merge the visual novel and sandbox genres, but unfortunately, the execution falters. The visual novel aspect is well-developed and enjoyable, with decent writing and intriguing character arcs. However, the sandbox components fall short. Navigating through different areas is cumbersome, lacking a quick navigation menu. - 60%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.22 ( 19 votes)

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  1. The straight Renpy style prolog was good, but then the whole sandbox/video game element was introduced, and it just became the same old pointless grind totally distracting from the story. Just deleted it at that point.

  2. Predictable plot, love interest is not there either because mc will fuck all the girls.
    Maybe add male characters and make male characters as love interest, because this game needs more hot boys in the game maybe harem of boys because harem of girls pretty common and boring.
    Need more cock sucking not pussy fucking. Because boring

    1. Ok you damned faggot clearly this a game where there are straight people clearly you can see there no tags of that shit that you’re talking about so scram and go and get your anal abomination somewhere else …

  3. Game quite boring and predictable and agree with some kind of NTR or just straight up cheating or even your girls flirt with other males but alas mc is the only male in game that able to fuck girls not the other way around.
    Maybe those who dislike NTR or cheating need to realize that even irl your gf or future gf probably flirt, cuddling or even sleeping with other people before she ended up with you, so why in the games only one male mc rule restriction. Lack of realism.

    1. You write as if NTR vns are a microcosm of reality. People live boring lifes unless they’re loaded and spend their time using their money. Most of those vns are products. Patrons aren’t paying for a normal joe story because that’s for sure what teir lives feel like. So you can’t expect devs to relieve unrealistic aspects of their game for the sake of realism. Plus, no one sees their gf past deeds unless they’re pornstars or on of and the likes. It seems pretty unrealistic of you, wanting to see on a game things that you’re never going to see on reality. Go play those masterpiece NTR games where your wife slips and end up on your nephew cock or your gf is facecalling you while cleary fucking someone and the MC acts like nothing is happening.

    2. Clearly this is not a Ntr fucking freak show you damn cuck what is so real with being cucked every day when u video call your girl and she’s being banged and u act like nothing is happening you need to be kinda quite dumb for that ….so look the tags next time

    1. It’s 2024 , I think people should be above racism but hey to each their own I guess.

      Either way Yikes.

      1. LOL

        You obviously don’t even live in 2024, where blacks are the most racist of them all, with everything they don’t like being viewed as racist and acting like we whites owe them anything.

        But that’s OK. Put your ball gag back in and continue being a simp. I’m sure they make a #BLM shirt and hat in your size you can wear.

    2. NTR niggers are acting like this is the fucking welfare office again, wanting people to bend over backwards and give them free handouts again.

  4. No NTR damn, those girls look pretty but too bad can’t share them. Girls like that should be shared especially to blacks

    1. I’m afraid no plans of that yet since our writer is female and it’s kind of her choice at the moment in the overall spectrum.

      We’ll talk again and see but in the end if the supporters do not want so we can’t go against their demands.

      Thanks for playing.

    2. Sorry, but the world doesn’t revolve around niggers as you are just realizing. Go play your nigger race card dummy hand somewhere else.

      Maybe go back to Africa, sit in your third world ghetto straw hut and fap to white bitches as a cow pisses on that matted mange you niggers call hair.

    3. NTR is a very small niche. There are games that have it though as there are devs that are into sharing. It’s very popular among closeted bisexuals and there is definitely a market there. But if left to a vote it usually fails.
      There are currently 296 games on this site with NTR. With as much NTR haters as there are that number is pretty impressive. But trying to get writers or devs on board, when they don’t usually do that type of content, will be difficult.
      For people who dislike NTR/Sharing, having that type of content pop up makes them feel betrayed. Betrayed by the character and the Developer. That means losing subs for life. It’s very important to be open about that type of content from the start. I just reread your comment and realized that you were not telling them to add it, lol. Well I already wrote this so I’m gonna post it anyway.

      1. Fuck off you goddamn fucking NTR niggers. Always some goddamn bitch ass fucking ghetto nigger begging for bull NTR nigger shit, before I stretch those big nigger lips out and then stick your ass to the fucking wall.

      2. Good luck for the dev if he’s trying to put NTR into the game after not tagging it on the planned kinks.

  5. Story of young teacher who does see ghost of his girlfriend or something. Not a most intriguing base for a adult novel. Story is trying to be on realistic side with it’s dark tone and normal mundane routines of life. It kinda worked at start, even if being little boring to read. I did stop thinking that this was good when in school hallway MC did prevent assault of his student, brake the guys arm and kick him ass so he would run away. The whole thing was so out of place in a story like this. This could be good game if you can read through the boring beginning with its flaws. I couldn’t. Sandbox was the last boss that ended my intrest.

    Women are good looking, but sexual situations were not that sexual. 1/5

    1. Sorry to hear so , a vn mode is in the works so maybe you might want to give it a go sometime in future but thanks for the feedback , we’ll try to see what we can do about the dennis segment but it’s mostly just a plot device as Jane is very conservative otherwise.

      1. Pleasant suprise to see dev in here. If you ever do just VN version, i bet lot of us will give it a good second try. I must say that i was not in mood for this type of slow burn VN. The fight segment was not the biggest problem, it just did reduce my intrest. Bigger problem was the slow start without any entertainment, like good sexy pictures. Something to get through the slow start. There was some later, but overall little compared to how slow the story did move. I hate sandbox games, so it was just the nail in coffin for me. Kinda sad if this story is really good in the end. It did feel like those artistic movies where you never know if it is greatest thing ever or “what the fuck is this shit”.

        1. The idea is precisely that , we want to reinvent wheel or focus on the game.

          Most sandboxes have grind but we did this one as a form which girl to go for since often times in vn there are choices and segments where people might not want to go for a girl at all.

          For example when we did our first “fav girl” poll , eugene was the lowest rated but zoey and kimiko highest , henceforth in sandbox it allows us to just produce content for those that people want rather than in vn form where we’d have to include some form of eugene content for the story flow style we have.

  6. Hello everyone I’m the dev here , please feel free to give your feedback on the game but here are some FAQ’s about the game we’ve got so I thought I’d answer them anyway.

    Will this game have ntr?
    No , no plans of ntr now or future.

    Will this game have multiple protag?

    Does the game only have sandbox? No vn mode? / Can we expect a Vn mode?
    Yes , it’s in the works but it might take us a little longer since we do need to practically build two versions then.

    Are the locked bonus scenes of the game?

    No , any scenes that have the P logo on them are non canon and do not take place in the story, no in game canon or story content is locked or paywalled.

    Any trans or futa expectations?
    No , we won’t have those fetishes in the game.

    Does this game have incest ?

    Can I change the name of the mc?

    Again if any other doubts or feedback you are free to ask me , thank you for playing.

      1. I’m afraid that’s upto the writer and supporters on patreon , we gotta pay bills and currently their wish is where we are going while keeping our core design the same.

        Thanks for your feedback and I’ll talk to team and see if they consider it.

    1. You should consider NTR though but make it optional. If done right people actually likes it and mc don’t need always look like beta. Maybe you should try other dev game like “desert stalker” and see how them handle NTR and many don’t bash the dev about NTR.

      1. I’ve played desert stalker , your suggestion is good but as my other comments say it’s upto the writer and supporters on our page , only then can we carry forward with such decisions.

        Since .. well we gotta pay the artist who creates and renders the very beautiful girls you see.

        Thanks for your feedback though

      2. Desert Stalker is much more sharing than NTR tho. MC decides if one of his girls are going to interact sexually with others. Anyway, if I’m the dev, I’d only consdier the opinions here to a certain degree, since no one on this site is paying for his game.

        1. Lol ntr can stand for netori and netorase and both have different meaning. As of my knowledge netori is sharing where netorase is cheating. Desert stalker ntr sharing not cheating because girls loyal to mc and mc actually who share them. Another example is Lover’s duet game where ntr can be go both ways sharing and cheating depending on mc decisions.
          But yeah i agree though for ntr sharing not cheating because emasculated men would feel betrayed and possibly hurt their fragile feelings

          1. Isn’t netori the MC cucking others? I know there are netori, netorase and netorare, but NTR is almost always used to vn’s in which the MC get cucked. Anyway, NTR is a theme that the dev needs to be decided to do from the start of the project, otherwise he risks losing a lot of supporters, since most people don’t like NTR even when it’s optional. I haven’t seen any dev who hadn’t NTR planned or already on the game adding it later. And for sure it’s not happening by the requests of people who aren’t paying for his game.

      3. Fuck NTR only 10 procent like ntr you dumbass they do ntr and loose half of the support just how many ntr devs have success maybe 3-4 devs but not by much so fuck NTR no need for that shit

    2. NTR is a very LOUD topic. The few that actually want it, beg for it. BUT the vast majority of subscribers will leave if they see NTR even if it’s optional. NTR is a mindset that colors the full workings of the writers who are into that. It’s a very risky move if you try to add it. So, really think it through first.

      1. Yeah. You have the usual whiners, who cry about NTR and other things like femdom, trans, gay and everything that isn’t exactly to their liking on one side and NTR fans begging devs who don’t have NTR on their game to put it on the game on the other. In the end the best some NTR devs do is adding a side route to attract non NTR patrons and others devs do nothing, since most patrons don’t like NTR and are most likely to stop their support if it’s added out of the blue.

  7. What a joke, deleting all bad reviews and manipulate the ratings are a common thing now ? Well it won’t make this crap any better.

    1. Dude this game just got released here , what are you on about? also admins control ratings , we don’t lol
      Not here nor any other site , patreon is the only one we can edit or “manipulate” as you claim it.

      1. Nice try, episode 2.5 was on this site with nothing but bad reviews, maybe this is the first time you did it yourself and the admin replaced this one with the old one, but your alter ego shirkshar knows it, his comment was also there.

        1. My brother in christ , I mailed the links of this game 2.5 was never here on it.

          After like 5 mails finally this game got here , idk where you even saw it i think you’re confusing it with the other site.

          Secondly , shikhar is my artist Idk why you hate him so much but I can’t help that.

          You do not like the game , that’s okay I respect your opinion but why do you stalk the game on every website like a eagle? that’s just lame my guy.,

          1. Sorry for not kissing your ass pulshaven / shikhar / kelly or what ever name you use, if you don’t like comments, don’t come here.

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