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Here is a fix for the blackscreen in laundry.
unzip in \www\data

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Story - 79%
Visual - 81%
Engagement - 75%
Core Loop - 66%


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  1. take it or leave it.

    Please add faster skips, do not force the player to read wait for … those … pauses. I like to skip through content and into scenes to see if something is worth fapping to. It is fucking annoying to have … to …

    … wait

    … for

    … dialogue.

    fuck me id rather die.

  2. someone can help me tell me about love doll say “using the conputer in the study”. but mon not use computer

    1. after the garden event, run to the washing machine, click on the basket on the floor next to the maid, go to items and select the old clothes if you already have them, if not, go to the attic by the stairs on the floor from above, near your room in the corridor that goes to the other sister, the one that can only be accessed using the 2nd power.

          1. i did it, but i cant use 2 last spells through the window, game told me to go in and have no idea how…

            1. you have to get the bath oil that is next to the basket of dirty clothes next to the washing machine, I don’t remember how to make the option appear, I think you have to look at the bathtub first and go there later, when the mother is watching tv, go in the bathtub and put the oil in it through enter the items, then talk to the mother and don’t use any power, when she goes to the bathroom, go back and unseal the bathroom, now with the fog you can reach her .

  3. 3º power????????????????????????????????????????
    10 sin and anything

  4. Has all of the powers been added to the game yet as i only have two so far and cant get any more from the love doll and i have seven sin now

    1. face!! I went to discover the trigger of the 3rd power with (11 sins) at dawn go to his sister’s room next to him in the wardrobe, take his pile of clothes and take them to wash in the washing machine at the same moment, after washing an event happens.

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