Cure My Addiction [Ch.5 Ep.1 c][Final] [TheGary]

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Cheat Code Chapter 1

weekly_punishment = xx (xx = 1, 2 or 3.) (Don’t use more than 3 or you may get kicked off the ship.)

dayWithoutChores = xx (I use 25 at the max and it worked for me.) (You can reset it to 0 if you need to xx = 0 for no days.)

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Editor's Rating

Story - 86%
Visual - 88%
Engagement - 82%
Core Loop - 84%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.05 ( 28 votes)

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  1. Really sad that chapter 5 is so short and looking abandoned!
    Really liked the game but it does not feel finished way too much was only hinted at would have loved to see more female domination especially in ch.5 (like coworker S winning the game and have a go at MC at the cabin with wife+Amy). And thats just one points of many.

    Can someone spoiler me if it is possible to marry Charlotte or Rachel?


  2. If you are into spanking u would like this game it has a ton of it, im not into it and i still enjoy this game. U could avoid male domination part if play it right or.. turn it off. Let me be clear im not into incest, even tho this game tagged in incest it basically has non. All the girls in this game is not blood related to mc, the only blood related character is his uncle.
    Could be grindy at time but it is rewarding imo, it took me about 30 hour to get all the scenes and finish the story. The story itself is not that good like 7/10 but i could say it is enjoyable and the goal is clear, it definitely make me stay in my seat. Ch 1-3 is a build up for Ch 4 and Ch 5 is basically an epilogue. tips: finish all the scene before going to next Ch.
    One thing that i wish i had more is the animation, only some little scene are animated. Ohh and the music, dev doesn’t put any music in, i use lofi music to play it.
    Conclusion: I highly recommend it, I enjoyed it from start to finish. It has Yacht with mostly topless girls, Nude Island, Sex pet (if u into it) and more. The story is clear and most importantly its FINISHED.

    1. I agree that kind of content is sparse (just reached chapter 3 3/3 aka in office after island)

      There are also some things with the scenes in general I mean in those where you can change positions and have a percentage:
      Why does MC loose arousal for things like cunnilingus and spanking? He clearly is into that!

      Also the contracts after the island: I cannot loose to Sophia anymore (at least not with the ones I tried yet 3x) now I have a contract starting at 30% and needed 19 hours of work. Up to 19h I didn’t do any progress on the contract in workerforce times: MC wasn’t even able to read the contract in 19h which is more than two workdays. Now it is progressing 1% per hour 🙁

      Not sure if I keep up with the game after part3 because it really is becoming a grindfest with little rewards because most of the times it is just repetitive 🙁

      Anyway: I enjoyed the ride until this point

  3. This game became my favourite…… It is fulfilling all my fantasies like boat, nude on an island, vacation……. I’m in so love with this game that I played it like 10 times…..

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