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Culture Shock [Ch. 3 v0.1] [King of lust]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac - (Ch. 2 v1.0)

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot
  • install the app. then you have to copy the asset pack to the folder /Android/data/org.cultureshock.the66/files/game.

    from now on my android ports of Ren’Py games have a 2nd, persistent save location like windows. if you uninstall an app, the save files and persistent data remain intact.
    therefore the app needs the permission to access the public external storage (or a new one on Android 11 :FacePalm:), because it has to read and write outside its own external storage directories.
    you have to grant the permission or the app is shut down.

Download Walkthrough

Download Incest Patch

Content Changed

Enables incest.

Patch Instructions

extract the file into the main folder (where the game exe is)

Download Gallery Unlocker Mod


Gallery code is 81.

This mod adds an in-game walkthrough for the Alpha Route of the game.


PC (Windows/Linux): Unzip the mod file and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your “CultureShock-X-pc” folder.
MAC: Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “CultureShock” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 87%
Visual - 85%
Engagement - 80%
Core Loop - 83%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.83 ( 70 votes)

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  1. 5-6 years milking
    NO INCEST HERE. Zero sex incest of MC with mom or sis. NOTHING.
    With side girls, MC fuck 3 or 4 girls. No MFF. No MFFF paths

    Only pure bromance MMMMMF for gay boys. If are not interesed in mens, not interesed in GAY MC Voyeur path, you can skip this game.

  2. The plot feels dull and does not hit it for me …
    Its about corner your chicks and fight off the diks *sigh* … *snorre*

  3. Can anyone help me on how to move the rpa file to data folder on Android? Whenever I try to move that file an error message pops up.

  4. If i were a cuck I’d be ashamed at myself, I’d be disgusted with myself, for being a dumb piece of shit NTR loving cuck bent on diving used muffs.

    If RanCor had to guess why you stupid people play NTR garbage, then RanCor would guess either because nobody likes you and you can’t even get close to members of the opposite gender (which there are just two of, by the way) without coming off a socially awkward derp, or you’re just a dumb retard with no social skills at all and too fat to actually dislodge yourself from your basement chair you became bloated and stuck in to actually go and meet members of the opposite sex.

    1. I think single moms and feminists play a big role in a cucks development.

      Single moms because they bring home a variety of guys to screw in the next room from their kid. This damages them so they think it’s normal.

      The feminists because they control the schools. They drug and brainwash the masculinity out of male students.

      1. Look out, nohomo, you might just get censored, or is your paranoia mental illness on the decline. Can’t wait for another spike; you’re more fun that way.

        And now we know you lived with a single mom who brought home a variety of guys to screw in the next room. That explains your incel nature so much. I’ll remember this.

      2. A most excellent analogy and I 100% agree.

        Single mothers are trash people. The majority of who probably don’t even know which daddy goes to which of theit faggotized and feminized kids.

        1. It’s sweet how you’re verbally sticking your tongue up his ass. Here I thought you’d be the top in that relationship.

          Take it while you can, nohomo, he’ll have his pink in your stink before long, but you’re the kind of lonely bottom who’d drop trou without even being asked just for someone to accept you.

          1. Lot of projecting there faggot. You cant even talk to another guy without thinking sexually.

            As to the censorship. I’m using another IP. So yes, using the same moniker is still a risk. On another website (fap nation). They went crazy with the censorship to stop the truth. A couple monikers would instantly flag your comment. IP’s were blocked. And many words were flagged. All to protect the poor oppressed faggots like you from the truth. To stop people like myself from getting the word out about what you groomers are up to.

            Sadly on sites like youtube or face book. They are much better at censorship and you cant say anything at all about fags and what the globalists are up to. Because the gay movement is part of the movement to control you. How? By making you repeat ridiculous absurdities. Like a man can become a woman or being a fag is normal. That’s how they got so many to take the death shot. This is all designed to bombard you every day with new absurdities to break your will. So you give up and then they can enslave you.

            1. I adore how you can’t stand metaphor.
              I love how you think I’ve given up.
              I laugh in joy at how you think 1984 isn’t about Fascism, at how you think you understand logic but can’t apply it, that all you have are vague statements as you sit on the exact same spectrum of hysterics as the libtards and whataboutists.

              And you’re almost there, but you keep stabbing yourself in the dick while saying how ANOTHER PORN SITE MADE YOU DO IT.


              If you woke up and got some help for your obvious delusions, you’d be much closer to the real global problem. You’re so AFRAID that you’d become a sheep that you don’t know how much you already are.

              Your idiocy and ease of being trolled makes every day of mine that much brighter.


    2. It’s cute how you think the muffs you dive aren’t used, RanCor. Do you think all your women are waiting for you and only you before you deflower them? Like I said, cute! Stupid, but cute.

      If you were a cuck you wouldn’t be posting “if I were a cuck”, either, so…good on you for identifying a tautology? Take some logic lessons from Nohomo. I hear he’s good at logic. Or so he says. He’s not, but you two are made for each other.

      In a non-gay way, obviously.

      1. Diving muffs and deflowering are things you will never do or even need to worry about as you continually rummage through the NTR section looking for already filled muffs on whatever cuck programs you currently have running as you struggle to even be relevant to anything.

        1. No, I’m mostly here baiting hot-heads who were here first. Try to find Nohomo on any other tag and you will fail.

          Whether or not I’m getting any is vastly unimportant (I am, but it’s unimportant) compared your double-standards re: all the sloppy seconds you always get with every girl you’ve been with starting with your mom.

          See, I can make nonsense insults too! Go on, tell me how I’m a fag! You’re wrong, but get it out of your system while you jerk off thinking that you’re the superior homo instead of, let’s be clear, you ACTUALLY going out and getting laid.

          It’s not whether or not I’m sad. I’m fine when I’m sad. It’s called “being an adult”. This is about whether or not you are okay with being sad.

          You are very sad, Little Edge-Lord, thinking that what you say hurts me at all, and that’s how I know you’re as stupid as your “More Metal Than Thou” logo.

          Rage Against The Machine hates people like you, btw. He dedicated his career to his schoolteacher mother. He tells fascists to fuck off. There’s a manly metalhead.

          I’ll be here basking in the warm, sweet irony of your impotent rage while you try to come up with another lame, impotent reply.


        2. Also what the hell is a “cuck program”? You seem to know an awful lot more about…cuck things…than I do.

          That’s pretty sus.

  5. I would say as far as appealing to multiple audiences (because those that like NTR aren’t going to be a majority – and do count as a different audience) the problem is LESS that there IS NTR content; than the implementation in the paths’ divisions.

    Alpha path SHOULD be SET, and IRREVOCABLE at the BEGINNING of the game. There should be NOT A DAMNED THING you can do to “ALTER” that. So should the BETA path if that’s what players want to see. The two should NEVER mix.
    It shouldn’t be about “staying” on the Alpha path. It should NEVER be possible to LEAVE the alpha path. Same thing as the Beta if that’s what you chose. It would create the clear dilineation the computer needs; and save you about a hundred thousand crossed flags to code in. Way too many variations of “If X happens, by the time of Y, then Z can or will happen”

    The problem with intermingling to make such alterations is that you’re effectively asking the computer to process shit tons of flags for each, the longer you go on, and it WILL fuck up. Eventually. So no. There needed to be JUST ONE path. Harem. Call it “Alpha” if you want. Call it whatever you want = 99% of gamers tend to play the game to WIN. Not be made to feel like some pathetic little bitch while they watch other assholes get the girls they want. If that gets your rocks off, fine and fair enough, but it did NOT need to be in this game. We do that as people enough in real life, with no choice about control of whether that happens. It’s WHY dating sucks. (I would have said it was fine for the Mom and the Sister just to freaking avoid for once the Incest tag… but I don’t need to see their relationships progress in that case either)

    Until you manage the above mate; I’m not downloading this game any more than I already have. You can absolutely finish it, and if you still can’t lock in the path you want FROM THE VERY FUCKING BEGINNING, then it’s going to be an I’ll pass. I’ve already downloaded enough to know in 2 CHAPTERS you get I think ONE actual sex scene. Maybe almost two? One is with a barista. Who doesn’t even seem to want more than friends with benefits. The rest are all basically a massive cock tease. Anticipation can be a good thing, to make us want to get to the lewd stuff buddy, but there’s a point where you NEED to actually GET to the fucking sex in these games. I’d also add pregnancy as content – even if just an endgame goal to breed them all. Because you’re blue balling the fuck out of your audience with what you’ve got, so far as I recall. Deliniate the paths properly. Fix it so they cannot be fucked up, and I’d say your game is worth the shot. The time invested. The aggrevation of WAY too much building of stats that shouldn’t be needed if the girls actually consider MC the “Alpha.” Other than that, it’s just a another sink to get money out of subs. Which if that’s what you intend, fair enough.

    1. Yeah, because telling people they cannot EVER CHANGE THEIR MIND is GOOD FOR CHOOSE-YOUR-OWN ADVENTURE NOVELLAS.

      It’s not. It’s horrible. It’s a stupid idea and you’re an idiot for suggesting it.

      “SpaceXXX Corps” has done this well because the things you’re deciding on affect the between-choices section of the game. AND YOU CAN CHANGE THIS AT ANY TIME.

      It’s called FREEDOM OF CHOICE. This is not a BOOK, this is a GAME. A game with CHOICES. If you didn’t want to make CHOICES then that’s on you. If it’s too hard for you to MAKE THE ALPHA CHOICE EVERY TIME then that’s on you.

      It’s okay if you download a game that does NOT have the #kinetic novel tag and EXPECT ONE. I expect that you, as an author of REAL NOVELS, knew how to read, but that was my mistake.

      “Until you manage the above mate; I’m not downloading this game any more than I already have.”


      … You’re right. Reading your horrible reviews IS amusing! And more fun than the game! Thank you for posting, No. You’re almost more fun than Nohomo. Almost.

      1. A semi colon is a half pause dick head… that is exactly what I intended in the statement you are criticizing. So YOU should learn how they work. Go fuck yourself. But then you’d probably enjoy it.

        By the way – Space Corps XXX is a dumb assed game with too many bullshit fetishes and game overs. It’s NOT actually a harem because god forbid the fuckwits that made the game actually made a walkthrough mod; and the main character’s a retard. There’s next to no actual pregnancy in what VERY little of the walkthrough picture I could read – and that is also stupid because I’m pretty sure the ONLY thing the MC in that game can get pregnant is aliens. It IS NOT a good example for any game.

        As far as not being able to change = there are exactly 2 FUCKING PATHS in this game; neither are well defined and the one that ISN’T supposed to show you as the player NTR scenes if you don’t want to see them DOES NOT WORK BECAUSE the fucking paths are not properly seperated. That is why I suggested the clean break from the beginning. Think before you post more bullshit, you ass. I’m really getting goddamned tired of you, and if I knew where you lived in real life I’d actually take a crowbar to your hands, just so you could never type again. Seriously. Stop fucking commenting at me. You are a dick, and there are not enough insults to describe the fact you’re a terrible human being. Piss off.

        1. Grammarly:

          What is correct semicolon use? The most common semicolon use is joining two independent clauses without using a coordinating conjunction like and. Semicolons can also replace commas when listing items that already use commas, such as listing cities and states.

          Sussex University:

          The semicolon (;) has only one major use. It is used to join two complete sentences into a single written sentence when all of the following conditions are met:

          (1) The two sentences are felt to be too closely related to be separated by a full stop;
          (2) There is no connecting word which would require a comma, such as and or but;
          (3) The special conditions requiring a colon are absent.


          The semicolon ; (or semi-colon[1]) is a symbol commonly used as orthographic punctuation. In the English language, a semicolon is most commonly used to link (in a single sentence) two independent clauses that are closely related in thought, such as when restating the preceding idea with a different expression. When a semicolon joins two or more ideas in one sentence, those ideas are then given equal rank.[2] Semicolons can also be used in place of commas to separate items in a list, particularly when the elements of the list themselves have embedded commas.[3]

          No standardized definition of the semicolon has it as “half pause”, but I’d be willing to be educated, unlike you. I assume you’re “No”. Regardless, I assume whomever you are don’t know much about REAL writing, which “No” has proposed to be.

          I have serious doubts, but I also know that “No” can have a conversation, as opposed to whatever it is you’re trying to do above. Yell your way to being correct? Well that DOES also sound like “No”.

          Nowhere in “No”‘s review does he mention there are “only two paths”. Really, his review is pretty sketchy on details about anything but specific complaints. That’s his main problem, and one of the reasons I mock him relentlessly. I DO directly respond to him any time he calls me out and I see it (I can’t keep track of all these games) because I do think that somewhere in there he does want to be a good writer, but this edgelord internet persona gets in the way and makes so many of his so-called reviews a screaming match revealing little more than his personal preferences.

          I wrote something in his writing style and here you are, getting huffy. Kinda proves my point.


  6. The RPA file for android has not been uploaded and is just the link for the apk could you please upload the RPA file.

    1. … And it takes 10 hours of gameplay for MC’s Mother to feel comfortable with no top, yet within an hour she’s okay doing it with Marcus. So out of character and makes the story stupid.

  7. I just completed chapter 2 Android version and there’s not a single NTR scene. If you stay on ALPHA PATH and continue to grow your confidence upto 135 then only you can have sex with Tracy and sunny in chapter 2. All bugs have been fixed. I don’t understand why some assholes are whinning about NTR shit. Clearly you fucks are not opting right choices. Emma will be dating MC if your confidence score is around 100. I will write down few important points to stay away from NTR.
    1. Stay on Alpha path and continue to grow confidence.
    2. Wherever you see love points just choose that. It should be greater than corruption.
    3. Opt Tracy modling option in alpha route. Don’t opt beta toute as you will be opening that NTR shit. At the beginning of chapter 2 dev will ask important question. Choose Tracy dates MC instead of single and sunny dates MC instead of marcus followed by karla, Maude and emma. With this main girls will be in your grasp.
    4. Karla will be the first to trigger scene followed by Maude and finnally Emma ie..around 91 score. For Emma choose only positive option wherever possible form 51 score.
    5. Keep marcus stay away from sunny wherever possible. Don’t ignore sunny points especially when Emma Sophie wanna have threesome with mc. This will trigger kissing scene. For quick fap opt threesome else go for sunny points.
    6. At the end of chapter 2..
    Tracy stats love – 32, corruption – 39, slut – 6
    Sunny stats love – 29, corruption – 15, slut – 2
    Karla like – 7, emma like – 18, Maude like – 3 and felinez like = 0 (all dating MC)
    7. Finally it’s up to you to either go on a date with xiyan or help felinez on weekend. I opted felinez for sex scene. or BJ scene with xiyan.


    1. I love you bro (i am not gay) haha. thank you very much for this explanation and going through the effort. I really appreciate it. I hate NTR and people who create, promote and love it. Seriously they can even see their mother and sister and their own wife getting banged by other man, Which I think isn’t normal.

      1. Why on earth do you care if your mother or sister is banged by another man? That’s what we in the real world call “normal”. Not even Nohomo or Ran-COR the Edgelord could argue that. You better hope that your mom was banged by another man; that man, by the way, is called your dad.

        Everything else is incest, and incest is far, far less normal than volunteering to be a cuck.

        The wife thing is NTR. The rest is in your head.

    2. My confidence point is 109 still i get to see marcus having sex with emma. what should i do please help. Emma love point is 8 and slut point is 0 still i have to face NTR. 🙁 please help

    3. Option of setting emma to date with MC is not there. Only Tracy, Sunny, Maude and Karla options are showing. How to get emma dating MC option please help me. And is there any dating scene of emma with MC before MC goes to Emma’s house with Marcus and James? if there please tell where and if not then how can I avoid NTR scene at emma house or change dating status of emma with MC

  8. I will admit I like this AVN a bit, even if I have some problems with it. Its not high art, the renders are good, girls are cute enough and all that (although most of them are actually LARGER than the MC). The writing is average at best with spelling and grammatical problems but I forgive all that because it is an escape from everyday things and it actually does this. The things I really have a problem with are things like telling me the family is in a place I’ve been and seeing that it looks NOTHING LIKE THAT PLACE, telling me they are gonna eat SALMON while showing a whole grilled fish on a plate… DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT SALMON LOOKS LIKE? Going to the teacher/love interest’s house to cook STEAK dinner and showing plates of spaghetti instead… Having to leave a restaurant because one has work and the other has school the next day, then the next morning the person IS OFF WORK (that isn’t what you said last night, lady!!!), … There are just so many glaring inconsistencies that get me… So the biggest problem with this AVN is the developer’s incredibly short attention span and apparent lack of all manner of real world experiences.

  9. Could be great if the dev was pandering to incel fags that want to be cucked. The alpha route is solid but the fact that NTR exists in this game at all when it shouldn’t ruins the experience.

  10. Sorry but there is no such things,
    maybe depend the game version mine is 0.9 and there is no way to change the dating status, no 360Degree arrow or anything else to interract with.
    In game progress don’t allow to properly date her or I missed something, tried different choices and path and nothing change.
    The 0.9 version got a few bugs, loophole in a few scenes and such maybe thats related.
    Also the game still ask on day26 who you are dating, emma is not there so I guess there is something with it.
    Except maybe changing game variable script I can’t see a way to change Emma status.
    Thx anyway

  11. Ugh… I fucking hate NTR but I thought, well in this game it can be avoided. So I followed the walkthrough with the alpha route and still got cucked in the emma event… fuck this, I’m out.

    1. Yeah had the same shit, game sound bugged on this part,
      a comment bellow said you need to date emma before going at james/emma place but no xay to date her (or change her status to dating, maybe manualy changing variable in games files),
      certainly something bugged since the game on day 26 ask you who you are dating but no choice for emma, only way sound to skip the event> not going to hang out with marcus/james.
      I also had a few loophole scenes repeating a few times (v0.9) and not having it in precedent version v0.8.
      Right now it’s more bugged tha it was.

    2. Yeah, it appears that if you go with James and Marcus back to James and Emma’s house that the CUCKOLDRY is unavoidable no matter what your status with Emma and Marcus are… The way to avoid this Emma scene is to walk Sunny home instead, I don’t think its a coded event in that case but I have to agree it is PISS POOR WORK ON THE PART OF THE DEV and the MC reaction is just to passively watch, JO and act like its all cool… EFF THAT, I’d be beating the crap out of Marcus and permanently dumping (AND DUMPING ON) Emma … it was a disgusting scene only appropriate for REAL BETA BOIS.

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