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Cosy Cafe [v0.9] [Cosy Creator]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - Cosy Cafe sets itself apart from other games in the genre by maintaining a focused narrative, centered around a few characters and their interconnected stories.This approach adds a touch of believability to the harem storyline, making it more engaging. However, the character writing is overly stereotypical and sometimes lacking depth. - 70%
Visual - The visuals in Cosy Cafe fall on the simpler end of the spectrum, with rough renders and bland character models. The vibrant colors used for the locations can appear garish and detract from the overall aesthetic. While the characters may be attractive, they do not possess distinguishing features that make them stand out. - 56%
Engagement - Engagement (76/100): Despite the visual and character shortcomings, Cosy Cafe manages to create an engaging experience. The game's simplicity and focus allow players to immerse themselves in the day-to-day tasks and interactions within the cafe. As the owner, players juggle various responsibilities, fostering an enjoyable sense of progression and accomplishment. While the writing may not be stellar, the overall gameplay keeps players invested and eager to see how their decisions shape the story. - 76%
Core Loop - The core loop of Cosy Cafe revolves around managing the cafe, interacting with characters, and progressing the story. While this loop provides a decent foundation, it lacks certain aspects that could make it more compelling. The game's repetitive nature and the shallow character writing hinder the core loop from reaching its full potential. - 49%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.54 ( 99 votes)

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  1. Having now played through to the end of the current update, a few points:

    – If the main character’s grandfather was one of the five family heads; how is the MC quite that broke? For that matter how is Catherine working at a pizza parlor (rather, when I first saw it the assumption was maybe her family was “Old Money” in the vein of really only holding the title and the prestige by the skin of their teeth but not actually as Wealthy as they were purported to be – which could have been interesting)

    – If so many of the first families know what happened to MC’s grandfather; and Allison is the headmistress of a school, should she not maybe be smart enough to SHARE what the hell happened to put him out of town. If she actually wants MC’s trust for real. Rather than trying to crowbar him into marrying her little sister = which since they don’t know or at that point even factually like each other at all, really ISN’T a better option for either party than her marrying Brian. Or sex kittening it up, when he outright says that’s not going to be a tactic that works on him. Play stupid games; win stupid prizes counts for more than just one person. [This is tied to letting THE PLAYER choose who the “main girls” are. There should not be “Side Girls = and while we’re on it, I really would have figured Anabelle to be a main. Not a side. There’s the fact you introduced Elizabeth Russell; and it seems like she COULD be a main girl] In Hannah’s case MC is not wrong that she should have the balls to just stand up to Daddy and say fuck off. He’s a prick and I don’t want to marry him. It’s NOT really a situation that MC needed to be involved in.

    – I get that Pet Catgirl was a double agent; and I get why it’d be hard to divide loyalties and all but you left her off so long I legitimately thought you were taking her out of the game. There’s also the point that somehow her sister and her cousin also count as mains. So I’d posit instead of “Main & Side” it should boil down to “Trusted/Kept” and Not Trusted. The points I made above in response and agreement with Tester’s comment still apply. If you’re going to go ham on the marry me issue, birth control is a little bit stupid. It’s called Entrapment. It was actually a common and viable (though dishonorable) means to make a male marry you not that many centuries ago. It’s still used to this day. If they’re all that het up to become MC’s wives because he is the “head of the fifth” as it were [Adding that one male who got real bitter when you know the MC has fuck all for finances and connections in general was also a DICK move bud. You could have written = Hey, wait. I can’t help just yet as I’m barely situated in town myself; but give me some time and I’ll see what I can do. There’s NO point in burning bridges like that, just to make the other guy seem impatient or dickish. Though I appreciate the humanizing touch of the exchange. It doesn’t always just have to be hot girls (even if they’re massive bitches) that MC goes bent over backward out of his way to help.

    – I’m also thinking it’ll be interesting to see the teacher’s reaction when she realizes she’s been boning her student. I expect you might just make her head explode… and again: Bag of cats he doesn’t really need. Allison was already a harder sell – and somehow more likeable than Hannah at the moment; but you might have fixed that by adding her in trying to make up with Lucy and Victoria more often after her bitchboy intended buggered off with Mika for the day – BUT at least she actually has an understandable motive. I don’t mind the fuck me teacher bit, but it’s a lot more complicated than you really seem to want to make this whole restaurant based harem game. You kept insisting he doesn’t want drama and political BS, but you make him grope teacher on the train… why? She has nothing realistically presented thus far that would help him with the five, and if he wants stress relief he has two hot girlfriends at home. Near three, and very soon four to count [Though I’ll caution you to fuck off with the Tsundere bit soon. The point of that archtype is they do MELT. She’s done endearing enough for now, but damn dude… you’re on a fine line with her as far as I’m concerned. Yes, she has small tits and body image issues. We get it. So do most of us. If she doesn’t stop calling him an idiot, or pushing him away within the next maybe 2 updates whenever he wants to be sexual, it’s gonna get a LOT less endearing. The exact reason Tsundere does NOT work in reality is because they say and do the total opposite of what they actually want. Most people have a finite limit for that kind of bullshit. She can be the Tsundere with EVERYONE ELSE but you need to fully melt her with the MC. Soon. Stubborn as fuck does NOT mean stupid]

    – Considering how toxic Rachael is as a character I actually would appreciate a complete reversal. Since Vicky wants us to break her so much = Do it. By the end of her induction into the Harem proper Rachael should become a brainless, sex craving nymph who only wants to fuck the MC. I’d make her for the sheer irony, the most eager to breed as well. Being exactly, or even more so Submissive than Victoria has become. In the vein of The Student Has Surpassed The Master so to speak. Come on, you know you wanna make her the super freak between the sheets. Or anywhere MC wants, for that matter. She really, REALLY needs to get some. To understand what Rape is, and more properly is NOT. : / I’m not going to say she can’t be a main girl. I am reiterating that the choice in this genre should always belong to the player how involved we get with ANY girl. Especially if they’re not that integral to the story, and if they are there should be a work around.

    Beyond that, other than a slightly rough start with Vicky and the rest: You’ve actually crafted an engaging, compelling story I played pretty much straight through. The story makes sense (mostly) and the girls are by and large either endearing from the start, and attractively rendered, or they grow to be as time goes on. That’s character development. I will laud the hell out of you for actually giving a flying fuck about story arcs and character growth. Actual personality traits and even different body types. Thankfully without the massive cow tit troupe, and curves galour. I am extremely looking forward to more out of this game and very much want to see where you go with it.

    1. now that omega faggot over here is done posting on this site we can get some real reviews from people who aren’t total losers.

    2. There was some decent progress on this update. Oddly enough a certain asshole chose to comment on one of the few unmitigatedly positive reviews for a game I’ve ever posted. Go read the one I just made on The Daddy Plan, whenever the Moderaters get around to putting it up. You won’t win. I won’t let you win. You can say whatever you like; I’m not here for your enjoyment. Twisted as it may be. I’m here for mine. You don’t matter to me, and I will no longer bother engaging any of you. For any reason. Your words are wind. Read if you want, comment if you care to. It does not matter.

      I appreciated that you let Hannah open up a bit. I also appreciate that Allison has a “long game” view. I can even get behind her notion that with what happened to MC’s grandpa, he shouldn’t fuck a girl he can’t trust (I did say Trusted and Not Trusted is better than Main/Side…) I’m interested in seeing what you do with Anabelle. I still think she should be in the main girls. Rachael is someone you need to decide exactly what to do with; she CAN’T keep being this kind of thorn in MC’s side – and NOBODY is that obstinate no matter their convictions. If she IS going to ever be a true part of this otherwise very well crafted harem, you CAN’T make the audience objectively hate her. So something’s got to give, and it should be her. [I’d also find it hilarious if she’s the first girl you let the player impregnate, just because being a good little submissive home-maker can be what she never knew she always wanted, and is so contrary to her presumptive worldview]

      I don’t think that Culinary school is really the best path. There are plenty of successful tech entreprenuers that would disagree a full education, rather than a FOCUSED one, is necessary. The MC’s already got enough on his plate. Adding more school to that, may be jumping the shark as to how much energy he actually has per day. Having the MC’s pet girlfriend attend if she wants is a nice touch though. I do think her sister needs to be beaten ASAP, and to officially join the harem. I also think that working with Elizabeth Russell in conjunction with Allison is a decent plan. BUT you need something in place (IE: GIVE HANNAH A FREAKING BACKBONE EXACTLY THIS ONE TIME…) IF the plan falls through because Allison’s father is a stubborn asshole. Hannah does not need to “rebel” directly, and rebellion is NOT the same as standing up for yourself. Brian is NOT in her best interest. Let her make her father understand how much forcing that issue for the sake of his “honor” will HURT her in the longrun, and HAS been hurting her. It’s not that hard to do, if he actually does give a fuck about her at all. Getting Elizabeth into the harem will hopefully be a thing, and there’s not really a reason that MC couldn’t pull off what his grandpa did – but with women he knew he could absolutely trust to be Ride Or Die for him. I don’t think all of Sarah’s family is unsalvageable to join the harem. I’d also like to see the stalker issue resolved fairly soon. Sarah’s already softening enough to viably join the other three as permanently living with MC. [It would be kind of funny if you somehow added her mom into the harem… just a thought]

      I also don’t think any girl who was already taken (Mika) or was never intended to be a real option for the MC needed to be listed in the character bios. It’s fine they exist in game, but that confuses who is on the list, or who may at some point be on the list to join the harem. Overall, I do hope again to see much more out of this. I’d like genuine talks about pregnancy and the option to choose whether to go that path. Or for it to happen organically with player choice asked once. Either way. If they’re all going to one day be his wives, they’re all going to want family. It IS a mark of status to a woman. Whether they’d agree with that point or not. Considering you say in the changelog that this was one of the longer updates, I was a bit surprised by how short it ran… but I started at version 0.8 so I had more catching up to do and it was a length to play through the game. Keep up the good work mate.

    1. Yess i am really enjoying this AVN i hope it’s updated very soon (it says last updated on March 4 2024(today) but I don’t see any changes in the download links.)

    2. If you would have used that squishy pink jelly in your head, you would have seen that today’s release was for patrons only. In about 30 days it will be publicly released.

  2. Good game for non homos. Ypou get a bunch of hot chicks and I don’t even think there is another guy in game. The variety of chicks are good as well. Petite to big tit with different personality. With no disgusting land whales or grandmas. So if you are a normal guy not interested harry man ass then you will probably like this game.

  3. I don’t understand the rating system for this game either. Sexy animations with gorgeous girls. What more can you ask for?
    Light years better than Artemis which has a 96 rating but has zero animations.

    1. you have to be a retard saying artemis has zero animations are you blind it says animations in the tags of those AVN that have them and artemis has animations retard

  4. Came across this site because I saw it driving traffic to my itch page.

    What’s up with the ‘Editor’s Rating’ thing here? Half of it is obviously lifted right from the only bad review I’ve had on another site, and then it keeps talking about the gameplay loop where the player juggles various responsibilities, manages the cafe, and gets to see how their decisions shape the story – but it’s a kinetic novel, there is no management and there are no player decisions.

        1. @Cosy Creator
          I don’t think the reviews are real. A lot of these distribution sites are run by bots that crawl DL links off of F95 itch and patreon mostly F95 I think and it would stand to reason that the reviews are crawled too

    1. The story was actually a pretty good start with what you have done so far. The only thing I dislike is the lack of choice as I personally like having the ability to chose which girls I end up with even if I dismiss some of the content. Rachel for example would definitely be a no go for me as I cant stand feminism to that degree of where even their own mistakes are blamed on men in general due to not accepting their own faults if you are unsure of how to setup a pretty decent choice system with a school setting, take a look at the adult VN beingadik as that has one of the best choice setups I’ve seen so far. Also I look forward to seeing how the rest of this story plays out.

      1. One of the best points of this game is that the girls are all in on it together, accepting of each other, understanding of each others’ feelings, etc. They are open with the MC, and he even gets their approval for potential new girls. It’s not really a bunch of separate relationships with the MC. It’s more like a collective relationship with shared experiences, like collective intimacy. They know each other’s “kinks” or roles and they often play off that. The MC even shares the details of what has happened with regard to new girls who are still outside of the cafe group, which is awesome, like they are also his best friends and not just romance/sex objects.

        If choices were added to decline relationships, I think it would be a big hindrance to the story. In fact, I think every girl might be intertwined in the story rather than any being one-off separate events. If so, that would require quite extensive branches of the story to be written to allow choices.

        I don’t know what happens with Rachel, but I would imagine she will change her attitude quite a lot, though reluctantly and with some denial. Perhaps she will learn come to learn that true feminism is what the other girls have, where they have absolute equality, aren’t doing anything they don’t consent to, and even have veto power over allowing new girls. Perhaps she will question them and they will teach her about her about how great and loving their relationship is. I look forward to not just the 1 on 1 relationship of Rachel with the MC, but to the collective relationship of her with all the girls.

      2. I’d have to agree with Tester; considering there is a divide for side characters I was surprised Rachael is considered a main. I was also surprised that Mika is just a straight up no. I get that she’d have to Hard EARN redemption, but just NOPE from two girls makes me wonder why she’s even listed as a side character. It’s a Harem: The Player should get the final say about any girl they want to invest in. As to Rachael, I could take her as a meta joke hyperbolically, but other than that she’s annoying as balls. I expect with the BDSM content so far there’s going to be something where maybe the Headmistress will sign up to help you “teach her a lesson” by “breaking” her as the Dom. Though I’m not sure that will be handled right at this point. She’s a bag of cats I wouldn’t mess with just for the controversy. The automatic assumption of rape in the rules was a brick wall turn off to her character for me.

        I would also appreciate the addition of pregnancy content in the future; as a player choice. Lucy mentioning birth control was more than a little jarring – given how she’s basically willing to do whatever the player wants. She’s characterized as timid as fuck = but smart enough to consider birth control. Which in the states isn’t commonly handed out in a school setting as far as I know, and is somewhat expensive. They don’t have much money between them as they’re just starting out at Day 1,1 and she mentions I have to wait til Sunday to fuck her because that’s when the birth control kicks in [First, you’re killing a potential kink to widen the audience; second it’s actually a staple of the endgame of the genre] Given the quality of the build up and the writing so far I found that point very irksome.

        I get it, their only about 18, but in the longrun these girls BELONG to MC. You wrote it. So why not go full bore when the cafe does get to the point it’s doing well enough and all the girls are comfortably his to keep. Just a suggestion. It doesn’t need to be immediate, but at some point if their all that invested in their man, some of them at least are gonna want a family. And the cat-girl’s probably gonna be down for at least one litter… You went there pal, I can make a joke about it. (Though I will agree, it makes her very cute as a quirk)

  5. Personally I like this game. You bang lots of cute females like a NORMAL fantasy of NORMAL men. No ntr, no homos, no deranged trannies. It’s good stuff and should rate in the 80 range.

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