College Bound [v0.6.15] [FOZ]

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Download Arctic Adventure

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Download Arctic Adventure

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download walkthrough & Incest Mod

Here is my Walkthrough Mod with an option for Incest between the MC and (aunt) Lynda & (cousin) Jess.
I will in the future have my normal style of cheat mods that will let you still be able to do the Summer Only parts when they become available in the game so that you can also do all the other girls that you want to do too.
For the Walkthrough part I’ve added extra context to the options when they make a difference in the game, list their achievements, whether it is to change a game switch or just extra dialogue that makes the game make more sense for the story.
As for the incest part, it is optional and tweaks the storyline between the MC and both Lynda and Jesse that Foz had already mildly teased at the possibilities of them being family in their original storylines of them.

I now have versions for both the Patreon Public version and the Steam version.
Included is some screen shots.

Just extract the rar file in the same folder where the CollegeBound.exe is, allowing Windows to overwrite the files.
Only download the version that matches the game version you are playing.

Download Gallery Unlocker Mod


Unlocks the gallery

Extract and Copy to game folder->renpy

View Character Sheet

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 95%
Visual - 94%
Engagement - 91%
Core Loop - 90%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.78 ( 107 votes)

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  1. Funniest game i`ve ever played story is all over the place think the dev was high on something when he was writing this

  2. The first scene can be misleading. Most of the girls are the total opposite of the first one that shows up.
    Even if the author describes them as MILF, I will stick to “older ladies”. Tits, asses, stretch lines and celulities is the focus (the 2 latest thankfully tuned down later). Even younger girls (other students) need to have those “assets” to attract MC.
    Very few girls look anything as the first. I know some will argue about girls looking like in RL……but no one can shoot a spider net out of his wrist and this is still a game.
    The h-scenes are bad but later they get way better (still not best out there but at least better). MC is not always given a choice about the type os scene (anal sometimes forced to player).
    Dialogues are good despite lots of attempts to make puns during the scene that in most cases only break the good flow of the scene.
    Story has the classic stuff (massage, corruption, blackmail, cheating, romance…) with some more serious drama topics. Some choices can have a significant impact way later. Pregnancy looks to be the canon path.
    I would recommend to play with the cheat mod. Would probably require 5-6 play-through knowing what choice has a significant impact to get all scenes so far.
    The last updates give the feeling that the author is running out of ideas and, to proving different content, just getting chained events that somehow don’t fell right.
    The game DNA seems to be drifting away from MC wanting to have fun while caring for the girls (most of them) and them to be dedicated to him. Events are losing sense
    1. a known dominatrix is hired as teacher and has a lesbian bdsm scene with one of the girls (mc just peeking)
    2. 20 years of miserable life + almost killed a few week before, it just takes girls that was the cause of it to send flowers and the victim gives in for a lesbian affair
    3. MC was not comfortable with his girl going for cam girl career and suddenly joins as actor
    4. Starting to introduce mc jealousy and other guys hitting on the girls…
    So far no LI is involved in something without MC but only fuck buddies.
    Guess future updates might create new tags for this game…not sure if it’s for the best.

  3. Zippyshare is apparently shutting down in about 13 days, some stuff seems to only be on there, like “Beneath Steel Clouds”.

  4. Have just played through the most recent update after a while off (blanca’s trip cut out half way through and I could see Too Many opportunities to get screwed for “cheating” – If it’s a dating sim; just assume that the player PICKED Blanca and stop showing options with the other girls. Deliniation is the KEY to actual replayability. Not making the MC fuck up down paths the player essentially signs up for *** BECAUSE. IT’S. A. SEX. GAME! *** Jesus)

    First: Always, ALWAYS offer the player the choice of what type of sex they want to see [Not everyone likes anal scenes and it has absolutely fuck all to do with dominance if that’s your excuse] and LET THE PLAYER CHOOSE where they will FINISH. If these girls are going to let the MC raw dog – do not talk of contraceptives. They are very aware of the risk; and they can be on them outside of conversation for all anyone gives a flying rat’s ass but the key is that you are borking the fetish you tease with that idea. The thrill of it IS in the RISK. It does not have to happen = It eventually will regardless.

    Next: Mary will NOT have a fiance after she falls pregnant by MC. Period. Unless you obsess over making him exactly as dickless as Matt (which I do understand – BUT it puts MC in a bad situation with Mary; or makes her kind of a hypocrite since she’s willing to forgive MC’s outside behavior *** She’s at least aware of what’s going on, or has actively joined with Lynda once *** but she’s doing the full cuckold femdom thing because you saw it on pornhub. If Mary is “One of the most fertile girls she’s ever seen” then No. No… you don’t put a few months next to that. She shouldn’t be older than 35 years old regardless. It does NOT take that long to become a teacher. As a player, I also don’t need to hear her say she can see herself spending the rest of her life with this arse: She IS going to be seeking the MC to knock her the fuck up. So no. Either for a teacher she’s an idiot, or you need to make her realize before she even asks MC to do it (I know that’s where you’ll lead to, otherwise she’s a stick with no carrot for the player) that she sees MC in the place of her finace.

    I still say this game would be miles better (and less stressful – even on Summer if you want to go there) as a HAREM. All you really have to do is ASK the player from the beginning of the game if they want to build a harem. If they want it to be a dating sim, and keep to one girl. Then let them choose as the story goes on, and stick to that consequence. I will say I appreciate that you can get rid of Liu and Miranda (Though the FIRST time you put her in prison should have been the LAST!) ** Sina is attractive but that plan B BS lost her points as much as the we don’t want babies line. If she’s thinking that clearly, she’s obviously not that hot for the risky sex bit. Which is counter to what you’re aiming for there. Besides; She’d the SUBMISSIVE. Yes, that includes breeding rights. If you’re going to make her get serious with MC, that’s the way you fix it. Liu should soften to the point of being submissive too, and a potential girlfriend = Since I assume you’re actively aiming to let the player build a harem without ever referring to it as one anyway. You need to make that turning point CRYSTAL CLEAR. The point where you can say you shouldn’t do what your parents say, leads to leaving without sex. The other option grants sex, but screws the idea of any kind of long-term relationship by it’s wording in the term, and later on when you actually meet with Mary over it. That needs to be fixed, because it seems like you’re locking the player out of a girl no matter what… and unlike Miranda I do think Liu is as redeemable as Mia’s daughter (Though given the whole thing with newly starting a relationship with Blanca at that point I think I may have borked the relationships. With a lot of women trying to stay loyal… Do you see why it SHOULDN’T be a freaking consequence thing???)

    You’ve introduced too many girls who stand as too many potential roadblocks. To anything positive at the end. Blanca may have an open mind to a three way relationship – but she approaches outside sex from the cam girl thing like business. [So your idea of let’s convince Blanca NOT to be a Camgirl was let’s get MC in on it; and make Blanca’s boyfriend an actual amatuer porn star?!?] I don’t see any ending that will be happy in this giant cluster of fucking. (Personally if I can get all the breeding age females pregnant, to keep for MC at the end – THAT is the one ending I’d actually invest to see. Other than that, it’s just a whole lotta red flags. With not enough for the back button to keep me playing the field. In motion. Babies. I’m gonna have to penalize you. Ooo… I can do it too. It’s really only witty when you let the MC be aware of what the hell her response to his lead in actually was. But that would require you let him be aware of Motown, and the oldies in general.

  5. The story is unrecognisable now. No idea what’s happening with story just bullshit. Where it started it & how it started & now where it is doesn’t make any sense.

    1. Really, the story never actually made sense. You’re presented with a way to get into the college trip without having to go the “hot for dean” route; but I found it a PITA to even try to do. You start with a girlfriend who’s properly bipolar in general – who frankly SHOULD be open to the idea of you having an “open” relationship that she chooses to opt out of, just to NOT lose the best guy she’s capable of getting. Most would not stick around for even half her BS. She should, if she’s going to be written this frail, know that and suggest that she will allow MC to seek others. So long as he keeps her [It should be a harem game – since 90% of the content involves NSFW scenes with OTHER women] Blanca should properly have had the option to STOP being a webcam girl if the MC (or properly the player) say’s they’re not okay with it. You can literally impregnate the chunky indian virgin… but of course the hotter sleek goth girl is too smart to allow that (because nevermind anyone that likes that kind of content – let’s just provide the most half assed, insulting point where it can be had) They are, and are not properly “together” so god knows where the hell that would go. You can if you play the cards right, fuck both your aunt, who kind of isn’t, and your cousin, who also kind of isn’t depending on what’s patched in. Said cousin starts married, so you actively have to bork her marriage to even go there. Yay? Your aunt is a lush, so you have to play babysitter to get to the point she sees MC sexually… because that’s a great way to start a relationship off. The MC will probably be randonly murdered by any number of his possible romantic interests, for any number of attempts to actually see any of the hot scenes. Some of which (involving far older women than should really want to pursue the MC or think they have any viable shot at all) are not all that hot. You can either fuck the Dean on the DL and screw up the cop’s case which will probably lock out her romantic path (logically) or you can put the dean in prison [Where she BELONGS for even just what she pulls against the MC in the first real NSFW scene] and keep ties with the cop. Who really is not very good at her job. There’s an instagram type model you can get close to for literally no reason. A tomboyish “best friend” who frankly wants you to throw the dog a bone… but probably won’t enjoy you seeing anyone else either… and so many other potential side characters, including potentially a bully character and her freaking MOM, that I really have no friggin’ clue how this guy’s even going to MAKE it to college. Oh, he’ll be bound alright… and gagged. Hand-cuffed; whipped and probably minced into tiny little dog food pieces by the end of this whole thing. Being honest, Devs should realize the only “consequence” some of us want, is whether we get to live out the “power fantasy.” Consequence does not necessarily mean punishment. It means a natural reaction based upon any taken action. Not all of them NEED to be bad.

  6. WTF?? I just downloaded the “new version” and it says it’s already at the end of the new content. Was nothing new added?

    1. Yeah same, I saved game right before previous end and yeah nothing new, unless tweaks in game, nothing really added

  7. This is a horrible game! he graphics & animations are great, but that’s it. You can blidly skip through all the conversations,without even have to think. And what is it with every woman having DDD sized tits. I personally like a little variety.

  8. The Walkthrough/Incest mod Error:

    The label start is defined twice, at File “game/scripts/SCRIPT1.rpy”, line 10:
    label start:
    and File “game/scripts/day1.rpy”, line 231:
    label start:

  9. What is Arctic Adventure? Doesn’t look for small game because is 3.9gb. Also if you can as abve said, can you update the walktrough and incect mod ? Thanks again for the games.

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