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Bitch Squad [v0.4.7] [IcarusLabs]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Multi-Mod


– Highlight the recommended choices
– Add ‘cheat’ points function
– Choices for all points


Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in “BitchSquad-0.2.0-pc” folder. Or extract the mod’s zip file and move all the files in the “game” folder that you’ve extracted to the “BitchSquad-0.2.0-pc” ‘s game folder. Overwrite files if required.

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Editor's Rating

Story - 80%
Visual - 84%
Engagement - 82%
Core Loop - 86%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.67 ( 73 votes)

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  1. The game is very good, whoever wants can try it for themselves or listen to haters who live in a fucking basement, who fill the page with useless comments, change their names and publish stupid things like fucking bots.

    1. You must be pretty “special” to like this. Terrible animations, MC is a poorly made character, the decisions you make are a big farce precisely because MC is not interested in what you do, he has his own stupid ideas, he constantly makes wrong decisions and then he doesn’t even remember them, then he seems to remember again and screws up again and again. Your “good game and good taste” is very mediocre.

      1. well, tastes are tastes, and you are special too, your dad likes you and thats why he breaks your ass

        _the girls are beautiful and original
        _the story is original (unlike 99% of games)
        _the game, in addition to having several simultaneous plots, has mysteries.
        You can choose who to take revenge against and that generates division in the paths.
        _The animations can improve but they are good for my taste.
        _Mc is normal, you are probably gay and ugly and you want a very beautiful Mc…
        _we all make bad decisions and if you want a game that every decision you make has a different ending, go create your own game because that doesnt exist.
        and please save us the misery of having to read your pitiful reviews.

        1. – Beauty is totally subjective. Zero points for that for you…
          – It all comes down to revenge with a bit of mystery that is still not clarified, nothing new about that.
          – Several simultaneous plots?… Are you drunk? All options are an illusion. From the beginning you have options that go overboard when MC makes stupid decisions on his behalf, which happens all the time. In fact, playing on PC I decide to stay the night with my girlfriend, then abruptly I find myself in the next scene in an encounter that I had decided to ignore, but the developer forgot that he had given the option of not meeting Sarah and 10 seconds after presenting me the option, the idiot forgets it and throws me headlong in front of Sarah… Your little game is excellent.
          – The animations are so bad that it would be preferable to only have static images. They often don’t even respect the aspect/ratio.
          – I didn’t say that MC is ugly, I said that he is poorly made, his personality is useless, he is not realistic with the behavior of a normal young adult person. Unless he’s a pre-pubescent boy with frequent bouts of amnesia, his personality is as absurd as your taste in virtual novels.
          If you don’t like what I write, don’t read. Stop crying like a girl because someone writes some truths about your favorite games.

          1. For someone who says that beauty is subjective and writes this:
            “You must be pretty “special” to like this”…….
            “Your “good game and good taste is very mediocre”…….
            I think that answers itself.
            Its not my favorite game. It only bothers me when a hater is dedicated to taking out the frustrations of his life by attacking the work of others hidden in his basement.
            On top of that you say you have a girlfriend when no one asked you…… LMAO

  2. Another poorly made crappy game where there are no options. There are, but they are lies, an illusion. MC will continue doing stupid things and making downright absurd decisions. Whether it’s your choice or not… The animations will continue to be garbage and people will continue to give their support and money to this developer because many people are like MC, poor idiots…
    Seriously, have some dignity, this is some of the worst crap on this site and people seem to love crap…

  3. Another poorly made shitty game where there are no options. There are, but they are lies, an illusion. MC will continue doing stupid things and making downright absurd decisions. Whether it’s your choice or not… The animations will continue to be garbage and people will continue to give their support and money to this developer because many people are like MC, poor idiots…
    Seriously, have some dignity, this is some of the worst crap on this site and people seem to love crap…

  4. I like the game, my only complaint is the dialogue. The story and plot is interesting but when you don’t make the conversation flow the game becomes a bit heavy and instead of entertaining you and wanting to continue reading you want to press the button Skip so you don’t fall asleep. I insist I like this game, I have this problem with most games. With this game only a little when the conversation becomes very technical and long and on top of that, since I am not a native English speaker, so I do not understand everything.

    1. No you are right the Dialog was getting very boring and i had the same issue with the skip button to try and find something that would not put me to sleep.

  5. The loser who wrote the previous comment (Anonymous, 3/1/24, 7:38pm) always criticizes, so his opinion is worth shit to me. 70% of the comments on this page are from the same loser, you can tell by that image of a pink robot with the same face. He is a lifeless loser. So I hardly even read the comments for that same reason. I liked the game a lot, everyone draws their own conclusion.

    1. Likewise it’s really hard to take someone seriously who is too stupid to understand that every anonymous comment is from a different person, hence the whole anonymous part of the name. And the pink robot is just the default avatar for anonymous comments. All it means is they didn’t log in.

      Jesus you’re dumb.

      1. lol are you so stupid that you don’t realize that every time you use the same mail the page identifies you and even if you change your name you are not fooling anyone?
        I’m not logged in either and my robot is not pink or is it by default !!
        I’ve seen conversations where you answer yourself stupid. First you say you like a game and then you criticize it. I won’t answer you anymore because you’re too cool and you’re not worth anyone’s time.

        1. His robot is pink because he is gay even computer could sense gayness everytime he taps his keys. look at mine, cool black robot. women go crazy with anything black. once you go black …. (please continue)

  6. This isn’t the worst game I’ve ever played, but I doubt it’s one I’ll ever go back to, or continue to look forward to updates of. I’ll finish what’s there, delete it and forget about it.

    Why? A couple of reasons. Starting simple, the renders are okay. I’ve seen much worse, but I’ve also seen much, much better. And the animations are terrifying. The author has no talent for it, and the scenes would be a lot better if they just left them out entirely. The story itself is somewhat unique if not original, and starting out you really sympathize with the bullied trio of protags. For a little while.

    **Big Spoilers Past This Point to v0.4.6**
    So why don’t I like the game, even though it just sounds pretty basic? The author starts out by giving you the vague illusion of choice of morally driving your character forward. But the author either gets bored, lazy or finds themselves in over their heads, because the choices basically stop.

    From one chapter to the next, you’re given the choice of whether or not to molest one of the female antagonist through coercion. You can either say ‘This isn’t right’ or ‘You deserve this’, with differing outcomes.

    In the next chapter, the author wants to move the story in a very specific direction, so no matter what you’ve chosen before hand you’re required to go on a date with the sweet, shy girl who up until this point has never really done anything. She’s part of the antagonist group, but more as a hanger on than an actual baddie. She has an agenda, but it’s not a malicious one. You’ve earned her trust up until now, so she comes out of her shell a little to try to get you to help her finish her Pledge Week list to get into the sorority. This is clearly a huge step outside of her shell, and her first time. She has to give you a blowjob.

    So far, okay. I can deal with forcing the date to move the plot along. But she has to have a witness. And her witness is one of the main antagonist, the batshit crazy one. At this point, I wanted to pull the plug, but you’re not given the choice to. You have to finish to completion, even though your character should know it’s an incredibly stupid idea and morally wrong. Your previous choice – of not giving in to coercion – doesn’t come into play. You play out the exact same scene where with Sarah as you play out with Kate, except you’re not given any control.

    Fine. I don’t like it, I felt cheated, but whatever. I was a bit pissed at this point, but moving on…your fellow protagonist get a copy of the ‘proof’ of Sarah giving you a blowjob, And decide to ‘ruin this bitch, hah!’ and release it online as revenge porn. You’re given the choice to say, for no real reason, ‘Yea! Fuck this shy, cute girl who’s never hurt anyone! Let’s destroy her!’, or “This isn’t right, absolutely not.”

    Here’s the problem. Your choice means nothing. You choose the release photo path, you cheer on your shitty friends as they do something shitty and watch the fall out and the next scene is you celebrating the next day with your friends a job well done. You choose the moral path, your friends say, ‘fuck you buddy, we don’t care what you think’ and release the pictures anyways, you watch the fallout, and the next scene is you celebrating a job well done with your buds the next day.

    So I know this is long winded, but I wanted to give an honest review. These two interactions are what define the game for me. They made me feel like shit because any perceived agency I had as the MC was taken away, and used to really hurt a character they make you care a lot about just because the author was too lazy to write himself out of a narrative hole. And it’s something that would have been so easily avoidable with just a few extra lines of dialogue.

    This isn’t the only problematic situation where you lose all agency, but it’s the one that made me decide to quit and write a review.

    1. Just want to be fair, I did finish the current content. It didn’t get any better, BUT I will say the animations improved drastically. All two of them. In 3 second loops. But at least they aren’t terrifying anymore.

  7. I love you IcarusLabs. This game is a thriller, it has pretty women, the story is heavy at times but interesting, original and keeps you attracted. My animations look good and I dont have any more Lag ♥ My rating is 8/10.

    1. Me too, in th scenes with Annie and Emma in the cabin, but not anymore! Im glad they fixed it.
      The one Iwant to pump is Charlotte, I hope this happns soon!

  8. Why are files of different size?
    uploadhaven has a File: – Size: 4.94 GB
    pixeldrain has a File: Compressed size: 5.30 GB
    How does this even work both be zip and latest? while the last version was 5.45 GB?

  9. Forgot to mention the Protag is clearly a BETA and is incredibly difficult to identify with, especially in context with the cringe contrived situations and script.

    1. if you divide only in alpha and beta, the vast majority of game writers and makers are in fact beta, even if they pose as alpha; yes, they pose and preen and attack alphas or perceived alphas, because they feel threatened in their selves/egos

  10. Well, what a mixed bag of reactions to this VN. My take, the story has potential but the writing is very contrived and unnatural. The girls are cute enough but the facial expressions don’t nearly match the dialog and I find it off-putting. I am finding the dialog painful and the way the protagonist interacts with others is unnatural, this project needs a harsh review of the writing, the character development and the dialog in order to make it make sense which it currently doesn’t. Leaning toward the 1/5 mark at the moment altho I will admit I have seen some much worse… Here is to hoping for improvement.

  11. The girls are beautiful, the story seems interesting but the worst thing about this game is the MC, too childish, stupid and obsessed with his past, the few options that the game gives make it worse, there are super unnecessary scenes like the MC confronting Kate to that he ended up saying nothing to her, with the attitude of the MC it even feels forced for Ashley to continue supporting him, what a waste of girl, a shame that this game becomes unbearable to continue reading

  12. This is one of those games that go out their way to make the play “not” feel good; if the payoff is good enough then it would be good storywise. So far it has yet to show me any payoff, but I’ve just got to the point where the MC just got humiliated again. Hope for the dev’s sake, it would not be one of those “no payoff” type of games, since it would only cater to a small minority hence a high chance of flopping.

  13. The gf of Mc was hanging out with his bully…instead of support him.. She also chose the bully over MC…. Just like MC sister….. This game just annoyed the hell out of me

  14. I really like this game a Lot. Although there are aspects to improve it is just beginning and projects very good omens.
    The animations vary from 3/10 to 6.5/10 but the girls are original and it shows that there is an effort to improve.
    The plot is also good. Although it happens in a university it totally differs from any other game and it keeps you hooked.
    The renders as I already mentioned, are original and I hope they will improve over time. Very good job with Charlotte, Kate, Ashley, Emma and Annie.
    The game is not as linear as it seems, but I suppose that with future updates there will be more variants.

    (example: you can choose to be single, take revenge on one person or another, that leads to different paths with different scenes and as we can see in statistics, each decision you make brings you closer to revenge or mercy).

  15. Here’s my thoughts on the VN so far.

    If you like tons of extra curricular activities in your VN, then you won’t like this one. There’s certainly plenty of lewds and nudes but that won’t appeal to you if you’re looking for more explicit actions.

    The story isn’t anything original and actually borrows (if not copies) scenes and scenarios from other VNs but really, if the story takes place in a University setting, then this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.

    The script is fine. Characters aren’t bursting with unique personalities but the writing does a good enough job providing some variety among the main girls and the other characters. My favourite is Ashley but that’s admittedly also the main girl the Dev wants to steer the MC towards.

    The renders are well done; (again Ashley is my favourite). The more VNs you play the more likely you’ve seen these girls before but with nearly a dozen of them here, can’t knock the variety.

    The animations on the one hand feel a bit janky and unpolished but on the other, the Dev did manage to do something that I personally haven’t seen in other VNs so far; facial contortions. It gives the characters (again mostly with the main girls) more expression to them. If they are supposed to be for example sad or embarrassed, their faces animate to show it.

    The VN’s main mechanic is a morality meter. It’s not an original concept but for a good while, I thought it wasn’t even operational until I did notice that as the story progressed, how the MC interacts with the main girls changes the terms of his relationship with them either for better or worse. There definitely are kinks in the mechanic that still need to be adjusted. That’s hard to do though when the VN is very linear.

    That previous point brings me to what I feel is the biggest stumbling block right now in Bitch Squad. There are very few choices to change the narrative. This gives you little control over how those aforementioned relationships with the main girls change whether you want them to or not and whether they change in the direction you want them to or not.

    I personally didn’t mind how the MC was written and portrayed at the beginning but as the story has progressed and I’ve been limited in what I could do to at least choose how I’d like the MC to act or react, has made them less endearing. Not being presented with some choices to try and change that is only diminishing the appeal of the MC as a character I want to be associating with.

    The VN has a story to tell and for the most part, you have to just go along with it. There’s definitely been scenarios already where having a choice would have allowed to take the MC in a different and perhaps more favourable direction but that would require putting more work into fleshing out different paths or plotlines so maybe it’s something the Dev will do when not just adding to the story but updating what is already there to flesh things out.

    Overall, I’d say Bitch Squad is good with room for improvement. It doesn’t really do anything amazing but otherwise it doesn’t do anything poorly either. I’d pass on this completely if you like more adult-content in your VNs. I’d pass on this for now if “choices matter” to you.

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