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Between Worlds [v0.1.7 P1] [RolePlayer]

Note: If you are in ntr route for Freya and Travis, then you must come across this render. I encountered an issue while checking the files. How to solve: Just start at the event where Freya and the mc were in the bath tub after mc’s fight with the monster creature and use the skip function of renpy to come to the present events

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac - v0.1.6 P3

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Mod

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - Between Worlds holds a promising narrative at its core, one that piques your curiosity about Freya's journey into this mysterious realm. However, it's not without its flaws. Some players may find the excessive narration and the protagonist's internal monologues to be a bit overwhelming. Ideally, more visual storytelling could replace some of the verbose explanations, allowing players to engage with the story on a deeper level. - 78%
Visual - Between Worlds kicks off with a visual presentation that leaves a lasting impression. The developer demonstrates a commendable grasp of posing, lighting, and scene direction, making every moment visually captivating. The female models, particularly Freya and Eve, stand out as beautifully crafted characters that break the mold of typical visual novel protagonists. Their unique designs are a breath of fresh air in a genre often saturated with clichés. - 85%
Engagement - The engagement factor in Between Worlds shows potential, although it's still finding its footing. While the early version doesn't offer an abundance of explicit content, it lays the groundwork for promising future scenarios. The anticipation of what's to come adds a layer of excitement to the gameplay, keeping players invested in the unfolding story. - 70%
Core Loop - In terms of playability, Between Worlds offers a straightforward experience typical of visual novels. Players encounter choice menus where they can shape the story according to their preferences. The game runs smoothly with minimal bugs or lag, which is a testament to the developer's dedication to a polished product. - 81%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.26 ( 53 votes)

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  1. There is a game that I been looking for. Its the one where a black chick shits in a white dudes mouth. Please help me.

  2. The Dev is literally grooming his NTR gang on his patreon page just go and see in his “about” section he has special discord just for ntr fans what a pathetic looser when he started creating the game at the start he said only harem and sharing but never netorare he just completely changed everything after 3 months of his first release these dev are not reliable at all what they are saying not the ratio is 9/12 for the cucks i mean they are winning bastards next update i think is gonna bie more scenes for ntr fucking dickhead

    1. F to the love route patrons, then. I don’t know how I’d feel if I’m supporting an AVN for almost two years just for the dev do a 180 degree turn and starts adding more and more NTR on the game.

      1. This is testament of NTR genre is well supported compared to other genre.
        Maybe those NTR patron pays developer more money than their vanilla counterpart. This is only natural dev would milk with the most profitable patron.

        1. Yap that’s why people are fucked up in the head these days but still he has those same patrons for couple of years he won’t achieve much ….

        2. This is a testament just at some point. This guy has 137 paying members on his patreon. There are guys with middle of the pack vanilla games with almost 1000 paying members. NTR has its supporters, despite some here act like not. What happened here was a takeover from NTR fans of a new AVN, which at that point (late 2022/early 2023), had very few patrons. The dev is doing what is good for his pocket. Nothing wrong. Very few devs put their vision of how their AVN should go over the wishes of who is paying them. But if he just throws the the love route aside and start doing mostly NTR content, he better only cater to an NTR audience on the future. He already started stating no NTR content, put it on the game later and now he’s heading towards the love route being sidelined.

    2. No one forced this game down your throat you dumb motherfucker, It contains tags which educated people can read, So stop whining and play vanilla “game” like the one which you are.

      1. There are those who criticize everything on this site, even when it’s not true. And there are those “Don’t touch my holy dev” who act like no one can do a review of the game and criticize the dev. Gotta hunt yourself now, idiot.

  3. Nothing new in this update. Only training and groping with your bro what a boring game. The main girl is still virgin in this update I don’t even understand she gives mc green light and dev really likes blue balling only teasing in male mc straight path. Fuck this

  4. ADD ALTERNATIVE PATH MFFF to replace MMMF bromance path.
    3 years milking. Zero alternative MFFF content. Only boring dating sim or boring gay bromance MMMF.

  5. Boring, Non-English text and bizarre unrealistic sluts all around. The MC is what exactly? They never really explain. Also the story is convoluted and uninteresting – not to mention that the English is so bad its hard to make out what the heck they are talking about. Plus the MC is pretty dim witted. And then you have the clownish attempts to push “Sharing” /NTR at every turn. Any bum or clown available they try to “save for NTR” ! Only the visuals are decent. Just decent, not great.

    I am surprised this shoddy attempt is rated so high.- its rating ought to be 6/10 at best.

  6. Some of these updates take a day or two, for one person, yet they call it a month of work. Can’t see the industry surviving, expecting funding for such little work.

    1. I think that people who think they can do this for a living are already on Steam, or are getting paid enough on Patreon to not worry about what someone on DikGames thinks. 😉

      I don’t think there will ever be a dearth of porn games.

    2. Wow; I genuinely never thought I’d ever agree with Murikan on ANYTHING… so you win an award for that distinction. Not that it’ll get you anything. I mean that and $4 might get you a large fries at McDonalds… maybe.

      End of the day, they get away with it by being “creatives.” They want to “create” a game (barring the idea that most of the devs that start a project either claim to be just learning – or actively have started/abandoned several and know how to work the system) and the site is literally called PATRON. It’s just got a silent E. Patrons in the old days when the term was more widely common during the Renaissance (I probably spelled that wrong, but I’m not going to bother looking it up. You should all know what I’m referring to at this point in your lives) were overly wealthy individuals that wanted to SEEM cultured; for brownie points with their friends. Wanted to rub commoners noses in how well off they were and there was a set amount of keeping up with the Jones’. So they’d fund many different sometimes nonsensical projects, by any “artist” they could find. The deal being I fund your work, you produce said work in a timely manner – or I take it out of your hide in Debtor’s Prison.

      The curent site is not really a consequence based idea. Other than dwindling subscriber base if you fuck people over too many times. It’s essentially simping, but for a product. Not a person. Throwing money down a well, hoping what you want will end up actually being finished and close enough to your tastes. The notion of kick backs in tiers was always retarded = it cuts into the profits that a dev can earn, which should by rights be invested back into a given project. Then again, we don’t know what they spend the money on. So really at the end of the day we could be funding a party lifestyle for all we know. It’s why I’ve never spent money on these games, and wouldn’t trust any dev to give me the completed product I want. There’s just too many people that pay into the damned things, and all of them have expectations as well.

      Porn as a concept has existed even into Egyptian times. There are examples across cultures that have survived. Depending on the laws at the time it’s been a grey area to outright illegal, to nowadays fairly widely endorsed overall. The desire for sex isn’t going to go anywhere. The porn game industry is just a facet of the porn industry in general, and while it’s not as massive as the amatuer setting – which killed the higher tier porn actress industry by and large, by the way – it’s not likely to die off. Not while so many people that are invested in gaming, will fund more product. Regardless of the quality in rendering, or writing. Some of us are just happy the games exist, a lot of us probably want them to be the best they can be and will likely in a lot of cases end up disappointed. But dead; if it does happen, I’d guarantee it’ll be a LONG time coming.

  7. The hell, update is really short like 2 minutes standard reading and no continuation from previous encounter dev just put new branch of story instead. lmfao.
    really dev could just focus with mc 3 or 4 prev girls start bonding and fucking but nahhh hey add new retards to the game and call it an update.

  8. People cry at the NTR tag. You don’t want to play in reality where your girlfriend is cheating on you. You dream of a harem that you will never have and that’s why you are angry at the game’s NTR

    1. In my game, the scene end while mc (after fucking with his girl) looking at freya with that muscular guy rubbing each other and almost penetrate her but that coward held back and he said there will be more he promised her and he left freya in horny state and there’s dialogue in her mind about how turned on she is and ready to take any dick inside her. What a damn lame ending for this current version i got

  9. I just played this VN and I have to say that NTR is totally avoidable. You can skip NTR by choosing Non-Sharing choices. Renders are great but animation needs work. Girls are hot and you can build up your harem without any sharing content. I don’t know why this VN has such low rating. First play the game before ridiculing it. I will keep up with this VN and hope it will continue for further updates.

    1. I agree, its actually good, not to mention the visuals are good, but the animated scenes really need work, its just stretching the image basically.

  10. Another piece of shit NTR pile of fucking garbage and a game for faggot cucks. Safe to say this game isn’t ever going anywhere except the dumpster of other failed NTR trash.

      1. All these fucking goddamn cucks need to be taken out and beat to death with a fucking bat.

        You are a piece of useless shit and a waste of air.

  11. “Any way I desire…” But no Harem Tag. It does strictly point out the NTR no matter how you spell it, so why skip one tag but add the other arguably more controversial one, if it’s really ANY way we desire? Also, if the NTR paths are clearly avoidable 100% of the time, and/or are fully under my control how much I would see otherwise should I choose to try the paths, then I’d be okay to give the game a fair shot. Other than that, for now I’m wary there will eventually be a crux point to choose which girl I’d want, while basically letting me have bonded with all of them beforehand. Which I don’t like. Makes me feel like the ass for having to hurt any of them, and then I’ll take it badly if they go bitchy afterward because of that point. I’m not opposed to the story, or the concept espoused as yet, but I’m also not going to download and waste my time being unsatisfied without proper clarification.

    1. No - Come On Dikgames; what are you censoring my comments for spoilers now??? That's two of them on two seperate games! Both were COMPLIMENTARY. Two strikes. There won't be a third. says:

      Wrote a fairly complimentary thing that said up to current chapter you CAN avoid all NTR.

      Apparently the moderaters didn’t like it; but it passed through and I could see it here before… so I have fuck all clue what changed in the interim. It’s really disheartening to actually put the work in to write more than three sentences (and half the time those three sentences in most comments on this site are players insulting players – so what the fuck? Someone actually wants to write and has the skill to do so and that’s not okay somehow?) and then it’s just Boop! Casper the friendly Ghosted. Your comment doesn’t exist anymore.

      The only things I criticized were the older characters that DO NOT need to be lewd scenes; and the Amazonian warrior coming off as the berserking drunken town doorknob when if she’s surrounded by women in the MEDIEVAL times, there was no such thing as a DILDO. So she SHOULD be a virgin. Other than that, the rest of it was complimentary. I did the same thing for the most part with My Employee’s family (and what you might call spoilers: I call Warning. Because not everyone would want to see a MALE character morphed by a mad scientist into a FEMALE. Gender Bending is NOT in those tags… so excuse me for trying to help people there)

      At this point I’m not even sure why I bother. I either get assholes like Murikan who troll the fuck out of me, or told I talk too much about Harems and Pregnancy (I CHOOSE TO PLAY THE GAMES WITH THOSE TAGS IDIOTS. DID YOU THINK MAYBE THAT’S WHY EVERY GAME I COMMENT ON I TALK ABOUT THOSE TWO THINGS?!?) Or I get TL;DR. Because apparently less than a page and a half short-curcuits most peoples’ brains these days. So fuck it. Maybe you’ll keep this one up if it actually IS my last fucking comment.

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