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A Shot in the Dark [v0.25] [ViM Studios]

Incest Code: OMEGA

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Multi-Mod


Added Walkthrough Mod. (Choices are highlighted with green color.)
Added a Cheat Mod.
Added Gallery Unlock Button for both Galleries.
Shows points for multiple choice points.

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

Download Gallery Unlocker

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 93%
Visual - 95%
Engagement - 96%
Core Loop - 94%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.9 ( 80 votes)

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  1. Did not see my first comment post so if it shows twice I apologize

    Downloaded the windows zip from Mega. Defender found and deleted this TROJAN


  2. Je ne me suis pas fier aux commentaires pour l essayer.
    j ai bien aimé même si des fois, j aurais aimer peut etre forcer certaines interactions dans l esprit du personnage.
    Comme embrasser maladroitement sa tante pendant quelle l embrasse sur la joue
    sinon deux chapitres depuis le post, je regrette que cela puisse durer longtemps avant la fin, j aimerais payer le jeu au complet d un coup… mais c est ainsi
    merci pour ce travail, vivement la suite !

  3. Great game! Similar to Being a Dik in a good way and it has its own identity. The game is just in the second chapter so there really isn’t much progress with the characters but based on what I’ve seen, it seems all the girls have some depth to them and you will get the chance to know them better and even influence them based on your relationship with them. They aren’t just pretty faces and sexy bodies. I also like that you can decide which girls to date and get involved with and even if you have gotten all the points with that girl, you can still decide whether go through with her romance path or just be friends at a certain point (I say this because there are some games in which if you are nice and kind with the girls, you end up romancing them even though that was not your intention and you really aren’t given the choice not do it, like if you don’t like a girl you have to be a jerk with her). It is true that in this game, at least for now, you can’t romance every girl. There are occasions in which you will have to decide between two girls and well, I personally don’t have a problem with that. It adds replayability and some type of realism to the game. Can’t expect to have them all, can you? I don’t tend to replay these games/VNs but I did with this one since it’s short as of now and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought my first run would be the main one but after replaying the game three times, I realized other characters I had ignored and not picked were far more interesting and attractive to me. The MC can be a total loser sometimes, like, the thoughts he has can even be frustrating/annoying hahaha he can be very stupid but well, some guys are like that irl and it matches his personality and background so I accepted that after some time.

  4. Really good game! Both the story and the art (and the sexy scenes) are superb!

    A question: what is the “alternate script” mentioned in the options? A different font or what?

  5. This really should JUST be a harem; less complicated that way – less punitive. I also hate when Devs try to pit girls against each other to make it so you lose points with one if you choose an answer that the other likes. Especially like the twins (NEITHER of whom need to be either shown to be beaten, implied potential for non-consent, or taken out of the game in any fashion, for ANY reason!) We get it: One is the super obvious cock teasing “good girl” and the other is the wild child who will actively give MC exactly what we all came here for pretty much immediately if you happen to be okay with rollbacks or reloading save files. Jesus. I should NOT lose points with Alexis (which were a gamble to earn in the first place in MORE THAN ONE WAY – thank you dumb arsed gas tank mini game) if I choose answers that make Sara happy JUST because she’s in the same damned room. That just means I’m going to be spending half the damned game re-earning points that shouldn’t be able to be lost in the first place. Since I picked the right answer to gain them [Which is the player telling you YES! I am interested in pursuing this character] Not everything needs a fail state, and twins are hot… but having one be drama and then a plot line that yeets either one of them depending on which one you choose to pursue basically out of the game for X chapters is NOT smart. It does nothing to endear anyone to anything, and it simply blockades progress. I’d say it was really only the way you chose to make us able to gain points with Natalie since she would be tanked in points for siding with Sophie; or gaining them vice versa. Which again, should not be necessary. Just do not be punitive in the first place. Also, it’s interesting that Andre made such a big stink about “his girl” being damn near nude and DTF the MC (just to again cock tease the player thanks so much) BUT doesn’t seem to give a single flying rat’s arse that “his girl” has been yoinked by some random god knows who. Ten guess’ who the ACTUAL first suspect would be. Given several witness’ to his outburst that night. So really the best you could do is hold him in jail for a night or two…

    So far, the girls’ reders are attractive enough. The girl Danielle needs to be shown, and frankly shouldn’t be too smoking hot. She also really didn’t need to have been quoted to say she’d “outgrown” the MC. Yes you can argue butthurt and secretly madly in love with the MC all that time – but here’s the thing: WE DON’T GET HER POV! So any introduction of that character no matter how attractive you create her to be is already tainted by her assholish association. That’s not a great idea even if you do (somewhat foolishly for how many girls there are in the game) decide to stick as just a “dating sim.” Also, Delia would have been disbarred from her practise and quite possibly charged for indecency. Fined heavily at the very least (Though you could spin it as she figured out she had an exhibitionist fetish that she decided to monetize in order to pay off the fine… so she’s become a cam girl privately in order to keep her practice afloat. With the only reason she might get to keep her license being that one of the frequent fans to donate is a board member themselves. If you wanted to go decently dark; have him muscle in a proposition for her… and have her eventually confide the stress of it to MC as a means to show how close they have grown; beyond councilor and patient) * I also really, REALLY wish every dev would fuck right off with the potentially insane MC. Or anything about therapy. It doesn’t lend itself to any kind of fantasy and frankly plenty of people have been through it. IT IS NOT FUN!!! There’s fuck all sexy about it. There’s also no kind of coucilor I’ve ever heard of who would dare to wear that kind of shirt. Simply for the unprofessionalism of it. The archtype is the business woman who lets the hair down. Strips off her prim and proper layer, piece by piece. Or lets a male who’s bold enough because she secretly WANTS to be overpowered IE dominated, do so. The professionalism piece is important to that archtype. If you’re going to play in that vein, you should understand it.

  6. I suggest you make two or even four separate saves if you want to get all content, but in all honesty, avoid the purple haired bitch at all costs, she’s not go material and not even a good person, she has a twin right? Depending on your decisions one of the two gets kidnapped, the nice girl freaks out about purple haired bitch missing and moves Heaven and earth to get any info on her whereabouts, purple haired bitch doesn’t give a single shit about her twin sister missing and chooses to forget about her with sex and drugs, she’s like, REALLY evil and I guess she’s kind of a sociopath, like she’s am emotionless, stupid husk of a human being, going for her sister is MUCH more rewarding, also the purple haired bitch may actually have a chance to escape, the nice girl breaks down and doesn’t make any effort whatsoever to escape and her condition gets worse and worse, also beware of the nigga, he’s 100% untrustworthy.

  7. i’m confused why does the download say 0.1.5 yet up there it says 0.15 why do these websites hardly ever number the vn/game versions correctly and reading that false tag comment kinda lowered my IQ alot because of how retarded it is

    1. THERE IS NO “CORRECT” WAY TO NUMBER A GAME. It is totally up to the dev. how they want to do it. Think otherwise? Point to the controlling body on game numbering and the rule book they issued.

  8. And by “optimal replayability” they mean mean, saving 40 times and reloading if you want to see all the content which as everyone knows is SUUUUUPER fun. This game barely has any content yet and it’s already a nightmare trying to unlock it all so yeah, a gallery mod would be great. The renders look pretty damn good but if I have to save/load dozens of times this early on, I’m gonna have to pass

    1. If u want ntr than go for a full not optional since avoidable NTR still present character as meat not as person and in harem game ntr is no place

      1. The NTR fetish doesn’t include seeing your girlfriend disappointed by a 2/10 loser, lol.

        And if you actually were able to satisfy a woman, he’d wanna watch and you’d get all creeped out like a little bitch.

        Or… are you shaming him because your gay and into shaming guys for being into stuff? Sorry, if that’s the case, please by all means keep up your daddy Dom role-play. I wouldn’t want to ruin you getting off on shaming dudes who like to be shamed.

          1. each with his taste. you have to respect everyone. and stop talking so much about gays that everyone will realize you re hiding something in the closet.

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