A.O.A. Academy [Ch.5 Gold] [TLGGAMES]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

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Download walkthrough Gallery & Cheat Mod


  • Highlighted / added hints to dialogue that gives points and leads to scenes
  • Added a scene gallery to the main menu
  • Added a cheat menu to the bottom right corner of the screen while playing (edit scores, unlock gallery)
  • Added named saves
  • Scene Changes: (When choosing which girl takes her top off, you can choose all)


  • Run unren option 1) Extract Rpa packages
  • Merge “game” folder from the mod with “game” folder of A.O.A Academy then overwrite when asked

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Editor's Rating

Story - 95%
Visual - 97%
Engagement - 96%
Core Loop - 95%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.12 ( 311 votes)

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  1. When will version of chapter 5 will come on Android and has someone any news about the development of chapter 6 from the DEV..🥺

  2. To all the big tough Russians here trash talking the deceased developer and his country. Think for a moment, if you can, and realize where you just chose to act all brave and courageous… in the comment section of an animated porn video game.. does that really give you a sense of nationalism and patriotism?? Youre all fuckin tools… Also, russians and Ukrainians have virtually identical genetics, so shut the fuck up and start trying to make the world a BETTER place for everyone instead of making it the dirty shit hole you were birthed from.

  3. There will be no further updates to this game as the developer is no longer alive. He was from Ukraine and at the beginning of the conflict he was lost. Sorry, but unless someone was going to reverse engineer this one, its over.

    1. bruh.. i came for this game for the horny but then got hit by feels inside, no longer horny, came back to comment bout it and now I see this.. rip

    2. has that actually been confirmed?? I’m in his discord server and there’s no mention of him dying at all

      1. Not a big history guy, huh? Do you also think Washington D.C. is a city Washington? Douchebag comment… Pick up a book once in a while. #twatwaffle #areyousmarterthana5thgrader

      2. Probably the most ignorant and moronic thing ive read all year. Do you get some idiotic perverse pleasure from being a complete and total piece of shit? Also, spoke with your teacher, looks like youre going to have to repeat grade 3 social studies… For the 29th year in a row. Fuckin tool 🖕

  4. And is the person who approve comment is the one who fix the error link too? If yes please fix it i really need to play this game. Been trying it 4 times now, its either the game crashed after loading or the link is broken and i need to wait for it to be fixed and just forget that i want to download this while waiting

  5. This game is just amazing with an excellent writing and character development, it just lack a gallery of the sex scenes. Other suggestion is to display options during the sex scenes.

  6. Someone please recreate this VN after ch5…it was a phenomenal game with great story and characters.please any dev start making this vn..
    Ur efforts will be deeply appreciated and will become ur patreon ❤️

    1. Someone on reddit said he passed away due to Covid when he came back to his home town in China for Lunar New Year. Some said he has trouble with copy right

  7. How to say it clearly but without disturbing anyone?… Ok, I got it, Avoid this at all costs.

    Story incomplete, and there is no chance of this being resolved, the game was abandoned. The author may even be dead. Animations, quite good, the problem is that they are almost non-existent. And the other problem is that the reason why the animations are almost non-existent is because you don’t need them since there are no situations that need them either… I don’t know if you understand me. The point is that if you are looking for a game with “hot” scenes, then this is not what you are looking for. In all my way from beginning to end, only 2 hot scenes, and the game is quite long.
    Chapter 5 has serious continuity problems and some bugs. That just means the developer was in a hurry. The first 4 chapters didn’t have any problems but chapter 5 was a fiasco. For example, the protagonist was beaten up, Jenny’s group meets him in the classroom and despite the fact that they are all very good friends, none of them say anything when they see him for the first time since the incident.
    A little later, I meet Jenny in the office. The scene ends and we go back to the scene where Sung Ji decides to tell everything. The scene ends and instead of returning to the protagonist with Jenny, we have the protagonist entering the office with Valery and it is implied that something just happened between them. That’s clearly a bug, and an ugly one at that.
    So, we have a rather long game, unfinished and never going to be finished, the story is good but we can never say “Oh, what a great game”, because it’s not. A good game has a beginning and an end. This one doesn’t have it.

  8. I’ve played this game along time ago, I’ll play it again bcuz I’ve missed the story.. I still can’t accept the fact that it’s abandoned.

      1. Is there any proof he was Ukrainian ? some say he Died in the War others say he died from Covid but ch6 was pretty much ready to go got teased and everything and then at some point it looks like the Dev Rage quit . maybe he got hacked or i dont know what happened but if he died suddenly how did all his stuff get deleted from Patreon ?

  9. sorry mr Nobody but your comment is wasted here even if what you say is true then perhaps his so called friend should go around every website of this type ask the admins to remove this and then maybe write a comment stating people should stop being mean because it hurts his feelings regardless the writing in this is garbage alot of the crap that goes on in this makes no sense and sorry turninground after only a couple of days orso and saying ilove you is fucking creepy so no nobody gives a shit about your comment if a dev is that much of a snow flake and can’t handle comments about his work then perhaps fuck off and do something else or don’t make it public simple as

    1. You’re the only one wasted here. This is a site where pirated versions of games are found. No developer comes here to publish their game. It’s not his fault that this game is here even though its updates are no longer being worked on. And above all, I don’t understand what a person like you is actually doing here. Judging by the way you write, I can’t believe that you are even 18 years old. Because this is trashtalk at the level of a 13-year-old boy.

  10. I have never written a comment under any game on this page, but this time I have to do it…

    I would appreciate it if people on this site would show a little more respect to the developer of this game. The game is not abandoned because he stopped working on it. The truth is that TLG was sick… His best friend, who was also the moderator of his Discord server, officially stated that TLG was not well for a long time until he finally disappeared from the Internet completely. He deleted Patreon, left his own Discord server, and left it at that. A few days later, another developer reported on Twitter that TLG had died (probably of suicide). Do you feel that this is a reason why someone should hate him or insult him the way you do in the comments? You are adults (I hope so), and you should have enough sense and intelligence to be able to understand what actually happened.

    So please stop insulting him here and sending nonsense to his address. He did a great job and deserves respect, not hate. We are all only humans; even a developer is only human, and sometimes his life can get complicated. We are not robots. So stop it and think about what you write here. I understand people may feel angry… But I think this is a completely different case, and your approach is really out of line in this case.

    Thank you for your understanding!

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