The Way Love Goes [Chapter 21] [Naughty Skunk Games]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Fix for v21

I have made a fix for the v21 version, because if you load a save from the last v20 image, the game exit immediately.
Extract to [game folder] and overwrite old file (As usual a backup of modified file are provided).

And I have made too an Incest Patch that do not break the game (like the Taboo patch, because it does not integrate modification made by the dev from the old chapters) and work with the next version.
save to [game folder]\game

Download Walkthrough

Download Wincest Patch + Walkthrough

Content Changed

Enables incest.

Patch Instructions

Windows/PC: Copy xyz.rpyc into your “game” sub-folder .

Android users: Navigate to Android/data/xyz/files, create a new folder named “game” and copy the xyz.rpyc in this folder.

Mac: Right click your  xyz app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Move xyz.rpyc into your “Contents/Resources/autorun/game” folder

Download Multi-Mod


-In Game WT Mod that highlights dialoge options that give points and lead to the best scenes.
– And a Cheat Menu has also been added which has cheats that allow you to maximize your stats.
– Gallery Mod. Credit: BrandyYT


PC: Unzip the mod and copy the folder called “game”from the mod folder inside the folder called “The_Way_Love_Goes-Chapter_18-win”

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 72%
Visual - 80%
Engagement - 69%
Core Loop - 72%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.58 ( 80 votes)

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  1. One of the worst adult games i’ve played,, you can’t have sex with the three main girls just with secondary characters in twenty fucking episodes.

  2. Meh, MC goes from banging strange salesperson / coworker in the early chapters to only hand jobs in the later chapters. As you can imagine it gets very tedious to do the same things to every girl – you go down and then get a hand / blow job. Pretty boring but since I’m investing into 15 chapters mine as well see where it goes.

  3. Hi, I’m a new member. May I ask if all the games you posted here can be used on Android 12 phones? And is this the mod version of the game or is it just an original version game? Thank you very much for your answer.

  4. How is this DEV still getting support and other AVNS hundred times better than this are abandoned?

    1. Oh!!!! DEV can you put a cat in your renders so the people that are continuing supporting you can have some forum of Pussy on their screen.

  5. WARNING: Game is bland. Not horrible, bland. Not offensively bland but it’s like okay porn. This is okay porn. You can skip the incest patch the writing doesn’t lean into the taboo at all. The game is a practice copy of better games. Maybe they’ll get better.

  6. This AVN is graphically okay, but the writing is boring, tedious and full of nothing but fluff… every AVN cliche is included but the progress through them to actual relationship is unrealized. At “Chapter 18, this thing has only had a couple of uninteresting side girls with whom sex was … blah. Well over all, I had to give this thing one star which was earned from the visuals (altho I am not a fan of BALOON BOOBS and OBESE ASSES).

  7. First; the game REALLY needs the Harem Tag. It should be included because you’re basically forced to pursue most of the girls so far anyway, to get a positive result. It’s NOT a dating sim unless you clearly deliniate the individual paths with EACH girl, and do not ever make them intersect. For any reason. Other than that, it’s just over-complicating to try to make the player fail. I swear to fuck if I end up having to choose just one of even the main 3 girls at the end, I will not be pleased. Nor will I trust you as a dev for any other games you bother to make. You’ve put SEVERAL more than just those three in now… so, don’t be an arse about it.

    Next = NEVER. EVER. FOR ANY REASON. MAKE. THE MC. CHOOSE. BETWEEN. A MOTHER (Who has ZERO control over who her clearly adult daughter chooses to fuck) and the DAUGHTER. Because Bella is HOT. The mother’s attitude is a TURN OFF. IF I choose to fuck one; I should AUTOMATICALLY have free pass to fuck the other. Period. If you can make the Aunt character seemingly fine with the fact her daughters have a crush on MC WHILE she’s also crushing on the MC you can fuck off with the ME or HER BS. I don’t give a toss if it’s on an island I may visit just once.

    Next – what the fuck are you doing with this dark order BULLSHIT? Seriously, is that just a red flag that you’re going to screw the MC over no matter what? Because he’s not Dick Tracy, and while we’re on the subject = Fuck you for the female cop, and DOUBLE fuck you for having her tell me to pull out while she’s riding. You ALWAYS leave that to PLAYER CHOICE. She wanted to fuck without the condom; she’s a big girl with the handcuffs… she can bloody handle the consequences in 9 months. Why can’t you devs ever just understand that it’s a POWER. FANTASY??? It does NOT need to be that realistic.

    Next, if it does take 18 chapters of slow burn I’d say dude, get the fuck off your ass and let the HAREM get somewhere. Fast. Because as yet I think I’m on chapter 12 and the most I’ve seen is tits in lingerie. Nina is acting massively possessive when she hasn’t done anything more than kiss MC, and the elder sister RAN AWAY for like a three day stint or longer because she thought SHE fucked up, when she did. Gah. There’s slow burn, and then there’s you’re actively trying to freeze my balls off. One can be decent writing if you can maintain the story with enough content… but here’s a tip. And not just: We. Do. Not. Play. These. Types. Of. Game. For. The. STORY! (and I am saying this as a Writer… so come the fuck on already)

    By the end of the game, I’d hope to see EVERY woman MC got with, kept permanently by him… and pregnant. At least once. By the MC, in case I’m not clear. I shouldn’t have to say it because the Harem genre has nothing to do with NTR as it’s usually taken. Except if the MC is the one laying claim to an otherwise soon to be formerly married/then married again woman. Not that I want to give you any bright ideas. I still don’t forgive you for not allowing the MC to actually be dominant. Especially against the female cop. Who tried what she pulled in a room where there were CAMERAS. Do you have any fucking clue how fast she would have lost her job for even the implication of what she said to the MC, to get him to fuck her? Her head would spin, and she isn’t even Linda Blair.

    You need to work on where you want the story to go – fuck off with any tension or drama that makes the player think they’re going to lose any girl they’ve worked to pursue at all, and find a way for MC to viably WIN. Against whatever the hell you’re planning to throw at him with this bullshit black ops super secret “organization.” I will say again: It’s NEVER a good idea to paint your MC into a brick wall. That’s just a sign of either bad writing, or an asshole DM. Or both really.

    1. This makes twenty chapters now as far as I’ve played where the supposed “Alpha” MC has been chasing 3 CORE women; fucked everyone else BUT those three, and spent more time dithering about Muh Queen BS than actually trying to get into their pants.

      * He oiled Lilly’s tits and you treat him like he’s a fucking 13 year old that’s never seen a god damned bikini – While she’s all but screaming I REALLY want you to just fuck me! (and I am not past that scene yet, but given where you went with Bella and the younger sister being “Oh, I gotta tell MC…” There’s no chance taking that option if it’s even presented at all, won’t end badly. H-A-R-E-M! Do you not understand the concept? At all.

      Because you’re the one that had it modded for Incest, and then went hard in on the conflict (they are cousins, factually; legally the only one who would be considered actual incest is the Aunt. In most States and Canada it’s perfectly legal to marry your first cousin. I really wish all you devs would stop adding incest content to the game if you’re all going to waste so much time making the MC that wants to get laid, or the girls that WANT him to lay them all think “incest is bad” [Durh. Come on, who the hell are you moralizing to? Do you not get your target audience for this crap?]

      I repeat = 20 chapters in and no actual sex so far (with any character that COUNTS) Even with the sister that really wants to. Actually pick one because they both do. This thing with Bella’s Mom was BS; she should be IN THE HAREM. Full stop. Same with Bella. Same with ALL of the side characters. You want to waste another 20 chapters building that up: As long as there is actual sex with one of the three, and preferably all of them before they decided to expand the bounds, I’m down for that. It’s still padding and I will always call it that, but at least it would tell me you know what the hell you want to do with this thing.

      1. Amendment: There is actually THE FIRST sex scene (with Miss Thicc Thighs Save Lives = patently flawed statement by the way; they are more likely to crush your head and take your life, if you enjoy eating at the Y) IF you choose to not talk her out of it… and I can’t for the life of me say that taking the scene is by reccomendations of a walkthrough, the better path. Because the scene afterward clearly marks that it’s a storm coming on her end.

        * Which is just being an asshole to the players at this point who’ve been waiting that long to get to the sex. Everything else I typed in the last comment still has merit. At this rate it’ll be another 40 chapters before you wrap this thing up – and I wouldn’t put it past you as a dev to let the MC have all the girls and build the harem just to end the whole story with a sniper’s bullet to the back of his head. Just as that much of a fuck you to the audience.

        ** You do realize that you’re laying it on WAY too thick with the compliments with the girls. There’s also the point that Megan in form looks NOTHING like either of her daughters. She is WAY too curvy. If she was a little more proportional, I’d say Lily is the best match to actually be blood related, or Nina just didn’t get enough of her genes… but the way it stands? No. These are either not her actual daughters, or she REALLY needs to lay off the ice cream (and in that case it doesn’t make sense that somehow she also has almost a perfect hour glass figure that’s too exaggerated…) {Yes, it’s fantasy, I do get it, but proportional even with “curves” and I’d argue especially, is always going to be most attractive to the wider audience. Lily is a knock out. {Kinda wish you’d lay off making her seem like an actual porn star, if she’s supposed to be LESS experienced. Wild at heart does not mean Super Freak, or Uber Slut}

        I could honestly take or leave the Mom, but I’d hate to not end up with Bella. Period. So that should be resolved. Without making the player feel like a noose is around their neck thank you very much. Other than that, if you’re going to go anywhere with the female cop = Find a way to get MC to turn the tables. Because she sucks as a FemDom, and frankly most female cops in that vein WANT to be made to submit. It helps them vent. They may not admit it; but they know they do hold more power than a civillian. So it’s a LOT less likely they’d transfer that to complete control in the bedroom. They’d want to surrender that responsibility. Even if they really cannot cop to it. What? I can do puns.

        Look, you LET the player choose to fuck one of the main three – so do NOT punish us for wanting to do that. At all. I promise that will be a cut off point, and not just for me. You’d lose more subscribers if you haven’t already, than you’ll ever likely gain. There does NOT need to be this kind of drama when you spent 20 freaking chapters building up to this one point. With ONE of the girls thus far. One. Just one. God knows what shit you’re going to pull when it comes to the girls finding out he’s fucking all of them. I swear I thought MC oiling Lilly’s tits was going to be the point you pulled the rug out. So don’t. EVER. Do it. By the time they find out, all three of them as the core Harem should be so deeply in LOVE with MC that it mirrors the title of your fucking game! There does not need to be consequences, and sometimes trying too hard to make them happen in the vein of “reality” just makes you the asshole. You wrote in Megan’s OWN words that she’d wanted to suck MC’s dick since he STEPPED THROUGH HER DOOR. (Hint: At the BEGINNING of the game!!!) So she does NOT get to walk that back at all, just because she has two daughters – who are over the age of consent – that she has to compete with for wanting her new favorite pogo stick. : / I know your writing well enough by now to think you’ll try to go there. It’s NOT the smart play. That’s all I’m going to say.

        1. Okay, dipshit – and yes; I will be calling you as the dev, and your writer dipshit from now on. That’s ALL the respect you deserve. Harem. Game. It’s a fucking HAREM GAME! If it’s not why the hell are you blue balling the audience for so many chapters just to “slow burn” them right off???

          Whether you designed it with that in mind or not that’s what you’re going toward. With at least the three girls. Now I do NOT care what the fuck BELLA is into as far as legal troubles. I don’t give a flying fuck what the hell she thinks she has to do – you CANNOT expect the audience will just forgive a fucking RAPE scene. If she didn’t have legal issues before: She does now. She roofied him. Then you literally wrote the stupid fuck to drink the rest of it – knowing it “tasted weird” You god damned idiot. Do you think with him having three women he would caution not to drink anything that tasted “weird” means that he’s just going to say fuck it. Also… NEVER take control of the sex away from the PLAYER or the MC.

          You could have wrote her putting the drug into one drink, then pouring him another. You didn’t stipulate there were cameras watching. You could have had her EXPLAIN things, after admitting what she’d done – and that she did NOT want to. At all. Handed him the clean drink after; and shared a binary Fuck Me or Don’t Fuck Me with Bella. Honestly… Fuck the “you don’t know me” shit. That’s her Mom. He WANTS to. Now you’ve just burned a character as an LI that doesn’t need to be, by making her an asshole that she SHOULD NOT be. Her mother was already a lost cause and a hard sell. Bella WAS salvagable. She ISN’T to most sane people, after this. You fucking twit. If you decide to put her into any kind of apologetic BS explanation in the next update here’s a tip from every victim of rape no matter what gender, and especially date rape: Go. Fuck. Yourself. Absolutely. Right off the nearest cliff.

          There is now, unless you rework that whole damned section, no way to make her a salvagable love interest. At all. There is NO REDEMPTION for it. It’s fine if you don’t want too many more than the main girls, but in the cheat section Bella is on the fucking list. What excuse is she going to use… sorry; I really did want to get pregnant by you, I do love you, and want to be kept… but my family is screwed: So I had to just straight up RAPE you??? But if you forgive me I’ll bend over and be your willing little bitch to play light side of the coin with the fucking moron Femcop? Come the fuck on man. I swear to God you guys don’t think about the reprecussions to the story when you come up with this shit. The context matters. There’s usually a way to work around an obstacle, and Bella and MC as characters DESERVE far better than you just wrote them. Hell, you could have had Bella do all that I shared above; had hot genuinely passionate animal sex with her “new man,” and then had her Mom come in after the CONSENTED sex scene (that may also at player’s choice to finish inside end up a breeding…) and blackjack him at the back of the head. Keep her as the bad girl, and you can even give her a bit of redemption in “doing it to protect my daughter.” Even from herself. Still flawed. Still assholish in the extreme, and MC still ends up captured so Nina can play Rescue Rangers… but it keeps Bella in the GOOD GIRL status, as a love interest to be continued. There were other, BETTER ways to get to the same goal. While not trashing one of the girls that’s on the damned RELATIONSHIP list.

          But if the next update doesn’t FIX that BULLSHIT; I’m not bothering to find out.
          That is how much you just offended me. Not to mention insulted anyone that’s been through something even remotely of that vein. I don’t know if you have yourself, but if you have Dev and you still think writing that shit was okay… seek help. And believe me I REALLY fucking hate saying that. At this point, it’s 20 Chapters to the first option to see a sex scene that the aunt does cut off at the knees if you take it. [Hint: THAT’S NOT The Way Love Goes… Jesus. If she’s that gun shy, she’s going to fucking lose him. Period. Just for so many god damned mixed signals] Then the very next update a sweet girl who SHOULD be a good girl, outright drugs and rapes MC. Because Mommy said so…

          Fuck me, and no. Dumb ass. I don’t care what movie references or pop culture shit you can pull out of your ass. Never heard of Beetlejuice. Fuck right off. If you can reference it, you know how damned popular that movie was. Genius.

  8. I don’t know how far I was into the game but some chick I just met asked me to help her move and I said no…game over lol

  9. WTF why do you have to go to that black whale even when you don’t want to and why can’t you say no to the chinese chick . Don’t build in choices when they have no influence to the story .

    1. This is a salient and important point. Sometimes things are railroaded for the sake of the writer’s time and attention but they should never force you into scenes that you don’t want to watch. It’s like raping your wants.

  10. Chapter 17 and still no proper sex scenes with the main girls like what? Idk if I want to continue to play the game or wait till the dev finally let the MC fuck the main girls.

  11. Nothing happens … ever. This doesn’t belong with the sex games. This belongs with the Dora the Explorer games.

  12. you can always tell when it’s gonna be a shitty russian dev they always have shitty character side images which u can’t get rid of not downloading this trash

  13. This is the most boring thing ever. Other than having other women throw themselves at you you make no progress with any of the main girls in all this time. Save your time don’t waste it here.

  14. chapter 14 and no actual sex scenes. penis, vagina or anal nothing. talk about blue balling but this developer has taken the piss out of his playerbase, and don’t expect there to be any sex in chapter 15 either

  15. Another BS game with the illusion of choices . And what a surprise the MC has his brains in his dick , are all those developers sick fucks .

  16. I’m not really into watermelon tits or baby arm cocks. i get that people want to fantasize and such but seriously the anatomy like this is absurd.

    some of the animations were a bit grainy but the models look ok.

    I wasn’t really into the story myself. nothing really stood out it was very “typical”.

    1. Thanks bro for the warning. I dont understand the people who make these games either. They must have complexes with their dicks.

  17. incest optional means NOT incest…as in not written as an incest game..and a patch just makes it really lameass

    1. No, it means that the devs have a patreon and despite patreon almost solely existing for nsfw reasons, they’re shockingly prude when it comes to “taboo.” Hence why LITERALLY every incest game where the dev has a patreon has a patch. Seriously, first adult visual novel? This is absolutely standard stuff.

  18. I’m slightly confused. Page title refers to chapter 10 but download links are for chapter 9? Besides that a thousand thx for everything=)!!!

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