A Town Uncovered [v0.48a Alpha] [GeeSeki]

cheat code: hadesverse

Cheat Code: cheeseandmac

Cheatcode: spearshake

Cheat code: weirditems

Cheat code: sourjournal

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac (Alpha_0.47a)

Download for Android (Alpha_0.47a)

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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1) General Information and More: Does this Game have NTR?

SPOILER: Cheat codes, Assorted links and tidbits.
– Cheat code for 30c is pumpkinsplice
– Cheat code for 31A is carrymaria
– Cheat code for 32b is barelybear Android APK for 32b is here.
– Cheat code for 33b is gooptruckin (download links + update log) aka The Lobby Update (Mostly fixing temp art)
– Cheat code for 34a is stickmentos aka The Outside Update (Fixing some temp background art, 5 Lashley scenes)

– Development tracker:
– Twitter (defunct since 2017):
– Youtube Playlist of Livestreams (Until late 2018) :

– I recommend using the cheat code even for the first play-through but only to skip some of the grind. The skill advancement/money making mechanics work well to space out the different scenes in a more natural way and let you pass the time. However, they don’t add anything to the game by themselves, so feel free to give yourself whatever money/stats you need.

– Scenes are typically added without complete art first, which is then added over the next few updates. Seeing incomplete assets means a route it nearly over. Also, sex scenes are often added before the story reaches that far and can just be triggered whenever you want.


SPOILER: How Much Content Is There? What kind of content?
– Three character routes feel complete. (Mom, Sis, Teacher)
– The MomxSis route seems complete but still has some placeholder art and is very, very broken. (See section 5)
– The Principal Lashley route is ~37% complete according to Geeseki (v0.28 changelog). However, several implemented scenes still have temporary art and there are zero sex scenes integrated into her story. (You can trigger “floating” sex scenes already, but they are without context.)
– The sex world is mostly a background force/nemesis for the plot so far. Don’t expect much direct interaction with it. (There is also still no dialogue for the Threegans at the mall
– Steam reviews indicate ~10 hours of play time.
– The main story is lengthy. Basically, it’s 1) Meeting every single character. 2) Wandering around the sex world. 3) Asking everyone if anyone knows wtf is going on. 4) The very beginning/teaser of infiltrating the group that seems to be behind everything. (~10min content)


2) Meeting everyone/Entering the sex world/End of the main story:

1) Meet everyone in this list. Your main story goal should change after you have done this.
2) Wait some days. At some point, you should get a text message if it is night and you try to sleep in your bed. Does not work if you go to sleep before night or if you spend the night somewhere other than your bed.
3) There is currently no way to visit the sex world a second time.
4) The main story ends when you receive the “look around the town for answers” goal. This goal cannot be achieved right now.

SPOILER: Every Character And Where To Find Them:
Mom, Jane, Dad, Jacob, Effi, Allaway, Lashley, Jack should all be automatic.

Jacob’s dad, Lailah: To the left of Effie’s house.
WARNING: Lailah may only be there on afternoons. Lailah also doesn’t always unlock from meeting her, so you may need to talk to her several times!

Effie’s dad = House on the top right of the map. Only there on weekend?
Janae, Alanna and Grundle Sam work at the mall.
Brock = Need to see at fight club (gym at night) first. Then talk to him at the Cafe.
Violetta = beach

Meghan, Chieghan, Teghan = Female bathroom in the morning (Bonus Meghan scene Friday afternoon)
Edward = In front of school + beach at night
Cole = school cafeteria (morning)
Zariah = downstairs school hallway (afternoon) ←Necessary in order to visit nightclub
Jaiden = gym (morning)
Luna = upstairs school hallway (morning) or classroom (afternoon)
Phil = school bathroom (morning)
Coach Fistem = gym (night)

Street to the south:
Hitomi + three gamers = comic shop. (Bonus Hitomi scene at the beach on Saturdays)
Hazel = sex shop besides comic book store
Steve = nightclub besides sex shop (night) ← Get Zariah first.

3) Help with various routes (Lashley, Hitomi, Allaway, Effie)

Hitomi has a task (Meet Hitomi), but no route. Talking to her does nothing. You can invite her over for sex if you have a good relationship with her, though.
Effie does not have a proper route, but she is part of the routes of some other characters and the main story.

Most of her route seems to work well and is obvious. Of note:
– Her route is extremely linear.
– If you refuse to help Jack in exchange for him to stop blackmailing Allaway, there is some implied NTR.
– How far you go with her in the car (i.e. which blackmail material Jack logically had) did not seem to matter as of v0.28. This probably hasn’t changed.

– Her route is said to be “37% complete”.
– If you are stuck, try walking around the school at different times over a few days. This has always unstuck it for me. (Just following the hint was not always reliable.)
– No sex scenes are part of the route so far, but you can manually trigger some scenes if you have enough relationship points with her. (Talk to her.)

4) Mrs Smith’s route (Fixing Mom’s Computer, Meeting Mom Every Afternoon)

Fixing the Computer:
1) Click the laptop lying on the mother’s bed.
2) Buy the antivirus CD at the mall.
3) Use your computer to visit and click “How to cure a computer of its viruses” (You also need this for the open the basement door goal later on.)
4) Click the laptop again.

Meeting Mom Every Afternoon:
This task is supposed to be impossible. You need to miss on afternoon to continue both the Mom and the Mom+Sis side quest lines. This will trigger a scene wherein you walk on your parents having sex the next time you enter the living room in the afternoon, but there are several possible outcomes.

a) You leave them alone, they continue having sex.
b) You go down a second time and beat up the father (requires high enough stats). Everyone goes to bed unsatisfied
c) The mother sleeps with you that night. (Requires beating the father like b, but also having a high affection with the mother. )

For c)
1) Have 10 affection before the event + high stats before the event.
2) Choose the right dialogue options to only lose 1 affection per question instead of 3.
Alternatively, cheat to bring your affection back up before going down the second time. (I recommend this one.)

5) The Mom x Sis route

In versions 0.30 and 0.31 this route is bugged. The hint system doesn’t always work or gives useless hint. The map is occasionally locked without unlocking again or the route is plain stuck because actions are not recognized by the game. Edit: Also bugged in 0.32. Edit2: Slightly less bugged in 0.33.

I’ve compiled which actions advanced the routes at which chapter for me (and which chapters didn’t work). Unlocking the map can be done with a button below the skill menu. Skipping a chapter can be done through the “timetravel.exe” button on John’s computer. No guarantee that it will be broken in the same way for you.

You will need to complete the individual Jane and Mrs Smith routes before you can complete this one. You may need to sleep a few days in between chapters, but never significantly more than a week.

Make sure to file detailed bug reports so Geeseki knows what to fix!

1) Living room (Friday night)
2) “Head to bed”(stuck and map locked, waking up automatically locks the map again.) Skip by 1

2.5) In version 0.32, going to sleep sends to chapter 2.5, where you are then stuck. Warning: Using timemachine.exe will send you to 3.5, which does not exist. Instead, use timemachine.exe before going to sleep, which advances the route from 2→3. (Or manually set the route to chapter 3 if you have cheats enabled.) Edit2: Fixed in 0.33.

3) Parents’ bedroom (night)
4) Hint stuck at “head into the hallway” Skip by 1.
5) After napping and sleeping a few days: Bathroom (triggered Monday morning).
6) Head to bed at night.
7) Wake up in the morning
8) No hint by hint system. Triggered several days after completing the Jane route on a Thursday or Friday (kitchen morning)
9) Enter and then leave the cellar. (locks map)
10) Bedroom (evening)
11) Go to bed. Stuck instead. Skip by 1. (Should trigger scene upon waking up if it works.)
12) Hint “head out into the hallway”. Couldn’t trigger anything. Skip by 1.
13) Parents’ bedroom (night)
14) Doesn’t exist? (The game automatically skipped from 13 to 15, no extra input necessary.)
15) No hint. End of route?

6) I’m stuck on a route: Known Bugs and Gamebreaking issues

a) Some of the routes require waiting a few days even if they don’t say so.
b) Sometimes, the times mentioned in the hint are imprecise. For example, the hint may say “on a weekday”, but the event only triggers on one specific day.
c) In version 0.30a – 0.30d the MomxSis route is known to be busted (see above).

Known issues as of 30c:
1) Cannot enter basement. “I’ll leave them be” message if you try going down. Solution: See MomxSis route above.
2) Lashley scenes do not trigger despite following the hint. Solution: Try running around the school at different times over a few days, it will trigger eventually.
3) Lailah doesn’t always unlock despite talking to her. May need to try several times.

Known bugs as of v0.32:
– The MomxSis route is generally fucked. Check the extra section on how to play it at all. Additionally, some people cannot even trigger the first scene or a later scene sends them to the beach, breaking the scene.
– Getting Lailah’s contact info is needed to enter the sex world, but sometimes you don’t get it despite talking to her. I managed to get her contact info on a Monday afternoon, maybe that works for you, maybe it doesn’t.
– The Hitomi route has a hint on how to start her route despite not having an actual route.
– The threesome scene with Effie and Allaway triggers if you wait for them at Effie’s house, but not if you do something else first.
– Some of the sex scene options may lead to an uncaught exception. (MomxSis threesome as one example)
– I’m pretty sure the Sexworld!Threegans at the mall should have dialogue at this point, but they don’t say anything. (May just not be implemented.)
– You can mess up the sex world by napping until late night, then sleeping.
– Buying white lilies as a gift may break the game. (Apparently the code mixes up “lilies” and “lillies”.)

Known bugs as of v0.33b:
– Entering the hallway of John’s home almost always causes a bug. Game continues if you click “ignore”.
– (old bug:) In the Sexworld, the Threegans at the mall have dialogue written but not properly implemented. (Still says it’s incomplete.)


7) How to unlock the gallery.

Unlock the (incomplete) gallery:
1) Purchase the VR Headset in the mall.
2) Talk to Edward in front of the School/Universityy.
3) Click the chest under the window in the bedroom. (Exit the chest by clicking the edge of the chest.)
4) Click the VR Headset.

As of 30c, many scenes not featured in the gallery are repeatable by talking to people.
The gallery on the computer does not work.

8) Scene guide: Missable scenes/variable scenes/deleted scenes…

This is a very rough work in progress.

SPOILER: Repeatable Scenes
– Enter female bathroom on Friday.
– Work two shifts on Saturday.
– Change out of clothes on the beach on Saturday.
– Go jogging (rare random encounter?).
– Find Violetta in the changing room at night.
– Drunk girl at beach at night. (random chance) (requires luck of ~14 to “get lucky”.)
– Beach glory hole encounters are: Nurse Holly, Drunk Girl, Violetta, Effi, Jane, Lillian, Allaway
— (There is a Mrs. Smith encounter, but it may require having advanced her route far enough.)
– Allaway x Effie x MC Effie’s Bed H-scene (Finish Miss Allaway’s story, Ask Effie at the Cafe for some fun on a Saturday. Wait for Effie at her house instead of going there at night.)
– You can invite Allaway to your home after completing her route.

SPOILER: Alternative Scenes
– Complain about pain, swelling, lack of sex to the nurse.
– Beat up father and take mother to John’s room after walking in on them. (Requires high stats, high relationship when going downstairs again.)
– After returning home and worrying Mrs Smith, she shows herself in the hallway. (Requires high relationship/maybe having completed her route)
– During the movie night with Jane and Mrs Smith, there are different outcomes depending on whether you have enough relationship points with one or both of them. (Mrs Smith scene, Jane scene, threesome scene)


SPOILER: Floating Scenes
There are patreon voted scenes which are not (yet) integrated into the story. They can be triggered by talking to the characters if you have enough relationship points:
– Ask Violetta to sit on lifeguard chair. (beach)
– Invite Hitomi home. (comic book store)
– Talk to Officer Mina. (police station)
– Talk to Luna. (school)
– Ask Principal Lashley to have fun. (school)
– Enter shower with Jane.

Deleted scenes:
– Hitomi used to have a ~3 step route back around v0.22. It’s just a few bits of dialogue, as far as I know.
– Allaway’s route used to contain explicit reference to giving Jack blowjobs due to the blackmail for a few days, as far as I can tell. This was quickly removed due to backlash. (removed in/after 0.23c)

9) How do gifts work? Which gift for which character?

Gifts increase your relationship with a character. It took 3 gifts to gain 1 point when I tried it.

1) Buy gifts in the mall.
2) Go to character you want to give it to.
3) In your inventory, click on the item you want to give them. (It should then be “selected”.)
4) Click on the character to talk to them, there should be a new option to hand over the item.

Which gifts for each character?

Jane: All three kinds of socks and the lollipop.

I didn’t work out any other combos so far. If you want to know more, try it yourself and send me your results. I’ll add them to the list.[/SPOILER]

1:”Do you sexually fantasize about mom?”

2:”Have you ever touched another dude’s dick?”
“Yes.” (-1 if sis’ rp is less than 3)

3: “Are you happy with your dick size?”

4:”Do you jack off in the shower?”

5:”Have you gotten laid in the past 24 hours?”

6:”Is your addiction to porn excessive?”
“Yes.” (no points)
“No.” (+1 if you don’t have porn mag, else -1)

7:”Have you ever changed that nasty bedsheet of yours since we’ve moved here?”

8:”Did you know what you were doing when you poked me in the face with your dick when were in the tub as kids?”
“Yes.” (+1 if your int is 13 or above)
“No.” (+1 if your int is 6 or above)

9:”Do you consider yourself good with your tongue?”

10:”Have you ever sexually fantasized about me?”

11:”Is it uncomfortable having that thing between your legs when you walk?”

12:”Do you think we’ll make it through this year alive?”
-doesn’t matter-

13:”Have you purposely searched for incest porn before?”
“Yes.” (+1 if sis’s rp is 4 or above)

14:”Why are you such a cuck? Yes or no?”
-Doesn’t matter-

15:”Do you want to have kids in the future?”
-Doesn’t matter-

16:”Have you decided what you want to do with your life?”

17:”Are you going to keep in touch with me after all this is over?”
-Doesn’t matter-

18:”Do you even want to be an adult?”
“Yes.” (+1 if your int is 11 and above)
“No.” (+1 if your int is 4 or below)

19:”Have you ever fantasize about dad?”
-Doesn’t matter-

20:”Is it a curse that I’m your sister?”
“Yes.” (-1 if sis’ rp is 4 or below)
“No.” (-1 if sis’ rp is 2 or below)

Download Cheat Enabler


One button rules them all
All it does is enable the cheats menu in the phone
games <— cheatenable.rpyc to this folder only
lid < — not this one
renpy <— not this one

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 75%
Visual - 77%
Engagement - 66%
Core Loop - 71%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

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  1. 1) Terrible sex scenes drawing orgasms and sperm! 2)The plot is shit!Boring and stupid Result-The project is full of shit!

  2. Good game. And i actually like the art style more than summer time saga.
    I played the .40 version and that one was a bit bare bones. Events not playing. Or events playing when they shouldn’t.
    I dont know how much .45 improved on .40 but my score for .40 is (lets wait and see/10)

  3. I am sure the game has some charm to it, but holy shit does it look ugly. I’ve never seen a game that is drawn so poorly!

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