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Drifty posted a fix for whoever has issues with save/load/quickload

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  • Added colored hints in dialogue options
  • Added a “HELP” button during free roams
  • Added a “time cheat” to increase the time available during free roams
  • Added a “Unlock All” button to the gallery
  • Added a scene gallery to the main menu allowing to replay scenes

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

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Editor's Rating

Story - 85%
Visual - 90%
Engagement - 88%
Core Loop - 88%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.29 ( 54 votes)

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  1. if i wanna play sandbox i would play probaby SIMS and lets be honest we are all here for the sex i mean who is not and maybe for the story but usualy i skip the talking to much wasting time only if it has engaging story i would read them so i can see what is going on and make decisions but this is far bellow my expectations i mean its his game ,but this is quite low from Drifty he could do better the writing and skip the sandbox there no need for that the renders are top but some of the girls not that much 😀

  2. Same dev with leap of faith. i enjoyed leap of faith and actually feel emotional while playing that game and the only vn i’ve ever played worthy to make a movie. but bruh this game is just waaaay below my expectation. story is just standard and less engaging, emotions are very shallow, the sandbox part is not really problem but story is meh all just pointless chatter so boring.

  3. Leap of Faith was a great game. But the game locks up during the first perk selection, which is frustrating.

    1. You have to spend a point by selecting the linking bar first. This took me a while too, it is in the instructions but isn’t very clear.

  4. I can tell already this game is going to mess with my emotions. Also, if you’re stuck on the perk screen you need to fill in the arrows between the perks, too. There is the odd bug, but it’s the first chapter, so whatever. Overall quality thus far is pretty good.

    First chapter has about 7000 screens and you can get about 1000 on the first playthrough. Sandbox bits are fine, and relatively short. If you get stuck there’s a help button you can press that will tell you what to do next. There are plenty of branches already in the first chapter that if the author keeps this up there will be many paths to take and multiple angles to experience this story.

    I enjoyed the first chapter thus far, story seems to already be building some intrigue. Wouldn’t normally play a single chapter release, but really like Leap of Faith, and I’m glad I did. Looking forward to chapter 2.

  5. Not even worth the half star I gave it. Sandbox alone is a travesty and not to mention how boring it is.

  6. Hangs at the perk selection screen, clicking learn does nothing and cannot progress (intellect/charm side)

  7. Ya’ll crying about it being a sandbox when it is barely a sandbox lol it is a very linear sandbox as you do not have to keep guessing where to go just have to walk forward or look around and talk to people. I hate sandbox games but this is by far the best option for sandbox as you arent spending hrs just clicking around trying to figure our where to go. The perk system on the other hand I am not sure about, have to wait and see how much it actually matters and if it becomes to annoying thats what mods are for lol.
    I am having a issue those as I cant access the menu, it worked once but when I went to check auto saves I got a error and now I cant open the menu at all even after relaunching the game

  8. shame that it’s sandbox but hope this one is successful like lof good luck driftygames

  9. Yeah unfortunately this is a huge step backwards from leap of faith. The renders and animations are great but the developer decided to go down the sandbox path with a bizarre perk system and odd decision making boxes when clicking on different characters. So far I don’t recommend this game, It certainly doesn’t feel like drifty’s work we’ve grown to love. Hard pass from me.

  10. Liked this game up until i got into perks screen was bored after 60 seconds of pissing about doing nothing game deleted how the hell has this got a rating of 90%

    1. Because the site owner is a prick, none of the ratings here are real just randomly guessed.

    2. Considering that Drifty already has one very successful game called Leap of Faith (completed), and it was a great game, I’m more than sure that this one will be similar. To rate the game your way based on the first chapter is quite out of line. Maybe you better think about yourself, kid.

    3. The rating system is from “the author”. The star rating is probably more accurate but this site seems to block your ability to see what the current user rating is after voting on it. It’s bizarre.

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