The Spellbook [v0.20.0.0] [NaughtyGames]

Download for Windows - 64 Bit

Download Update Patch

Download for Windows - 32 Bit

Download Update Patch

Download for Mac

Download for LinuX

Download for Android -

Download Walkthrough

Download Saves

Save location for me.
C:\Users\(YOUR USERNAME)\AppData\LocalLow\Naughty Games\The Spellbook\FungusSaves

Download Gallery Unlocker Mod

Put It In The Spellbook\The Spellbook_Data\StreamingAssets

Download CG

CG (computer Graphics) is basically only the images and videos form the game without the game files themselves. You don’t need them in order to play the game. Download them only if you wish to browse the images and videos without playing the game itself.

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Editor's Rating

Story - 60%
Visual - 76%
Engagement - 68%
Core Loop - 79%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.07 ( 43 votes)

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  1. I can’t start this game! I don’t know reason also solution. My pc is windows 10 64x system and I have 1060 ti Graphic card. How can I solve this problem. When I try start, The game waits black screen!!!

  2. Damn, update 0.20 came out, and after holluin, he writes the next day, and the game freezes … or there is no further content, I HZ. Who knows, in the previous version, after Haluin, there was a continuation, if you play along the love branch …?

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