Dog Days of Summer [v 5.4.1 beta] [BlackWeb Games]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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SPOILER: Mom Paths
Mom path without party and Des doesn’t go either:
-We Should probaldy be going (With Des)
-Fine I wont go (with Mom)
-Just let this happend (with Mom)
-Sex scene with mom
-This not work if Eva live with Viv.


Go to party with mom and Hotel scene:
-We Should probaldy be going (With Des)/Dont invite Des sleepover!
-Why don’t you come with me(with Mom)
-Sure date/Like sister(with Mom)
-Don’t Stop(With Mom)

SPOILER: Eva Paths
Eva’s romance path :
-Send her the paper// Try and help her write it in instead(With Eva)
-Vivian not have sex with her(0.42 update so far. There isn’t information about the latest update yet)
-Update later

Eva will live with Viv:
-Send her the paper(With Eva)
-Fuck off(Dom route) or Bluff (Dom or Sub route) but you need at least three lie points(Ms.Harper Office)
-You Really okay with living like that(With Eva)
-Want to stay at my place(with Eva)

-Vivi has the opportunity to have sex with Eva.
-If Viv doesn’t go to the party then she can see Mom and Eva the sex scene in Mom bedroom


Eva sex scene in Dom:
-Try and help her write it in instead(with Eva)
-Kiss back (with Eva)


SPOILER: Des in the party routes and sex scene
Des path and going to party:
-Look For romance(first question)
-Dont give the card(Tara says why)
-I just dont trust this guy
-Desiree (with Tara)
-Send her the paper///Try and help her write it in instead(With Eva) (Send her the paper with “Dom route” and Try and help her write with “Sub route”) // or not help Eva.
-Comfront her
-Want to sleep over at my place tonight
-Quickly make up reason(with Mom)
-Take her the clothes(with Des)
-Sure let’s go(with Des)
-You’re probably right(with Des)
-Push her away if you choose “Try and help her write it in instead” with eva.
-I’m not interstend in casual(With Eva)
-Choose Des in salon conversation(With Tara)
-Keep going(This is improrant choose about romance path with Des, Confirm by Dev
-Look For Rebeca
-Something sweet/Non-alcholic
-Go with Rebeca //// If Viv stay with Des, Viv has sex with Des but under the influence of drugs
-I Shoud get back to Des
-Hell no//( Don’t Share
-Dance against her
-Give me a kiss with tongue
-Ask to go home with her
-Your choose(keep in mind that the scene is different on the Dom or sub routes)

Viv doesn’t go to the party but Des goes:
-Want to sleep over at my place tonight(With Des)
-Not interested(With Des)
-Which is why you shouldn’t go
-This route is not yet complete(0.40)

SPOILER: Go to parties with two people
Viv go to party with Eva and Mom:
-We Should probaldy be going (With Des)
-Send the paper(With Eva)
-Why don’t you come with me(With Mom)
-Sure date/Like sister(With Mom)
-Am going to party(With Eva)
-Invite her to come(With Eva)
-This route is not complete(0.42)


Viv go to party with Des and Eva:
-Want to sleep over at my place tonight(With Des) /just don’t invite mom to the party (With Mom)
-Send the paper(With Eva)
-Am going to party(With Eva)
-Invite her to come(With Eva)

SPOILER: Katherine Paths
Meet Katherine before the party:
-We probalby be going/Don’t invite Des sleepover (With Des)
-Go to party with Mom/Fine i Won’t go(With Mom)
-Des invite Viv to Club where you meet Katherine.

Katherine Sex scene in the party:
-Find a job
-Check Mom in party and don’t invite Eva to the party
-Drink(In the party)
-Tell her to go(with mom)
-Talk with Katherine(Kathrine)
-Give me a job for the summer(Katherine)
-Be honest
-Ask about Malina
-Your choose
-Accept the offer

SPOILER: Shanna paths:
Meet Shanna before the party:
-Send paper to Eva or not helping at all(With Eva)
-(Lie) Fine. i wont go/ I Actually want to go(With mom)
-Someplace Casual(With mom)


Meet Shanna in the party:
-Go to party with Des(Look Des path)
-Stay with Des
-After Katherine, Shanna should show up.

SPOILER: Rebeca paths
Rebeca sex Scenes:
-Go to party with Des(With mom not work)
-Got with Rebecca


Rebeca threesome scenes with Des:
-Go to party with Des, I recommend follow Des path^^
In party
-Got with Rebecca
-I should get back to Des
-We have to convince her first(Sub route)// You can watch and join in if i feel like it(Dom Route) // These will not shows up if you have a low “desaff” score.

SPOILER: M.S Harper path
Date with M.S Harper:
-Don’t help Eva at all.
-Conversation in Ms. Harper’s office


Blackmailing route:
-Send her paper(with Eva)
-Agree her terms

SPOILER: Other things and tips
Possible Harem Route:
-I want to be confident like her(Dom side)
-Try and help her write it in instead(With Eva)
-I want to become more dominant(m.s Harper Office)
-You can take a picture of Des in the locker room.

Glory hole scene:
-Send her the paper(With Eva)
-Accept her terms(Ms.Harper office)

About Rebeca:
-In the party: If Viv drink two strengths of alcohol and go to Malina meeting, Viv automatically has sex with Rebeca

About Vivian:
-Vivian’s behavior may change if she drinks a lot of alcohol or is very strong so that the player can no longer contribute to the game events.
-As with the differences between the Dom and Sub routes, there may be situations where Vivian acts automatically and does not allow the player to contribute.

Vivian moves to Eva or Des dorm:
-Vivian doesn’t go to parties and mom only at home////Vivian goes to parties with her mother only(For now with 0.42)
-No, she’s drunk/She’s my mom(In the home) //// Stop(In the party)
-This is wrong. I don’t want this(In the home)
-Player can choice between Des or Eva For eva choices, Viv must help her, otherwise Viv move to Des only.

How get three lie points before ms.Harper office:
-Lie to painting(with Des)
-Dont give her the card(with Des)
-Quickly make up reason<- will only come if you invite Des to sleepover(With Des)
-(lie) I won’t go(With mom)/// Why don’t you come with me(with mom)-> go to club with des
-(Lie) Strait(With katherine) ///// That you get this option: Viv is allowed to drink only twices
-Now Viv Bluffing work with Ms.Harper
-Note that you will lose some points with Des and this only needed if you send paper to Eva(For now)

Special thanks:
-Zoe Raven(WT helped me do this guide)
+And of course all active writers in this thread

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Download Gallery Mod

You just need to extract and copy/cut all files and place inside main game folder . Just replace these with originals

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

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Story - 67%
Visual - 87%
Engagement - 79%
Core Loop - 68%


out off 100%

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  1. Dog days?,it’s more like dogshit.
    Every single one of them,bcz every characters in this game looks like an abomination,and the characters is either they are stoopid or retarded asf!,
    And the fricking story,it was pure bullshit.
    But even worse than that the animation is hella janky as fuck!.
    It’s fucking waste of everyone’s time.
    2/10 at best but for me,it was something i wish to unsee!

  2. Overview, says “is about a young girl” AND Info, says “Male protagonist”. Are you male OR female in game ? If you are female as images only shows…. then i’ll pass. I’m not gay to want dick’s around me.

    1. Man thinks women getting dicked is gay. Overview also clearly states the game is “mostly lesbian content.” But then you probably don’t like that either.

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