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Unnatural Instinct [v0.7] [Merizmare]

Developer Notes:

In future: male/female domination, bondage, public, POV, harem(probably something else that I forgot kek).
Futa will be avoidable.
What will definitely NOT happen in the game – NTR.

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Android

Usage of the additional swipe commands:
Swipe left: back
Swipe right: skip
Swipe up: main menu
Swipe down: hide

The game saves are stored now in a persistent folder and should be available even when the game is deinstalled
Location: “(your device)\Documents\RenPy_Saves\com.koga3.unnaturalinstinct”

– You have to grant the permission for the external/second save storage use when starting the game for the first time.
– On some devices the game seems to stuck on the very first start after you granted the permission.
Please close the game completely and restart it, it should work after that without that issue again.

Download Mod

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 68%
Visual - 78%
Engagement - 78%
Core Loop - 71%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.95 ( 73 votes)

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  1. First of all don’t use KoGa3’s mod at the end of version 0.7, because it’s made for v0.6 and won’t let you pass 0.6 script.
    The AVN is nicely rendered, and the characters are sexy an beautiful. I like the characters’ eyes, they remind me of the painter Margaret Keane and hers big eyes paintings. I find it hard to relate (I try not to be judgemental with other people’s kinks) with the mom obsession that so many AVN devs seem to have; I mean, when you have so many beautiful women and girls around you that just wait you to fuck them, you’re fantasizing about your mom and sisters? If you’re lost on an island with little chances to come back, and the only people is your mom and sisters, then you have an excuse… Is this taboo so common, that there are so many AVN centered around it?
    One upon other, I liked this AVN, and hope (like in most of the AVNs) that the updates will bring more option choices…

    1. I think the incest taboo is just easiest way to create emotions to a sex scene. It creates a lot of emotions when having a sex with someone you really should not have. I don’t think most male population are really interested about incest in real life. There is also many theories that try to explain why we are usually not attracted to people too close to us. I also like to watch John Wick murder people, but that does not mean i want it to happen in real life. Just like incest.

      Problem with porn movies and AVN games have and will always be, is to create something else than just sunday fuck (home made) or whore experience (professional). AVN games are full of cheating, but i don’t think many find that it brings anything to a sex scene. Porn industry did try plumber and pizza man porn for a decade, but in the end it just didn’t work. Incest is something that has been found to work on every platform.

      Why not make scenes interesting other way? Because you just need to call older woman mommy and BAM, you got incest experience on your regular boring sex scene. Drama triangle with two woman and people expects it to be harem. With two man, and some start to yell “NTR! Fags!”. There are million festishes, but most of them are not worth developers time, if they wanna make money.

      This game has some really great sex scenes that i still remember vaguently from last time i played and then there is the boring regular sex scenes. But those memorable sex scenes make some people freak out, are incest or need a lot of imagination and good writing from developer. Some devs are just too lazy, afraid or incompetent to make interesting sex scenes without incest.

  2. Waffle waffle waffle! Most of this game is spent skipping through the worthless waffle text spewing up over the bottom of your screen.
    When you do eventually get to the good stuff, it’s hot and well animated but short-lived and before you know it, it’s the end of the game…

    Loads of incredible lewd potential in this one, not so much story wise but there you go.

    No sound at all. Nothing wrong with that, just after every other similar game on here having sound effects and or background music, the silence in this one was deafeningly absent


  3. With all due respect, the moderators gave this game 74% and that’s their opinion, I won’t argue with it, but “But I’m the bad guy?” was 83%, and I just felt sick trying to play that shit. There are (too) many comments that crucify gay and transgender content, but pedophilia is OK? At least you also put users rating, like on Rotten tomatoes that have critics score and moviegoers score.
    Back to the game, I liked it and being Merizmare’s first project, I think this dev has potential, and I’ll be looking for the next chapters and what’s to come after…

  4. “Unnatural Instinct” is a good name for any game with gay content like futa or trans. It’s sick disgusting and not normal. So an “Unnatural Instinct”.

    1. it’s also unnatural for pathetic little snowflakes like you to be constantly allowed on the internet if your fragile little minds are affected this badly by something you could just easily avoid and not spout your trash comments on i’m just gonna assume your in the closet and afraid to come out

      1. You’re actually using the wrong term. The “Snowflakes” would be DEFENDING the content he’s objecting to, which frankly is what you’re doing. Consciously or not. The comment posted that you’re objecting to is what they call now “Based.” (And used to just be plain common sense)
        He has the right to post the same as you do. The same as I, and BonnieBarko do. You don’t need to agree with the views man, but if you’re going to disagree, the least you could do is be right about what camp the poster is in. The original poster is defending the game itself. Not the content ascribed. Read the comment again.

        1. Not at all. A snowflake is anyone who gets butthurt because their specialness is being challenged. In this case, the specialness is homophobia, and the butthurt is a tepid assertion that homosexuality “is not natural” in spite of being ignorant to the wider natural world being overwhelmed with homosexuality.

          He has the right to post, but also the same right to get mocked for their ignorance, which they well did.

          Nice try tho. Better than most.

          1. No, the term snowflake was made for social justice warriors, you people just hijacked it like you always do because you can’t meme and just copy everything while pretending you came up with it. That’s why you gotta turn all our superheroes gay, into women or black, because you can’t come up with your own and you know nobody would watch them even if you did. Try to be a bit more original copying people is cringeworthy.

        2. No. Based means addicted to crack. I know, I know.. an entire internet full of 16 year-olds would argue otherwise. But, their made-up words are what we call slang.
          It was likely shortened from “Based in fact” but, due to the short attention spans of that generation, they can’t be bothered to complete a sentence.

        3. Considering the right wing cry babies tried to apply the term “fascist” to anyone other than them despite fascism being a rightwing movement by definition, you can STFU with your whining about people using snowflake to highlight your own fragility. No one gives a shit about what you think.

          1. Priceless when social justice warriors talk about “fragility”. The whole world is watching you cry about mean names you’re being called. You’re also very known to project your issues on to others and this is a great example of that. Also, if you “don’t care” you wouldn’t have responded to what he thinks. The lack of self awareness here is astounding. You’re a joke.

    2. Tell it to your orthodox prayer circle – this here is a forum about games, not a place for harassing with reactionary believes.

    3. The only thing sick, disgusting and not normal is your dick. You really should get it checked out. By a professional of course, because nobody is looking at it without monetary compensation.

    4. Isn’t it funny how fast someone will preach stats and science at you but deny the facts and science when it doesn’t meet their kink or lust? Seems that over 90% of the life on earth falls into 2 categories. Male and female whether plant or animal. It is almost as if it was designed that way for propagation. Sexing your own gender serves absolutely no purpose other than your lust or perversion and is commonly called corruption. Keep it in the bedroom and no one cares,

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