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Price of Power [Ch.22] [Pandaman Games]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough & Mod

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.


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Editor's Rating

Story - 85%
Visual - 92%
Engagement - 85%
Core Loop - 87%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.8 ( 64 votes)

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  1. First, your walkthrough STILL borks the entire game… you REALLY need to fix that issue mate.

    Second; there was a point SEVERAL updates ago that dilineates 2 paths. It should have been 3. Period.
    Then you wouldn’t have spent now several chapters dicking around about whether players were actually in a HAREM.

    Choice 1: Jess alone (obvious)
    Choice 2: Throuple (which for all your autistic bullshit with the AI self insert you ought to know is an ENTIRELY different thing than a harem)
    Choice 3: Harem path

    The player SHOULD get to choose at THAT POINT. Not later in the game. It takes SEVERAL freaking chapters of wading through innane dialogue to even GET to that point. That way Jess can go into her tizzy and MC makes it up to her; or she’ll calm down after a time, realize it’s important to him and she wants to keep him… and she was being a bitch about it. Whichever you like. I really don’t give a fuck how you justify it. Right now, you tease that he WANTS to discuss the issue… but you’re cock teasing and make him back off. Just to be a dick to the players that want a harem???

    BUT – and here is the important bit: The PLAYER WILL KNOW which fucking path they are definitively ON.

    Zara and Lune DO NOT get to be lesbians. That’s just stupid. It would be fine if you did actually divide the paths properly, as in a throple MC’s not going to give a toss if they’re boning… but since you didn’t; I and several others might actually enjoy BREEDING ALL OF THE WOMEN that are going to be pursuable. Which would be easier to do if you did make that third choice an actual option first and foremost. I chose friends, because I want them in the harem – and I DO NOT want that choice to come back to bite me in the ass 7 updates later. : / This is why walkthroughs help. This is why they ARE necessary in a game with several potentially blockading choices. Again: Fix the fucking walkthrough issue!

    If I have to wait until chapter 30 to even get the first sex scene with either of the two of them, I intend to tap well the fuck out by the next update. I don’t give a frig about your apocalyptic bullshit. I could care less about your reasoning for why the world was destroyed – and FUCK the main characters opposition to RULING!!! She’s nobility for fuck sakes… she’s going to reign over at least her own property which probably counts as a fiefdom at least. It’s nonsense that she wouldn’t take either of the two options to start with. MC I can understand – he was always better suited to the herbalist anyway (which is why you don’t do classism unless you’re going to make the ACTUAL main character on the same level as the glorified main love interest!) On the plus side, at least we finally got to fuck her this last update… took you long enough. It would’ve been better to do the period piece in true medieval fashion and have the “AI” be sourced from MAGIC. That way you don’t have a convoluted as fuck narrative about what I’m going to assume is basically human pollution/greed killed the planet. It’s not as innovative as you think – and by the way, when we’re all dead, nothing we have done to the earth will have killed it. At all. Far from it. The only way we could factually do so is if we had something that could survive drilling directly to the earth’s core, and actually halt it. We’ll never find any sort of material that’s capable of digging that far, or resisting the raw heat. Never mind halting something that’s meant to be in perpetual motion. Everything else, literally EVERY part of nature itself is DESIGNED TO HEAL. It will just take time. The earth still has around 4.5 billion years until the sun goes super nova. Time is very much on it’s side.

    Honestly, less with the self insert AI, more with the actual player choice, and if you’re going to be DUMB enough to call this game The Price of POWER… maybe try giving the MC some of it POLITICALLY. Rather than having his pain in the ass girlfriend weild all of it. That’s how you save this game, as far as I’m concerned. But who gives a fuck what I think anyway.

  2. This is a kinetic novel, the decisions don’t matter, it practically forces you to flirt with Maria, so why give the illusion that the player is the MC, if the player has no control over what the MC does? And if you are going to do a story with only one main girl and you will force the player to be with her at least make her beautiful and not that generic model

  3. Firstly i say this “good character Writing can save a bad story, while bad character writing can destroy the best stories.”
    well in this case i’d say we have a relatively interesting base idea for the story, which is really demolished by bad character writing. There are many things i could talk about, but all of them are less important than 2 major problems in this VN.
    1. As mentioned above, characters are extremly unlikeable. Actually better to say the MC and the main Female Maria are really to some extent insufferable. They are insensitive and egoistic. you can not connect with them in any form and sense, since they’re written simply too plastic. The main Female Maria is a extremly controlling character and it really goes on nerves and suddenly in the chapter 18 has a 180 change of heart which feels hollow. MC has actually no personality at all. Some kind of a hollow puppet who randomly feels like a hero and randomly an medieval version emo boy.
    2. It is extremly slow and pacing is really like a turture. There are lots and lots of conversations that are totally needless and somehow feel forced and artificial. At many points i felt like i was preparing myself for a test at the university or something. It is very important to remember which medium you’re working with. It is supposed to be a VN akka a kind of a game and it means it has to be interactive. Wherease it has almost no interactivity. If it was an ebook, pdf or audio book or that kind of medium, my review would be probabley way more positive. But believe me it’s no fun to sit and press a button repeatedly for hours and hours with no real choice in it.

    apart from those 2 points, i should say that the story/story-telling is not really suitable for an adult game honestly saying. First of all you are forced into a love and marriage with a character you probabely won’t find that loveable and you have no say in it. secondly romance in the story is rather a childish version of romance and not really good for developing an adult game around it.

    As i said, the idea of the story is interesting and i liked it to some extent, otherwise i would not write a review on it. But maybe the least that devs should do to make it better, is adding interactivity to the story.
    And an advice to all the those trying to write stories or make VNs :
    1. be sure your characters come across as you intend them to. If you want to write a likeable character, get sure that they are likeable for the reader too and not just in your mind. And most importantly if your MC is not touchable and not “connect-able”, your story has no chance.
    2. Don’t try to put yourself in any form or shape in the story. Specially when it’s an VN or a game, the player/reader should feel on top of the story and not that there’s a god (writer) who masterminds the story.

    All that said, i always appreciate games that are story heavy and not just mindless sex animations. So congradulations for that. I’m sure the writes and devs can do way better in their futue projects.

    1. I appreciate the thoughtful review, Vido. I feel like if I do try this out I know what I’m getting into. Thanks!

    1. There’s no sense talking to No. He writes ACTUAL novels.

      This doesn’t make him or anyone an expert on porn VNs, but because he apparently thinks it does, he’s not going to take input. No does not take input. You were always talking to yourself.

      Sorry you had to learn it that way.

  4. i get that you build mental barriers, helping you to cope with your madness, so efficiently that you can persuade yourself you’re not abnormal.
    but the result is kinda like a person in a gas mask, cluelessly running through the crowd with pants full of shit.

    pregnancy fetish is about as normal as paedophilia.
    ok, let’s say it’s somewhere between paedophilia and dendrophilia, in terms of being harmful 🙂

    1. Really; well how much pedo and or dendrophilia content do you see on any given porn site, asshole? There’s PLENTY of creampie/impregnation vids. Including Incest and step fantasy BS. There’s your answer for how accepted my “fetish” is. Genius.

      You don’t have to agree with my views. You DO NOT get to call me abnormal or insane, or wrong for expressing an opinion. Tell me what I pointed out in my intial review that was so damned offensive to you? Tell me what you think was so wrong; or provide your OWN review and share what you would do differently against mine. But you didn’t do that, did you? No, instead you decided to type this tripe, and insult me. Like almost everyone else on this fucking site. This is why I tend not to answer in comments anymore.

      By the way: I was born with mild mixed Cerebral Palsy, I have synesthesia. I am mid ranked on the Asperger’s Spectrum, and I have 122 IQ. The national average for either Canada or US is 100, or less. Even in Japan and China it’s 106. Can you do math? I was NEVER normal – there is NO such thing as “Normal.” There IS however a definable reason for the content I enjoy, as there’s a reason I’m less likely to be able to find a real girl to do anything with. So once again, to EVERYONE who wants to troll in comments = Go Fuck Yourself. Since you’re willing to post here too, you probably already are.

      * There’s also almost no way without Doxing (which is as far as I’m aware incredibly illegal) that you would be able to verify a damned thing I just revealed. So call it Ripley’s, and Believe It, or Not.

  5. This VN has good renders and an interesting story. Contrary to one commenters Harem fetish, it’s a decent read, with good character development. There is a long length of time between updates, but if you handle that, then it might be a good one for you to follow. It’s not the greatest VN, but it’s good enough for free. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. Maybe, you should be writing these walls of text on the developers Patreon, since you are clearly addressing him in your opinions. Or better yet, send him a private message, so no one else has to read your ramblings.

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