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Download Update Patch - R9 -> R10 Patch Only

You likely need a screen size of 6 inches or larger, and should play in landscape view. I suggest you prevent your browser from opening/closing it’s address bar via scrolling while playing if possible. If you experience problems, please report them in the thread and make sure to specify you are playing on android.

Android support should be considered a beta for now, it might not work and requires a bit of work to get it running at all. If you just want a hassle free experience, I’d suggest waiting until a web version is available.

Due to some nonsense with the way android deals with you running html files from a browser, you may experience difficulty getting the game to run properly. The easiest browser to get the game running on for me was Opera.
Try to download and run the html file from your browser, if you experience an error message, missing images or event text, try the instructions below.
(This is based on android 10)
All directories provided in this guide are based on my own phones. You may have to adjust the directories if your device places files in different places. As a general tip, downloading a file explorer app like X-plore can help you locate and manage your files better than the default file browser.

  1. simply type/paste the address to the download folder in the address bar
  2. This should open a simple file explorer, just navigate to the game’s html file and run it
writing the entire address to the game’s html file, mine was at
/storage/emulated/0/Download/Love & Vice R2/Love _ Vice.html
Make sure to verify the path to your own file if you experience problems!
This may not work at all depending on your device/Firefox version. I tried to get it running on two phones, one older, running a slightly older version of Firefox, and a newer one. The older one works but the newer does not.
Based on what I found online, it appears Firefox no longer supports opening html files on internal storage for the time being.

  1. In the address bar, type/paste the following:
  2. This should bring up your phone’s internal storage files for browsing, or it might not, depending on the version being ran, if it doesn’t work, you’ll have to try another browser
  3. press the download folder (or if your device saved the game folder some place else, you will need to navigate to that folder from here)
  4. find the game folder, press it, locate the Love _ Vice.html file and press to run
  5. If it worked, you should be at the age warning for the start of the game without any nasty error messages (obviously the warning disclaimer doesn’t count)
Chrome seems to need the files within it’s own directory, by default they just go into a general download folder on your phone. If you try to run it from this location it will not be able to access any of the files needed for the game to function properly.
  1. Locate the game folder in your file manager app of choice
    this could also just be
    /Internal storage/Download/
    depending on your file browser
  2. copy/move the game folder to the following directory:
    /Internal storage/Android/data/
  3. in the chrome address bar, copy paste the same directory
  4. this link should take you to a plain file explorer page (ensure chrome has permissions to access your storage – you can do this in app management in your phones settings)
  5. find the Love _ Vice.html file, press it to run
  6. If it worked, you should be at the age warning for the start of the game without any nasty error messsages (obviously the warning disclaimer doesn’t count)

Download Savefile

Starts at Lydia’s R6 content. Check character settings on the computer to customize to your liking (can’t change your name yet, sorry!)

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

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