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Lost in Paradise [v0.90] [Dimajio333]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - 93%
Visual - 87%
Engagement - 84%
Core Loop - 87%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.39 ( 61 votes)

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  1. So my question is; there are 2 ROUTES, as far as I can tell – and in one of them the wife screws around on you openly… and in the OTHER you are supposed to be The Bully.

    BUT Eva survived in this current update of 0.80: So, are you going to do a Harem route for the Bully thing then?
    Because that’s the way I believe it should go, and the ONLY way it would be acceptable to me (since you imply with “under the captain’s protection” Eva has probably had non-consented sex outside of the marriage) = Hall Pass, where she wants to keep her marriage at any cost, just to get away from dark memories and get back to “normal life.” So Eva would let MC fuck both other women, to eventually KEEP all 3. Each of course, getting pregnant by MC. They can safely talk it out, she will share that she didn’t want what happened [and NEVER actually discuss the full details… >.< ]

    I admit I have fuck and all interest in the Cuckold Route. I will never play it. But if you're going to keep putting the girls in danger of being raped, I will ALSO never finish the freaking "Bully" route. Because Dude – you're on a desert island. Fuck the Pirates. Fuck the survival aspect… Just do a building Harem, and be god damned DONE with it! The draw is the GIRLS. Not whether they will be fucked against their will AND the player's, when we already TOLD you what route we want to go down. : /

    The NTR on the Bully Route should NEVER be aimed at the player. It was meant to be the OTHER way around… You do not get to see-saw on that point, or you may as well have just done the game as a linear freaking story that had one outcome.

  2. For those that got put off by the NTR tag, don’t be, since this is one of those rare gateway games that let you appreciate NTR in a different perspective by having the chance to be specifically the one NTRing others. Choosing the bully option makes you the so called “yellow haired yankee” or the “black man” in NTR games, video ect.

    You’ll learn it’s fun cucking those beta NPC soy boys lol

    1. Being the bully is still ntr that imply stealing someone else partner
      Let be honest most guys that want to share is a way to fuck other girls.
      thats the mistake with most of the vns on the subject, they try to mix ntr with sharing its a lack of writting skills and knowledge, why the humiliation path about the hubby who cannnot fuck his wife properly or not giving her enough pleasure pushing her on another dick just by lust reducing the wife as a property.
      Pleasure is not only physical, the mind is a big part of it.
      Open relationship, sharing and swinging is something that need discused beforehand, without trust and being honest better change partner because it will not go far.

      1. Nah, haven’t played the game, but even without any context you are wrong sir. Stop using words you do not understand, NTR is centered around YOU being cucked, reversing it around is a whole different thing even if the act is the same. Which means if you are the one doing the cucking, it isn’t NTR.

        1. It do not change things, it’s basicaly cheating,
          Don’t need a whole concept around it or just insecure ppl that want to put a definition on their fear, the ntr/cuck bullshit is just an humiliation path not fitting with sharing, period.

        2. Lol do you even know what NTR means? NTR Means 3 its : NeToRi, NeToRare, NeToRase.

          Netori means that you’re the one who fuck

          Netorare is you girl being fuck with/without you knowing about it. Can/cant be called cuck

          Netorase is the real cuck. You are the one requesting your partner to get fucked by somebody else or simply CUCK.

          And btw it doesn’t have to be your partner in order to be NTR’ed. As long as you have ‘feelings'{sexual) to this person and she got fucked by someone else then it ‘could’ be NTR, for example maybe you have feeling for your single mother after being cared{too much) by her you develop a feelings(sexual) then you see/know her being fucked by someone else then it can be called NTR. There somany example. Childhood friend, step/related sister, friend, bestfriend, etc.

          This is according to my years of reading NTR story. Comic, game, and video. And no i’m no proud of it

  3. Common plot with 2 story,
    same topic on both side as usual the husbands are driven in a sort of humiliation path.
    bigger dick complex, can’t pleasure properly his wife, too easy imo and real lack of originality even if the writting try to soften it with a mix of feeling and acceptation.
    Would be better if the wifes wanted to fuck another guy without the humilation, certainly easier to write a story this way than develloping a real character evolution, but yeah it would become a sharing / swinging story instead of ntr

  4. ntr/cuckolding would be too mentally taxing on all of you who made the negative comments anyway. just fuck off and move on instead of making senseless judgements on those who enjoy it. ie, go fuck yourself. live and let live.

      1. heh, it’s like some damn Jew said once: ,,you see a dick in the ass of your fellow man, and not see the big bloody fist in your own”

    1. some day gay ass moral faggots like you wont waste everyones time crying like the little bitch boy faggot nigger they are

        1. yea yea, but before that, you’ll get nigger prick in your poophole… and you may even like it 🙂

    2. Who complains about NTR? Dudes sitting behind their keyboards pretending to be another man, and worshiping that man’s giant cock. They watch that other man bang women they wish they could and FAP along with it, all while admiring that cock some more. Nothing gay about that.

    3. Don’t try to BS anyone, you weren’t going to pay for anything even if it fit your every criteria, you won’t be here if you would.

  5. NTR goes both ways, and unfortunately the tag is the same. If you fuck someone else’s wife, which is awesome, it’s still considered NTR.

  6. Anonymous you gotta be the dumbest piece of shit fagboy moron on this site not only do i not put myself in the shoes of a mc in a vn or wish i had his dick size or admire it plus i ain’t fucking sad enough to fap over this shit or like these girls or fall in love with these girls i read them for fun so your comment is invalid along with saying everyone who reads these is a cuck you clearly have no idea what NTR actually means

  7. All of this Cuck/NTR aversion is quite humorous. Guys playing a game where they envision themselves as the MC with a giant cock, a cock that they admire and wish were their own. What they are actually doing is placing themselves in the role of another dude who is actually scoring with the ladies and doing the fucking–while they are watching. Then, they comment that they don’t like cucks when really that’s what they are. They see women in a game that they like and another dude is banging them in front of them. Then they complain about NTR, while fapping to someone else having sex with the women, so it’s really like two dudes are hitting on the same girl. Am I missing something?

    1. whoa faggot ass nigger bitch dont go confusing your gay ass faggot standards of taking it up the ass from your dad from people who just enjoy a story about corruption fucking gay little faggot nigger bitch

  8. I really don’t get ntr. Like buying a car or house and then watching as somebody else uses it. Sleeps in your bed. Shits in your toilet. I just don’t get it. My only guess is ntr lovers are gay or bi. So they like seeing other guys naked.

      1. homophobe is made up bs. You could literally add phobe to anything you wish to promote. Like genocide to genophobe or murder to murdaphobe. See how easy and ludicrous it is?

  9. ADIMIN, you need to have a better site.
    this one only makes ends meet (downloading files) but it could be more …

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