Champion of Realms [v0.75 Public] [Zimon]

Chamber codes: “crab”, “moto”, “dance”, “fish”, “cat”, “storm”, “???”

Where to put the secret code?
In the Chamber of Vision, Exiled region.

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Bugfix

Download Gallery unlocker

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

Download Save file


1. Unzip file

2. Copy and paste the contents of the saves folder into Users/USERNAME/AppData/Roaming/RenPy/ChampionOfRealms

3. Place the saves folder into ChampionOfRealms/game

1-1. General Save
1-2. Estia Undressing
1-3. Heramael Cow Outfit Scene
1-4. Asmedia and Izanami Outfit Showcase
1-5. Heramael Alley Blowjob
1-6. Mikosh Lingerie
2-1. Hell Actions
2-2. Handling Room
2-3. Meeting Room
2-4. Cleo Quickie
2-5. Sheila Morning Actions
2-6. Asmedia Morning Actions

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Editor's Rating

Story - 73%
Visual - 78%
Engagement - 75%
Core Loop - 74%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.95 ( 32 votes)

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  1. the one big turn off for me on this is i looked at his patreon and this dumb cunt is apparently gonna be adding 25 girls all i can say is why so fucking many girls does this retard not realize that adding so many of them it does not make this any better infact it takes away because by the time he has done that and finished off the story it’s gonna be atleast another 3 or 4 yrs going off how often he updates this he is like so many other devs out there a dumb fuck if he thinks people are gonna support him for that long

    1. It’s kind of obvious that I need to make this follow up to your post.
      It is not an attack on your or anything, just observations of playing these
      kind of games for years and knowing how developers work, and formely working
      for a developer on a number of games.

      If people like what the dev is doing, it doesn’t matter how long he takes to complete his game, his supporters will keep on supporting him no matter how long it takes. Sometimes supporters will just throw an higher than average subscription at him or her and never even bother playing his game..yes it’s fucked up on so many levels, but if people want to throw their money at someone no one is going to stop them, free money for nothing for the developer, who will obviously pretend poverty or some shit to make other feel sorry for him or her.
      Thank god not all developers are like this, there truly are some great people out there, who do wonderful games and deserve credit where it due while he or she is developing their game. Sometimes people will encourage a good dev to make another game, and just keep on subbing him or her when in the writing or very early development stage where there is no work to show for what they have done, but they will sooner rather than later.

      I have played a lot of harem games, because for some reason I generally like them, just wholesome fun at the end of the day. However adding girls for the sake of it, and not adding interesting side stories to them to flesh them out and make you want to care for them, well if I feel like that is happening during an early play through of an harem game, i simply delete it and that’s it, I move on.

      For me in ANY game there has to be a captivating story, that gives me that immersive feeling, like I am there. Not too many games can stake that claim on me, because for every wonderful game there is a hundred garbage ones. The same goes for every girl in the story, they need to have their own personalities , their own quirks and have their own uniqueness and not a clone background from one girl to the next, they need to feel alive, have an interesting script and be independently driven, be her own character…again not many avn’s can even get close to this. What I am trying to say here, is that as long as all the above criteria are met, it doesn’t matter how many girls there are, could be 20 could be 500 but each must be completely different from each other and have their own unqueness and have a good story background on them etc. number of girls is just a false red herring, because that doesn’t matter anything unless they are all identical (background stories etc).

      When people make avn’s, they are doing to make money, they have to constantly buy assets, models and everything else under the sun to keep the game interesting, these things kind of cost a large amount of money. People donate to him so or she or whoever it maybe can buy what they need to keep the story going, anything else they make above this hypothetical amount, is pay dirt to them, it helps them live. Most go in this business to become professional game developers because it’s the easiest way into the door of becoming an actual professional game developer with their studio. Many devs are solo, which means they often have to out source parts of their work so he can get his game complete. For example rendering, writing, coding , animation etc etc. Unless he has friends who are happy to do any of this work for him, if he is deficient in any of the skills I pointed out is going to cost him and it won’t be cheap either. Learning to do all this on his or her from scratch, is a giant head fuck when you don’t know what your doing, and it can take a very long time make a game solo, often as long as he has said. It can take many months to get an update out etc. I don’t see a problem with this. His supporters of course need to decide if they want to continue to support the developer, some will inevitably stop supporting and move on, some will stay with them and keep donating.

      I am not sure why you are so grumpy about any of this. He or she is doing what they need to, to make their game, and make a little money on the side for various other things such as what I have listed and more. It’s not as if you must subscribe to them. I mean honestly if your not enjoying the game, often the best thing to do is move on to the next game you think you might enjoy.

      The thing is though having said all of that, I am a little too honest when it comes down to it. I would be 100% transparent about where any of the subscriptions money is going an if necessary proove it to my subscribers, after all they are giving me the money so I can keep making the game they want after all.

      Don’t worry about, there are other great games out there among the turds lol

      1. really? all that for me to turn round and say i have no problem with the VN itself love the characters the story is decent do wish the mc had more of a backbone but that’s minor the music is honestly the best part of this and for the record i’m not grumpy no clue where u got that from i just said it was fucking stupid too add so many girls and that it takes away from it yet you decided you wanted to go on some random speech about nothing i care about so good job

  2. Having gotten further on: DO NOT incite feminine physical violence against the MC. NOT without direct and EQUAL consequence! You wrote this fucker to be Bipolar with a “berserk” switch, but every other time except ONCE in the damned story whenever he’s threatened with physical violence with something that has tits… nope. He’s spineless. Fuck right off. Absolutely. Fuck Taile. Fuck the hellhound not getting nuked to unconscious almost automatically, and FUCK not being able to get to Emiko in time to stop her getting an apple shaped hole through the fucking chest. ASSHOLE! I do NOT care if she’s canonically supposed to be the strong one as the “forge master.” If he’s the LEADER of the group and she at all wants any part of it, or is ANY kind of appreciative of his help to start with SHE. DOES. NOT. EVER. THREATEN HIM. Why the fuck is that so hard for you devs to get? You think that’s romance?!? You think that’s at all any kind of attractive? You think anyone with half a functional brain cell would really want to keep helping her after she pushes him against the wall like she’s going to grip his throat and get in his face – when you don’t even program the option for a “dark” path (which I would call freaking neutral at best by the way as fair goddamn game since she starts it) to fight back. Do any of you understand the fight or flight survival instinct that is in fact hard wired to everyone? Or do you think that every main character just has to hand a girl his balls in a sack automatically. Because fuck no. No. No! Try that domineering move with genders reversed and you’d be calling him seven thousand shades of asshole, all day long. There are limits to what you can pull for an emotional response, that will not cost you subs, and you barely had any kind of freaking story to bother with in the first place.

    The MC should get the right to say okay: you want to be done, we’re done. Next time you need help, good fucking luck and don’t even dare come near me or my house again. See how she likes it. Also… the entire fucking coucil should have just been allowed to be roasted. Without question, if MC was going to go all demonic on them to start with. That would have been a proper power display – with maybe one or two left standing in the power to survive it, and NOT without a deep cost that made them pay the fuck attention. THAT is how you do power fantasy. Not this endless grinding. For what? Girls to keep treating MC like a spineless bitch at the end of the day until they all of a sudden realize as you masochistically chase them that they’re “so in love” with him? Even for anime, that ideology is massively unhealthy. I doubt very highly I’m going to continue on with this game. Not if this is the way you’re going to keep treating the MC. You already want to position too many assholes in the shadows for constant power plays. You’ve introduced too many girls, there’s too much sleep rape of the MC, and you have a feature that talks of pregnancy that as far as I can see isn’t even implemented. Treat it like pokemon all you want, but at the end of the day, NO. I don’t have to catch them all. Refusal based on BS behavior should be allowed in general. Especially in a harem. You need to seriously rework most of these girls’ attitudes before I’d bother trying again. Because there’s nothing in this written world that I can see all that worth trying to save. Call me an incel if you want, it’s not true but if it makes you feel better I can’t stop you. What I do know; there’s all sorts of talk about violence against women and let’s all work to end that… and even in Canada and The US there’s STILL no place for a husband or boyfriend to go if he’s the one in his own home getting his ass kicked. It’ll still be HIM ending up in the back of a cop car, in cuffs. To protect her, regardless of whether she was the one dishing out the abuse. These games are meant to be a fantasy. Not more of the same shit we can’t escape in reality. If you think it’s cause we’re all poor, or tiny dicked that we can’t get laid, there’s plenty of us that just don’t want to be bitched at by a harpy for every little thing we won’t know we’ve done wrong (when we actually haven’t but it’s been a bad day) or used as a punching bag. Emotionally, or not. So yea… write whatever nonsense you want. Whatever turns your crank. But I’m done. We obviously disagree on what gets someone off. Treat everything like a joke as you want. A good chunk of what you’ve written here is more harmful than it will ever help.

  3. For myself there are several problems – first; you are using too much Dues Ex BS. Second; it doesn’t matter how many new characters you introduce if the player has no clue how to UNLOCK them. IE the hellhound – and on that subject don’t talk of issues that are designed to piss the audience off and make us want to care about said caged character, if you’re not at least in brackets going to tell us HOW TO ACCESS the damned character. Pun not intended, this time. The last time I played this was several updates back. I will say there’s too much grinding for not enough reward, screw anything to do with button prompts or timing. It’s a SEX game. It doesn’t need anything more mechanically inclined than a quest list and a halfway decent freaking storyline. Not this incomprehensible, pulled right out of your arse fragmented mess. And please, stop making the MC refer to himself as just a “regular guy.” Or not accepting that a SAMURAI would want to call him Master. Or any other title of deference. Frankly, if you’re going to tease BDSM issues; let the titles take precedence, or don’t fucking bother. Some of us LIKE to be dominant. A HAREM LEADER would naturally BE dominant inclined. If you don’t understand those base concepts, try literally ANY other genre. I have no clue why so many of you devs want the leader of a harem who happens to be male let the girls all outpower him, and to have him be a spineless little bitch. It’s a thing that frankly DOES need to be fixed in anime, because it just does not work. Nobody. NOBODY is that level of nice. Hell even Jesus himself got pissed at a fig tree. Don’t really want to know what he’d have done to a viccus. (Yes that was a joke, no I’m not in Hell – yet, but at this point I’m pretty where I’m going’s gonna be hot) The last time I downloaded this, I believe there was some reference the MC used to be a God. Or was something similar. Split apart for whatever coccamamie reason, it was a while ago so I can’t really recall but I think it involved either MC’s actual divine father being a massive asshole, or Asmodia’s. Either way.

    Point being, the story doesn’t matter if your audience can’t make heads or tails of it. The writing is bad if you just suddenly develop new powers rather than making effort to NOT actively write your main character into a corner at all. He can’t constantly have everyone ELSE coming to his rescue if he’s going to save the world. And IF you’re going to make him a “champion,” yes. HE is going to have to be the one to FIGHT. Which means that yeah; people can die. People might get maimed, and guess what… it was THEIR choice. The same way it’s the MC’s. So don’t try to moralize. It doesn’t belong on a battlefield. Not if he actually wants to save what he loves. You came up with the premise, so don’t half ass it. Fix your quest log to at least tell players how to start EVERY. SINGLE. AVAILABLE. GIRL’S. QUESTLINE. At least that much if you take nothing else into account. I guarantee you’d get less complaints overall. There should not be a blank quest log at any point until there’s literally nothing left to do in the update and even then the screen should say you have done everything; see you next time or something to that effect.

  4. There is shit all to the game, and almost no progression. Early on, I am stuck, because there is no dialog that you can do with the first character to get the quest rolling, going through the portal just gives a back command and nothing else. How this game got a 90% approval rating is beyond me, other than the develop faked it using VPN

    1. your kind of a retard mr Anonymous if you can’t even figure that much out yourself without coming on here too make a dumbass comment and whine about it so good job at failing at life retard

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